This is me – Christian “Volle” Vollmert

Who is Volle?

Hi everyone, my name is Christian Vollmert. People call me Chrischi, Chris, Volle or Voldemord. Choose whatever you like 😉

I am a german dude from Hamburg, who loves travelling and exciting adventures from bottom of his heart. I have been travelling to a lot of countries already and I want to see as much of our beautiful planet as I possibly can. This is one out of many reasons why I write this blog, but the most important one for me is, that I want to inspire other people to get out of their comfort zone and travel the world. Plus I really want to show how much personal development as a human being comes along with it!

I want to share my past, present and upcoming stories and hope you to be part of my crazy journey.

How my passion for travelling started

Since I was a little boy I loved being out somewhere, discovering new places. Going on an adventure was always something, that got me excited and it still does. I am that guy, who never had a problem with leaving home. While other kids started crying, because they were leaving home, I was the one, who could not wait to get things started. As far as I know, the first time I really went away from home was at an age of 4 or 5. We went to Disneyland in France visiting Donald Duck and his friends (every young boys dream 🙂 ). That’s where it all started for me.

Since then I have been going on trips and vacations to various countries within and out of Europe. The first bigger trip I have done, was a 6 week student exchange to Chile when I was 16 years old. This journey opend my eyes! At first, my exchange partner came to Hamburg to visit me and my family. He went to school with me, we have showed him some tourist attractions and he became a part of our family. A couple months later it was my turn to pack my bags and fly to a country, that is thounsands of miles away from home! But as I said, no problem for me 😉 .

Arriving in Chile it was the same procedure. My exchange family welcomed me with open arms, integrated me into their family and it felt like a complete new life. Everything was different! The people, the food, the culture, the nature, the language, just everything… it got me hooked!

Travelling leads to personal development and new directions

The personal change that I went through during that small period of time – believe it or not – was enormous. When I came back home, I felt completely different and people could see that. Unfortunately this momentum did not last for more than a couple weeks, because I got draged into normal life again. But still something inside me had changed. It took a little while, but I eventually realized that the normal 9 to 5 lifestyle is not for me. A few years later, after I left school and finished an apprenticeship, I started my first really big adventure. I decided to take a year off and go to beautiful Australia to do work and travel. I travelled to lots of different cities and countries like Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, France, Turkey, etc. for a couple days or weeks in between that period, but I just could not get the same feeling that I had in Chile. That’s why I had to take a big step again…

Volle at Whitehaven Beach – Whitsunday Islands

Northern Territory – Ayers Rock – The red center of OZ

Sunset at Surfers Paradise

Litchfield National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

Volle at Ants Hill – Northern Territory

The life changing  journey

First of all I have to say, that my journey did not just start from one to the other day. It took a while until the idea of travelling for a longer term manifasted itself into my thoughts. Some personal experiences and a bad two year apprenticeship leaded me to it. I needed a new direction. So I worked at a couple different advertising agencies to get enough money for starting my trip. It almost took me 1,5 years to sort out my finances, but I made it eventually.

During that time I also figured out where I wanted to go within Australia (things always turn out differently anyway 😉 ), I got my Visa, I got a new passport, I bought all the stuff that I needed for the journey etc., until the final day arrived. It was the mid of January 2014 when my flight to Australia was scheduled. I said “good bye” to my girlfriend, friends and family and hopped on the train towards Frankfurt where I catched up with all the other travellers from the work and travel agency. From that moment on my trip was just amazing! All the ups and downs, the happiness, disappointments, the good moments and the bad moments, the different places and the stunning nature I have seen, the people I met… it was all worth the long way. The memories that I now have are worth more than I could have ever imagined.

And that is why I – Volle – am writing this blog, because I want YOU to make your own unforgettable memories! I want YOU to experience a lot of unique adventures that you can still talk about when you are 80 years old! I want YOU to learn as much as I did and be able to use that for your future! But the most important thing is, I want to inspire other people with my stories to get the best out of their lifes – however that might look like – AND I want to show you how much personal development comes along with travelling!

I would love you to read through my blog to get some inspiration from it. I hope there is something in here for you. I try to share my experiences in the most authentical way I possibly can.

You can always get in contact with me, leave comments or see what I am up to on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube


Cheers Volle