How to spend 24 hours in Dubai travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Dubai travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Dubai travel blog
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How to spend 24 hours in Dubai

By on 28. December 2018

Having gathered information from some travelers that have had memorable experiences on their how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary and from my personal experience, I can give you a sure bet that you can surely have a good time in Dubai in a single day! Sounds too good to be true? Follow on as I unravel this fantastic guide on an hour by hour itinerary in Dubai. I will start by sharing some of the critical factors to take note of the moment you decide to take on a 24 hour trip to Dubai.

To start with Dubai is the home of the world’s most famous shopping malls and modern attraction sites that every adventurous traveler would want to experience. Well, it’s definite that you are wondering how on earth you would be able to experience all these exciting tourist attractions in just a span of 24 hours! You don’t need to worry;

I will show you how in just a moment. I have done this a couple of times and would not hesitate to share my 24-hour itineraries in cities all over the world like

and much more. Dubai is a favorite stopover location for most long hour flights and you should definitely have a how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary in order to get the most out of a one day stay. This city has developed into a tremendous tourist hub, which is why an hour by hour schedule is so neccessary to help you visit as many Dubai delights as possible.

First of all, do some research on the tourist attractions in the region and then come up with your list of the must-visit sites. This is because once you arrive there, you may find yourself overwhelmed by a vast number of attractions to visit and in turn, end up wasting your day moving up and down the City.

More to that you may fall into the hands of a tour guide who is only interested in the small handouts you will give them other than showing you the best sites to visit. What am trying to say is that don’t just rely on your tour guide or a friend that will be guiding you on your tour, you will also need to have identified beforehand the particular sites you want to visit once you arrive in Dubai.

As I always tell travelers, you can be your own guide in a city that you have never been to before. It has worked tremendously for me; and my how to spend 24 hours in Dubai schedule was a blast.

While researching on the tourist attraction sites, you want to visit it’s also advisable to check on their specific locations to come up with a route that will help you spend less traveling time. You may want to visit attraction locations that are not too far from each other to avoid wasting too much of your time traveling from one site to another. Time is one thing you do not have in plenty, and every minute must count. I have realized that going from attraction to attraction in some kind of circle is best way to do it.

Another crucial factor you may want to put into consideration while planning the how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary is the weather conditions. You will enjoy your trip better if you schedule it on a day with favorable climatic conditions for you. The sunny season that’s ideal for sight-seeing lies between October and March.

In the middle of the Arabian Gulf and the desert, Dubai is a lively city that has quite a minimal tourist scam instances. This means that you will be able to enjoy the incredible Dubai nightlife with an assurance of safety. However, there are some shabby streets worth avoiding during the night and these include; Deira, Karama, and Bur-Dubai; just a heads up so that you do fall a victim when you have so little time to see so much in 24 hours.


With its central location, the Dubai International Airport is a stop-over spot for most long flights mostly from Asia, Australasia, and Europe. The airport is located only 6km away from the city making it less of a hassle for you to access the city once you land at the airport.

To access the city, you can use the metro buses or private taxes that are deployed in the airport to provide smooth transportation for visitors to the magnificent Dubai city. If you are in a hurry you’d better get a private cab to avoid the time wasting stops typical with the metro transport means; you will have to spend more though nothing to tear into your pocket.

Getting Started

If you want to make the best out of your day in Dubai, one crucial thing you must do is wake up early enough to start making your rounds in good time. If you are used to sleeping late into the day you are probably going need to have your alarm on to ensure that you don’t oversleep; yes it’s that important because it will determine how you will spend the rest of the day.

Either making quick visits to the attraction sites while trying to catch up with time or having all the time you need to have a good time at your favorite tourism sites. Being at your breakfast table at 7 am will be fair enough.

Another thing you should take note of while getting started for the day is dressing appropriately. What is the weatherman’s forecast for today? This may sort you big time in choosing what to put on for the day. Just to mention don’t forget to dress up modestly while visiting the malls because the beautiful Dubai city is a place that’s filled with diverse cultures.

7 am – 8 am – Breakfast

Dubai is a stopover destination for people from all over the world. That is why most restaurants in the region provide a variety of menus to suit the eating tastes of travelers from across the globe. By 7 am most of the restaurants here are usually open as they are aware that most of their customers are travelers that will be up early for breakfast to get moving.

8 am – 9 am – Dubai Mall

The first thing to focus on from the how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary would be to visit the famous world’s largest Dubai mall if you are not sure of being able to brave the crowds that storm into the mall in the evenings. In the morning most people are busy with office work so you will get all the tranquility you need to enjoy the thrilling view of this astounding mall to the maximum.

How to spend 24 hours in Dubai – The Dubai Mall

Some of the sites in the mall that will leave you with beautiful Dubai memories are the aquarium, waterfall with silver divers and the ice skating rink.

9 am – 11 am – Souk

Your day’s Dubai trip wouldn’t be complete until you get a glimpse of the old Dubai. Souk, which is merely a 15-minute drive from the airport, is an ideal site to visit for an experience of the traditional Dubai, which is why it’s why it’s on the how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary.

The name Souk is derived from Arabic which means market and in this matter a spice market.

At the Souk you will get to experience what the traditional Dubai was before its development into a charming modern city. Moreover, if you want to purchase top quality spices at a fair price, this will be the ideal market for you. At Souk you will also get a chance to cross the creek that passes across the city through Abra.

The Souk is a great sight from the How to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary

11 am – 12.30 pm – The Palm

The palm is a humanmade Archipelago that is among the world’s largest artificial islands. It is the next attraction of the how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary and definitely a Must See.

