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Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary

By on 25. May 2018

This ultimate Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary is the perfect comprehensive guide for first time visitors and people, who have been to this wonderful city several times and still seek for some more in depth information. Stockholm is not the very first city that comes to mind for the average traveller thinking of an adventure trip. Rather, the Swedish capital is like a hidden gem that requires a keen eye to spot. Those who have visited the city that comprises several islands however come back with stories of how they couldn’t get enough of it.

Most visitors vow to make a second trip and a good number follow through the promise. So what is it about Stockholm that makes it such an attractive travel destination?

If I were to describe Stockholm in three words, I’d use beauty, tranquillity and royalty. The middle word is actually one of the pillars that the city uses to describe itself. From the ease and fun of residents to the art painted metro and the royal palace, Stockholm is just a little heaven.

Of all the cities I have had the privilege of visiting in one day; the one day in Stockholm went fastest and left me thirsting for more. By the end of the day-long visit, I couldn’t help but feel sad that I was leaving Stockholm- and a tad angry that the city does not advertise itself more!

If Stockholm were to boast among cities, it would be easy to think that it was exaggerating its offerings. I could go on and on about the beautiful city of Stockholm, but the purpose of this article is to provide the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary for you. Because on a single day you will only be able to sample the city, it is important that you sample only its best offerings.

My preferred way of visiting Stockholm- and any other city- in a span of one day is to view it as a visitor rather than trying to put yourself in the shoes of a dweller. Having lived in the city for a while, many dwellers tend to tune out some of the basic aspects of a city’s beauty. The ferry services, for instance, are just another part of everyday commute for Stockholm resident. For a visitor, however it is a beautiful sight to behold; seeing how differently and efficiently things run in another world.  I actually recommend going on an unguided tour. This will help you stumble upon some gems that a guide is unlikely to take you through.

Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary – General information

Stockholm is a city unlike most others in Europe and the rest of the world. World most Capitals have got themselves engrossed in a fast and hectic life, the Swedish Capital has maintained its calm and originality. It still does its stuff with the grace and loyalty of old. There is no congestion here or the big rush to make a quick buck.

By the end of the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary, you are bound to feel a new sense of inner peace.

Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary – Skyline during sunset

The city serves as the seat of government, the commercial centre, the political hub and pretty much the capital of every other discipline in Sweden. It is rated as a global city; one of the cities that have an important standing in world economics. It is a huge city (188 sq. km area) stretching over fourteen islands with the surrounding waters forming the merger between Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea. A population of around 1 million in the city municipality, 1.5 m in the urban area and close to 2.3 m in the Stockholm Metropolitan makes Stockholm the most populous city in the North Atlantic region of Northern Europe.

The Nobel Peace Prize ball comes to Stockholm every December. The city is also home to the Vasa Museum, Royal Institute of Technology and Ericsson Globe. It also has a one-of-a-kind metro that is decorated at every station and often regarded as the longest art gallery in the world.

For all its magnificence and royalty, Stockholm does not come cheap. You are bound to spend more during the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary than you would spend in some other more-hyped cities. But, believe me; it really is all worth it.


I just have to give you a short history briefing before you attampt the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary, so that you have a better understanding of this unique city.

That Stockholm is a city that has ‘self-actualized’ is a factor that can be attributed to the longevity of its existence. The city has been growing since its inception as a residential area in the sixth millennium B.C. It rose to city status in 1252 and has been growing since then.

The city’s original point and present core is the present day Old Town of Gamla Stan where some ancient architecture can still be found. Some of these buildings should form part of your site visits in your one day in Stockholm itinerary.

Such a lovely city with a lot of great ancient history

The Baltic trade during the Hanseatic League era was a vital aspect of the city’s growth in its early days. A long period of relative political and administrative stability has ensured that Stockholm never went back on any of its developments. The city- and country in general- never was directly involved in any wars. While development did stall in different periods (directly through a plague and indirectly through war) there never was devastating destruction.

Old buildings were demolished in large swathes during the modernisation era but many remnants of these still stand especially in the Gamla Stan.




How to get to Stockholm

Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport is the main entrance point for visitors getting into Stockholm by air. For a one day stay in Stockholm, travel by plane is the most effective means as it is fastest and least drowning.

The airport lies 40 km outside the city centre and has the capacity to handle many travellers quickly and efficiently (over 24 million people each year). A direct rail link connects the airport to the city centre in a 20-minute trip. This airport handles visitors from outside the country and also other parts of Sweden. Stockholm-Bromma Airport (8km from the city centre) also handles both domestic and international flights.

Stockholm his surrounded by a lot of water, but still accessible very easily

The Stockholm-Skavsta Airport (108 km) and the Stockholm-Västerås Airport (103 km) strictly handle international flights.

It is also possible to get into the city by water from other parts of Europe. The ferry is the most popular water transport means here. Ferries usually connect to and from St. Petersburg and Finland (Helsinki and Turku).


For many people this part is an important one, because in order to do the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary you have to have a base to start off from. Hotel accommodation remains the most popular form of putting up in Stockholm. While the people of this city are warm and welcoming, they tend to draw a privacy line at some point. As such, Airbnb has taken longer to stamp itself in Stockholm than it has done in many other major cities.

