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Hot Water Beach One Day Tour

By on 16. May 2018

A Hot Water Beach One Day Tour is an extremely unique experience. This place is one of the big Must See’s on the north island of New Zealand. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit Hot Water Beach, because you can simultaneously spend your time at one of New Zealand’s best beaches while enjoying the beautiful surrounding nature.

In my opinion, mother earth did a fantastic job here for many reasons. First of all, Hot Water Beach is very pretty and highly scenic. Secondly, the way it has developed is very interesting. And last but not least, it’s a truely exciting destination, if you think about what nature does to this place and what kind of amusement people can get from it.

But before I start telling you more about the One Day Tour to Hot Water Beach, I quickly want to give you some information about the area and a couple key facts you should know when visiting this wonderful piece of nature.

Hot Water Beach One Day Tour – General information

The reason why so many people do a Hot Water Beach One Day Tour is, that this place is considered to under the top tourist attractions in the area. Hot Water Beach lies close to the Coromandel area in the northeast of the northern island of New Zealand.

This area has developed over millions of years and got shaped through vulcanic activities. This is also where Hot Water Beach got its name from, because the water by the beachside is very warm from the vulcanic sand.

Generally Hot Water Beach can easily been seen in one day. It mainly got its popularity from thermal water bubbling just beneath the surface of the sand during low tide.

A Hot Water Beach One Day Tour has easily achieved cult-like status as global wonder near the Coromandel.  Travellers flock to the normally deserted Hot Water Beach two hours either side of low tide. Everybody’s main goal is to come and dig tiny pools or soaking in  someone else’s earlier efforts.  The water is hot – up to 64 degrees celsius. You can literally see the excitement, fascination and anticipation on everyone’s face.

How to get there

Getting to Hot Water Beach is very easy. It’s almost the same as going to Cathedral Cove. You can either come from the west (Auckland) or from the south Tauranga. Just follow the main roads. You won’t have any problems with driving in New Zealand since the roads are in excellent condition. It will take you about 2,5 hours to get there, doesn’t matter from which of the both cities you start from.

I prefer to go by motorbike if I can, because you generally have a better driving experience and the surroundings leave a greater impact on you. But taking the car or a bus is just as good (and cheap 😉 )


Weather conditions during the Hot Water Beach One Day Tour can vary a lot, depending on the season. In summer, November till March, it will be very warm and sunny most of the time. The temperature rises up to 30°C+. In the winter, May till August, it can get very rainy and cold. During this period you’ll have to deal with a temperature below 5°C.

In general the weather is mostly sunny and very pleasent, as long as you avoid the winter time.

The Hot Water Beach One Day Tour is brilliant on a sunny day


The food you’ll get on a Hot Water Beach One Day Tour and in New Zealand in general is very tasty. Especially the seafood is very delicious at Hot Water Beach, since the fishermen can pull everything fresh out of the sea. Besides that you’ll find various healthy dishes and great local wine.

Additionally you can be happy about the fact that the prices for food are not to high in the area of Hot Water Beach. If you want to save some money, I would suggest not to go to restaurants, but to buy local food from supermarkets and cook your own meals. It’s super delicious and you’ll be very filled and prepared for whatever activity comes up besides digging some huge holes 😉


Accommodation is an important topic when thinking about doing a Hot Water Beach One Day Tour, because there are not that many places to stay at.

It also depends on whether you want to stay at a good hotel or a relatively cheap hostel. I say relatively, because nothing is really cheap in Australia or New Zealand. The prices vary a lot.

Since I like to travel on a cheap to medium level with basic to medium standard, I would suggest to go to one of these places:

If you’ve rented or own a camper van, then just sleep in that one. It’s the best option in my opinion anyway. Just make sure to stay in a designated area. Otherwise you might get fined.

Beachfront at Hot Water Beach


This is one of the most important topics for every traveller. One day at Hot Water Beach is not that expensive in comparison to other spots and activities in New Zealand and it includes the following:

– Transportation: 50$+ NZD
– Food: 10$ – 15$ NZD (cyo) / 30$+ NZD in cafès & restaurants
– Acommodation: 30$+ NZD
– Activities: 0$ for free activities / 90$+ for any other

All these numbers are based on my experiences and research. Of course it can be way higher and also a little lower than that, depending on your style of travel. But this should give you a general idea of what to expect 😉



From my personal experience of the Hot Water Beach One Day Tour I can definitely give you some advice. Some of it might not work or apply to you, but some tips will help you to make your trip even better.

