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Ultimate Hoi An Travel Guide – A UNESCO World Heritage site

By on 9. November 2017

The ultimate Hoi An travel guide will show you everything you need to know when you visit this beautiful fishermen village. It is a big highlight on the east…

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Motorcycle Tour through the Center of Vietnam

By on 2. November 2017

A motorcycle tour through the center of Vietnam is one of the things everyone should do once in a lifetime. Vietnam’s center is one of most beautiful areas in…

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Short Hamburg Travel Guide – Germany’s most livable city

By on 29. October 2017

This comprehensive Hamburg Travel Guide will provide you with everything you need to know about one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. My hometown in currently ranked 10th…

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Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour

By on 23. October 2017

A Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour is a MUST DO in this country. Vietnam is easily one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia and a big factor…

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How to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen

By on 18. October 2017

How to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen can easily be answered, if you follow this itinerary. It is perfect for people, who only stay in this amazing city for…