Compared to other cities, upkeep for just one day in Stockholm is a bit on the expensive side. Where you would get a hostel for €50 in, say Amsterdam, you will need around €120 for the same in Stockholm. The catering services are of much better quality though.
If you know anyone around the city, it will be much easier to spend the night at their place.

Do not fret if a friend’s distance appears to be some distance away from the city; the transport network here is perfect!

How to get around

You will need to use both land and water transport to move between different sites during the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary. Both forms are highly efficient though so you do not have to worry about losing too much time between sites.

They also give you a chance to enjoy more offerings of the city. The metro, whose paintings at the stations are widely famed, allows you to enjoy different forms of Swedish art at different transit points. The ferry affords you a distant look of the city centre, which is breath-taking.

You can also walk or take a bike between different points around the city centre.


Given its location in the North Atlantic, Stockholm is a fairly cold city. The best times to visit are during the summer when temperatures are some degrees higher and the whole place is much livelier.


You will have a huge variety of food to try during the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary, from indigenous Swedish servings to exotic cuisine brought in over the years by the merging of cultures.

Trying out different kind of food is also be part on the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary

Pickled herring is a popular food that you might want to sample. It is available in a whole lot of flavours and with plenty of side servings- potatoes, cheese, crispbread etc. There are also meatballs and thick, exquisitely prepared fruit soups. There’s literally a bite suited for every minute of the day when you are in Stockholm.


I have mentioned that Stockholm does charge for her goodness, right? But, if you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with that. She does offer quality for it and you won’t feel at all cheated. You might actually end up using twice what you would spend in other cities- more if you intend to shop.

During the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary you will need:

  • Getting around: 30 $
  • Food: 70 $
  • Accommodation: 80 $
  • Sightseeing: 175 $


Sweden’s long-time political stability and the less than enthusiastic involvement in global politics have made Stockholm pretty neutral in security standings. The city’s well developed surveillance structures also make it a relatively incident free place to visit.

Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary – Highlights

Stockholm City Hall

Isn’t it funny that a town’s city hall can be listed as a major sight to see? Well, Stockholm City Hall really is a site to have on the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary. Like I said, everything about this city is royal.

This is not your ordinary hall. Rather, it is a magnificent and enormous building that stands a proud 106 meters (348 ft) tall. This makes it one of the tallest buildings in the Scandinavia. It is built in exquisite Romanesque Revival architecture and National Romantic style.

Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary – Visit the City Hall

The hall was completed in 1923 after 12 years of ongoing work. It acts as the seat of the Stockholm Municipal Council and also hosts the Nobel Peace Prize Banquet among other ceremonies.

The Blue Hall- which is not blue in colour- accommodates up to 1300 seating guests during ceremonies, with sections designated for different calibres of guests.

The beautiful mosaics on the walls, excellent design, risqué finish, and a glorious bird’s eye view of the city make trips to this hall memorable experience.  A guided tour of the hall will cost you 100 Swedish Krona (~ 12 $).

A Must See of the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary

Gamla Stan

The oldest district of Stockholm is a beautiful sight, with ancient constructions largely overshadowing modernity and just has to be a main point on the list of the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary. It is a great thing that Sweden has decided to preserve the old city. The streets at the Gamla Stan are long and winding.

One of many special places in Stockholm

Within the town lie the Royal Palace and the Stockholm Cathedral, plus a number of cafes and antique stores.

The Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary will bring you to many colourful spots

Ericsson Globe

This is the largest spherical building in the world- that alone is something to behold. No surprise it is listed in this Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary, right? 🙂

Such a phenominal building in the middle of Stockholm

Over and above that, it offers a Skyview magnificent experience as visitors go up its length in pods. It is just magnificent to see the city unfold around and below you as you go up.

A big point on the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary, especially for architecture lovers

Royal National City Park

The park holds the record of being the first National City Park having being introduced in 1995. It contains an amusement park and great picnic spots.

Heaps of pretty and very green spaces

Access to the area is by water, using either a boat or the ferry.




Riddarholm Church

This ancient church, a few minutes’ walk from the City Hall, dates back to the 13th Century when it was opened for burial ceremonies of Swedish Monarchs. It was also meant to be a monastery, but later transformed into a protestant church during the reformation in the 16th century.

Old and hugely inspiring architecture to see during the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary

The church no longer has regular services but still carries a huge chunk of Swedish history that you can enjoy. During the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary you will need some coincidence for you to visit the church though – it is only open between May and November.

Riddarholm Church from far away


This Museum is unlike any other elsewhere in the world. Its main exhibition is the ruin of the Vasa ship, which was recovered from the seabed. The ship had gone down in Stockholm in 1628 and was not retrieved until 300 years later.

Displays in the museum show the different parts of the damaged ship and remains of people who perished in it. The wood is showing the effects of over four decades of existence but it is still a great artefact to behold.

That’s what I call amazing engineering made in Sweden

The museum is located in Djurgarden- the green island- which also has an open air amusement park.

There you have it: Just follow the Ultimate one day in Stockholm Itinerary and leave with a lifetime experience. I hope this travel guide on what to see and do make your day stay a fruitful one just like mine was.



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