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Hot Water Beach One Day Tour

By on 16. May 2018

A Hot Water Beach One Day Tour is an extremely unique experience. This place is one of the big Must See’s on the north island of New Zealand. Every…

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Tongariro Crossing in northern New Zealand

By on 1. May 2018

The Tongariro Crossing in northern New Zealand is one of the top 5 activities in the northern island. A great combination out of adventure and pure natural beauty is…

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Ultimate one day in Amsterdam Itinerary

By on 25. April 2018

Amsterdam is roundly referred to as the City of no limits, with Las Vegas widely regarded as its closest comparison in the world, which is why I came up…

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Milford Sound Cruise in southern New Zealand

By on 2. April 2018

A Milford Sound Cruise is probably one of the best things you can do in New Zealand. This boat tour takes you through New Zealand’s most wonderful fiord with…

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How to spend 24 hours in Amsterdam

By on 30. March 2018

Most people frown at the idea of How to spend 24 hours in Amsterdam, but sometimes it is all you have got and you need to make the most…