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Work with me! Through my constant work and personal development in all different kind of media sections, I have gained a lot of qualifications you can benefit from. During my career in advertisement and sales, I personally have worked with multiple brands and companies like NIVEA, Coca Cola and others for years. Nowerdays I try to use all my knowledge to build my own business and to help others. I want to inspire people from all over the world with my travel stories. I want them to use this as an inspiration and implement it into their own lifes. However that might look like!


Benefits from the work with me

And that is what I can do for you too – Helping you to create a relationship with your customers, grow your audiences and build a trustworthy brand!




High quality/ high resolution photography with or without text overlays for websites, print and Social Media – Make use of my years and years of passion in creating the best possible photos out there!




High quality/ high resolution video content for increased online engagement. Consumers love good and honest videos they can relate to. Let me support you with getting the best possible relationship with your audience!



Social Media

Nowerdays Social Media platforms are the megaphone of the new generation. I can help you to increase your brand popularity by promoting your service/ product through personal experience on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!



Strategic Consulting Social Media

Social Media is a highly valueble sector for companies and brands. But it’s also very hard to get recognised. I support you in creating and developing the ideal strategy to communicate with your audience in the best way possible!



Strategic Consulting Blog

I know it is not that easy to start a successful blog. There is a lot that comes with it. Let me support you with setting up your own website and developing a personal brand that your readers will love!



But this is not everything. I also offer a lot of other options to cooperate. To give you a little example:


Further Available Options
Press trips, Affiliate Partnerships Contest and/or Giveaway Collaborations, Trips for content creation, Advertisement Links, Advertisement Space, E-Newsletter Campaigns, Product Placement on Social Media, Sponsored Posts, Public Speaking, E-Newsletter Ads, Press Trips Reviews on Products, Trips, Brands, Companies AND MORE!
*Payments accepted via bank transfer and PayPal

Brands I have worked with





You will find more about what I can also do for you in the Want to advertise? section.


If you want to work me, just leave a message and I will get back at you as fast as I can!




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