How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm travel blog
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How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm

By on 16. June 2018

If you are a lover of royalty and antiquity then you need try out the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary. Stockholm needs to be on every persons bucket list of places you need to visit like yesterday. The Swedish capital is one of the best tranquil places you will find in Europe or even on the entire globe. The 12th century city has everything you will want to see in a royal city – then some!

Following the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule can be a bit tricky given the city’s expansive nature. It is a series of islands with most attraction sites scattered across the floating lands. A sizeable amount of your visit will thus be inevitably taken by commutes between these spots. However, if you follow athis well-organized How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary, you can manage to make a tour that will ensure you never feel left out whenever or wherever a discussion about visiting the Swedish capital arises.

This article is meant for that very purpose- to help potential Stockholm visitors get an idea of how to make their one day stay in Stockholm most fruitful. Out of personal experience and a deep research before and after my visit, I have put together a plan that will help you experience the most of Stockholm in a single day with the least strain.

I must admit early enough that I did not map my route as linearly as I would have wanted or as I have done in other cities, and ended up losing some precious minutes shuttling back and forth. The huge city can be a little overwhelming, believe me. You don’t have to make these mistakes on yourself because I went over them in the after-burn of my trip and came up with corrections. We travellers are family and must look out for each other, right?

How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm – Morning

On the upside, however, most of the things to be seen when following the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule can be seen on the go. Save for a few sites that will need detailed explanations or exploration like the Vasa Museum and the City Hall, you can see most stuff without having to dwell in one place. Some of the iconic buildings in the Gamla Stan, for instance, can be seen in passing and captured on camera for memory purposes.

The sites in Stockholm are unlike what you will see anywhere else. If you think of museums for example, they tend to get a bit monotonous for the regular traveller. No matter how much you love history or art, the exhibitions in museums tend to get similar as you visit more and more cities. The Vasa museum, however, is a whole different idea. It has in its bounds a multi-century old ship wreck retrieved from the sea bed. And boy, does the Vasa tell a story!

A city hall is just another building in most cities. A structure that you would not give second thought on most occasions. The Stockholm City hall is nothing of the sort though. The magnificent piece of architecture is actually one of the most visited places in the city and there is good reason why. I had my own reservations about visiting a municipal building at the get go. After my experience however, I can say it would be a gross mistake and injustice to self to skip this building when following the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary.

Stockholm during sunset


This is a big city and it is sure to wear you out. As such, I’d propose you arrive early and get plenty of rest so that you are fresh as you set out to follow the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule. A boat or ferry ride is a classic and royal way to get in, but the long trip will take its toll on you and you will feel it during your tour hours.

Rather, I’d advise you jet in by a simple flight, which will get you to the city faster and with less fatigue. Your flight will probably land at the Stockholm-Arlanda airport from where you can get an easy 20-minute railroad ride to the heart of the city.

If you do not have a prior sleeping arrangement, fret not. There are several places you can just walk into and book a room without a reservation. Reservations are however always great to save you the nervousness and bustle of finding a hotel- remember you are trying to not tire out before your tour.

The Scandic No. 53 is a great place to spend your night. It is not a reflection for the city’s royalty, but still you will get the Stockholm feel. It is comfortable and cheap going by the city’s standards, two of the factors I consider for just a night’s stay. As a bonus, it is located bang in the centre of the city, so you just walk out in the morning and begin your tour.

How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm – View of the city from above

Getting started for the day

The King town wakes up early. By 6 am, the city is already alive. Some of the breakfast (mostly coffee) restaurants are already operational. It makes sense that you start out early so you can make the most out of your day.

Again, the exact time to get up depends on how long it takes you to come up to your optimal operational awareness. Personally, I prefer a quick shower and throw on the casual clothing for the day. Twenty minutes between rousing and checking out.

Start the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary the right way

I love to have my camera ready on the night before going to sleep so I don’t need to do much on the material morning.

Dress is an integral part of the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary. This is Scandinavian country so it is likely that the temperatures will often be low. Warm clothes are advisable thus. That said, be sure to check the day’s forecast so you can know the exact severity of the weather and dress accordingly. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the comfort of your shoes as you will be walking around a lot- the half a size larger rule always works great.

7 am – 8 am

A good breakfast is always a sure bet to set you rolling, especially if you want to follow the action-packed How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary. In a Scandinavian country like Sweden especially, a steaming hot mug of coffee is a great way to get your innards set for the day ahead. Within the city centre, there is only one Starbucks outlet.

That is not to say anything about Stockholm residents’ love for coffee however. The city’s people do love themselves a good mug, only they love it made the Swedish way. There are many outlets selling Swedish brewed coffee.


STHLM, Saturn Café and the Greasy Spoon are amazing brunch restaurants within the city centre. Besides coffee, they also serve an assortment of foods to make for a full breakfast. If you think about doing vegan, you could never be in a better city.

Boiled potatoes are a popular part of all round meals in Stockholm, often as a side serving for pickled herring. The dish makes for a good energy source throughout a demanding day. Don’t be afraid to make your breakfast heavy so it can serve you with energy reserves and allow you to have light meals for lunch and later.

8 am – 11 am

The How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary deserves to have a proper start at the City’s main building – the Stockholm City Hall. Having this as your first spot in the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary helps you to get through it at a moment when it is not yet very busy. The building also affords you a great view of the city as it comes to life in the morning hours.

Grab your camera and take some panoramic shots of the city and its surrounding waters from the vantage viewing points.