Just have this in mind:

  • Take sunscreen with you – New Zealand’s sun is definitely on another level
  • Prepare food upfront – You’ll save a lot of money
  • Expect the natural pools to be really hot – Maybe bring a cooling towel
  • Stay for one or two days max. – Hot Water Beach is amazing, but you want to continue your journey
  • Bring a good camera for the beautiful scenery

Hot Water Beach One Day Tour – Highlights

Hot Beach Pools

The coolest thing about the Hot Water Beach One Day Tour are hot pools by the main beach. It’s like a natural hottop or a Jacuzzi. The only thing you have to do to experience this unique highlight is to get yourself a shuffle and dig a big hole in the sand. Soon you will see that the water level of the pool slowly starts to rise. It rises up from deeper layers of the vulcanic sand.

The hot pools you want to sit in on the Hot Water Beach One Day Tour

The deeper you dig, the more hot water fills the sand hole. Before you realize you have a hot bath by a beautiful beach, made from mother nature. How incredible is that? 🙂

Just be a little careful. The water can be really hot. So fill up the hole with some ocean water in between sometimes to cool down the temperature of your natural bathtub until you have a pleasant temperature.

You’ll see many people doing the exact same thing by the main beach. It is an amazing experience the main reason to come to Hot Water Beach.

Hot pools at Hot Water Beach during sunset


You can also try some other things during the Hot Water Beach One Day Tour, just like going for a hike. The landscape in this area is absolutely georgous and a perfect example for New Zealand’s natural beauty. If you want to check out Cathedral Cove and stay there for the night, then you could also go on a longer hike (11km). I think you won’t make it back to Hot Water Beach, so decide wisely 😉

Other than that, you can also stay and hike around in the close proximity. You’ll see all kind of different plants, ancient trees and raw wildlife. A Hot Water Beach One Day Tour is perfect for opening ones eyes for the wonderful landscape of this country.

What you’ll see when you go hiking near Hot Water Beach

Wonderful landscape and seascape near Hot Water Beach

Especially a hiking tour is great for that, because you deeply get in touch with nature. Almost all hiking trails lead you along the rough ocean of the northern island’s east coast. The nr 1. hotspot around is still the Coromandel area, which has one of New Zealand’s most beautiful sceneries.

Mercury Bay and Cathedral Cove are just a couple spots to name, which attracts lots and lots of travellers every year.

Cathedral Cove is a spot you should definitely see during the Hot Water Beach One Day Tour

Kajaking tour

Try out a kajaking tour when you are at Hot Water Beach. It’s one of the best activities to do in the area, because you get a view onto the stunning landscape from a completely different perspective.

The water quality of the ocean in this area is outstanding. New Zealand’s goverment is very protective and has many good conservation laws to protect the country’s nature.

This is why you probably will be amazed of what you see when you kajak around Hot Water Beach. The conservation also condition the whole area in such a good way that you’ll find way more healthy marine life than in other countries like Thailand, where a lot is already destroyed by tourism.

Even though tourism is a big economical factor for New Zealand, you still almost won’t find any spots, which is contaminated in any way.

Where to kajak on the Hot Water Beach One Day Tour

Boat ride

A boat ride is also a great thing to do on the Hot Water Beach One Day Tour. It’s almost the same as kajaking, just that you can chill out and relax while enjoying the magnificent surrounding landscape and seascape.

Besides that the speedboats can bring you to places that you usually wouldn’t be able to reach, like the underground bluehole. It would be way to hard and dangerous to enter these grottos without a professional by your side. Additionally you can cover way more distance with a motorised boat than by kajaking, which means that you’ll see more of the prestige coastline near Hot Water Beach.

Ultimately I can only tell you, that a Hot Water Beach One Day Tour is something you should definitely consider to do when coming to New Zealand, otherwise you’ll probably regret it…



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