The Palm of Dubai from above

The Palm stands at the Jumeirah Dubai coastal region extending out to the Persian Gulf. To get yourself to the palm you will enjoy an exciting ride with the Palm Jumeirah monorail, which connects the island to the mainland and the Dubai Metro.

At the Palm Island, it’s where you get to enjoy the glamour of the private breathtaking sand beaches and other stunning views found in the Arabian Gulf.

How to spend 24 hours in Dubai – The Atlantis Hotel of the Palm in Dubai

12.30 pm – 1 pm – Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, a district in the Arab Emirates, is one of the incredible modern attraction sites in the magnificent city of Dubai, which is the reason I included it in the how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary. This artificial canal city occupies 3km along the Persian Gulf shoreline and can hold over 120, 000 people in the posh residential villas and apartments that are built within.

Apart from having a good time at the Yacht club, you will get to enjoy an unrestricted view of Marina on the 64th floor of the famous Marina Torch tower in the district. Moreover, at Marina, you will get to interact closely with the Arabic Gulf culture when you stop for some shopping at the Marina Mall, one of the largest malls in Dubai.

Dubai Marina is a really pretty spot from the How to spend 24 hours in Dubai schedule

1 pm – 2 pm – Lunch

Before leaving your room ensure that you have everything you will need during your tour around the beautiful Dubai Sceneries. This would include a camera to capture all your delightful moments during the trip and probably a pair of sunglasses.

With all the rounds it’s definite that by the time the clock hits 1 pm you will be thoroughly exhausted thus being a good time to grab some lunch as you get some rest. This will be an opportune time to have a taste of the delicious meals prepared in the incredible Dubai mall restaurants. One good thing about the Dubai mall restaurants is that you will never miss your favorite dish on their menus. You will get to enjoy varied menus from Turkish, Yemeni and Iranian eateries among many more.

On this remember to take note of eating just enough to leave you well motivated for your afternoon laps at the United Emirates.

2 pm – 3 pm – Dubai Museum

Do you want to have a view of the oldest building in Dubai? Then you don’t want to miss visiting the Dubai Museum. The Museum built in 1971 is lodged at the Al Fahidi Port that was built in 1787. This is the place where you will encounter the ancient exhibits that depict the state of Dubai before its current modernization. This includes galleries with mosques, houses, markets and also artifacts tracking back history to the third millennium.

A Muste See is a Must See from the How to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary

3 pm – 5 pm – Al Bastakiya

If you want to get back to the history before the oil discovery that led to Dubai’s modernization in a just a few decades, don’t forget to include Al Bastakiya in your site visit list. Here you will come across some monuments, art galleries, and museums that will give you a clear picture of what the Old Dubai was like, which is why it needs to be on the how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary.

Al Bastakiya gives some great insides on Dubai’s history

5 pm – 6 pm – Burj Khalifa

Watch the sunset at the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, maybe the main attracion from the how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary. The breathtaking Burj Khalifa containing 164 floors is 2,716 feet tall and has been a tremendous attraction site for visitors from all over the world since its grand opening in 2010.

At the 124th and 148th floors are observation decks meant to give visitors a clear view of the marvelous Dubai city and the desert from its highest point. Tickets to the observation deck can be purchased at the Dubai Mall, but it’s always a great idea to buy your ticket online early in advance.

The Nr. 1 flagship sight from the How to spend 24 hours in Dubai travel blog itinerary

This will save you the hassle of having to wait for the long queues resulting from a large number of tourists wanting to set foot on this magnificent building. If you need to get to the highest observation deck in the building with a personal escort, the VIP class tickets are also available both online and at the mall but for an extra fee.

One more thing about Burj Khalifa, it offers two free glasses of bubbly for ladies visiting the site on Wednesdays! 😉

Amazing the view from Burj Khalifa

6 pm – 6.30 pm – Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is a significant landmark in Dubai, and that’s one reason why you should mark it on your how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary. It is open to people from all religions, the only thing you should observe while visiting this mosque is modesty.

Jumeirah Mosque is a very pretty building

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm – Dubai Creek

The next point of the how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary is the Dubai Creek. As you wind up your day, it could be a great idea to get to enjoy a cool breeze at this special spot. Even though Dubai Creek is quite a significant site during sunset as numerous water taxis also known as Abras crisscross the waters, it’s still not a Must See, which is why you should only visit, if you have enough time left. Water taxis to cross the creek are available at the Old Souq Abra station.

7.30 pm – 8.30 pm – Dubai Fountains

The Dubai Fountains is another incredible place to be as you watch the sunset, which is why I named it on this how to spend 24 hours in Dubai itinerary. This exciting Dubai Fountain shows kick off at 6 pm to 11 pm every day with the fountains going off after every half an hour.

The fountains are located right inside the Dubai mall, which is quite a convenient location in that it can be easily accessed.

Dubai Fountains from above

8.30 pm – 10.00pm – Dinner time

After a long day out there exploring the magnificent Dubai, you are definitely going to need a great delicious meal to rejuvenate as you prepare for more exploration in the night.

It would be a good idea to have your dinner at the Dubai mall authentic restaurants as you give yourself one more chance to browse through its incredible stores while doing some little shopping to take back home.

10 pm – Open End – Explore the glitzy Dubai nightlife

The Dubai’s exciting life only gets better as the day comes to a close. Once you have your dinner, you can decide to be as wild as you can and make the best out of the last hours of your Dubai trip. You may attend a beach party or get a ticket to live performance at the beach restaurants; the choice is yours! And you have just spend 24 hours in Dubai and made the most out it.

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