Like I said, everything about this city is royal- even a city hall is a magnificent sight here!

The city hall is a big point from the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule

The magnificent piece of architecture towers at a dominant 106 meters (348 ft.) height. It is one of Scandinavia’s tallest constructions, built in two exquisite architectural styles- the Romanesque Revival and the National Romantic. Construction works at the hall went on for 12 years before it was officially opened in 1923.

It is the current seat of the city’s Municipal Council and the venue of the world famous Nobel Peace Prize banquet. It is often referred to as the Blue Hall in reference to its initial painting plan. The famous attraction has a sitting capacity of 1.300 segmented into different parts for varying categories of visitors.

Close to the City Hall of Stockholm – Such beautiful architecture

The walls are lined with picturesque mosaics. The height of the hall makes it a great viewpoint of the city of Stockholm.

For 100 Swedish Krona (about 10 €), you get a guide to take you around the hall and narrate its great history.

11 am – 1 pm

The Gamla Stan is next on the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule. This is among the districts of Stockholm that have stood for the longest time, and it reeks of ancient beauty. The streets at the Gamla Stan are long and winding lined up with cafes and antique stores among other outlets.

Stroll around and behold the beautiful sight of the old buildings, which have survived modernisation and stand as a testament of the city’s long-standing history. You may also want to go inside the Stockholm Cathedral to learn some of the city’s religious history. A 30-minute window is adequate for this.

Gambla Stan is so colourful

Gambla Stan – A great spot from the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary

The Royal Palace is located within the Gamla Stan. 45 minutes to one hour of your time within the Gamla Stan should be spent here. This is a good time frame to not get in a dilemma with your structured timetable during the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary. The Palace is the residence of the Swedish Monarch. It has three museums and an expansive library where you can sample Swedish history.

The palace has stood in this position since 1754 when it was inaugurated. It is built in Baroque style architecture, with Sandstone, brick and dimension stone as the main materials. The hour leading to 1 pm is a low visitor volume duration, which you can take advantage of.

Stockholm’s Royal Palace is highly impressive

How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm – Lunch

1pm – 2pm

I guess you want to continue with the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule properly, right? Then take a break from the morning rush and make it another chance to sample some Swedish servings.

How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm – Such a unique cityscape

The Slingerbulten is a great place for light yet delicious Swedish lunches.

You may also choose to go for a foreign American or Mediterranean dish. Unless you have a sensitive belly, Swedish servings are the best way to make your trip more memorable. Whichever serving you choose, remember to keep it light so you don’t feel lazy in the afternoon.

2 pm – 3 pm

As you let your lunch digest, begin with an easy afternoon activity in the form of a visit to the Ericsson Globe. This is a big point on the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary. Why?

Such an impressive building

Because the Globe holds a record as the biggest spherical building the world over. You can go up its height in the transparent pods that allow you to get a rolling view of the city as you ride up. The unfolding city will probably leave your jaws dropped.

This is another great point to get an afternoon view of the city from above and freeze some amazing moments on your camera.

A point from the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule for architecture lovers

3 pm – 4 pm

Continue your easy afternoon at this premiere world site. As you might know, almost every European country has some kind of famous park, right? So does Stockholm, which is why I had to put the National City Park on the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule.

It actually was the first National City Park in the world. There was none of its kind when it first opened in 1995. It is accessible by ferry or boat, and contains lovely picnic spots and an equally lovely amusement park.

The biggest city park in the world

4 pm – 5 pm

Riddarholm Church is next on the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary, because the church tells a huge part of Sweden’s history, both by sight and by the guides’ narrations. It was commissioned in the 13th century for use in Swedish Monarchs’ burial ceremonies. It served monastery purposes before being taken up by Protestants in the 16th century.

Church services no longer happen here, and it is only open to visitors between May and November.

Riddarholm offers a uniquely different experience from the cathedral. It speaks more about royalty than the country’s religious evolution.

A wonderful church in the middle of the city

How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm – Afternoon

6 pm – 8 pm

Ever heard of Vasa? Probably not and I havn’t either. But after seeing it, I just had to put it on the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm schedule, because  a trip to this breath-taking maritime museum is nothing but quite fascinating. A great sight!

It is a unique museum in its own sense, mainly exhibiting the ruins of the great Vasa warship. The vessel had sunk near Stockholm in 1628 and remained on the sea floor for close to 300 years. The retrieval was also a great tale as it was brought back almost fully intact.

Vasa museum is very famous and an important landmark for Stockholm

Your visit will reveal the various parts that made the warship and you will really marvel at the greatness of its build. There are also remains of people who perished aboard.

Since Vasa lies in the Green Island (Djugarden) you have the opportunity to end the evening of your 24 hours in Stockholm here.


8 pm – Open End

Once you have Stockholm figured out during the day then why not sample how she looks by night? Ever heard the saying, “when night falls, all women become equal?” Well, Stockholm is starkly different. She is royalty remember. Her nightlife is more classy than wild. It is so much different, that it just needs to be part of the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary, no choice.

Most restaurants will offer dinner and a concert night out. Icebar Stockholm opens at 4pm and will be in full gear by the time you are done with your museum visit. Fasching is a great place for lovers of Jazz.

The night end of the How to spend 24 hours in Stockholm itinerary is best sampled as a discovery, so I’ll let you discover the royal lady by night for yourself. Go ahead and get intimate with her; she will love you right back!



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