one day in Paris itinerary travel blog
one day in Paris itinerary travel blog
one day in Paris itinerary travel blog
one day in Paris itinerary travel blog
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Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary

By on 10. March 2018

This Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary is the best support for a 24-hour stay in one of world’s most famous capitals, which is widely regarded as the City of Love. Paris has been a leading tourist destination for as long as travel adventure can be traced. It is one of the largest cities in Europe and has continually evolved to accommodate the changing needs of tourists over time.



This means there is a unique mix of modernity and history in this city that is best depicted by The Eiffel Tower. You will find historical artifacts from as far back as the Napoleon era preserved carefully in Paris’ massive museums. In the same city, you get to sample some of the latest developments in technology in the form of amazing road and rail networks and the finest gadgets you can imagine.

Speaking of finesse, that is really one of the French people’s outstanding characteristics. Even if you just have 24 hours to spend in Paris, you will not fail to notice how articulate they are in every task they get to. Trust me, some of this finesse will rub off on you even if you spend just a day here.

French recipes are popular the world over, and what better place to do a sampling than where it all originates. There are restaurants and eateries of all sizes and forms all over the French capital. Make a point of sampling as much of it as possible when following the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary.

It sounds almost too daunting to get a purposeful fill of the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary, considering the city is a giant destination for trade, science, fashion, finance and even the arts. A well-planned schedule will, however, help you make the most of this great city.

Before we get deeper into the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary I quickly want to give you a brief summary from all the important things you need to know about the City of Love.

Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary – General information

The city’s location & structure

Paris sits in the northern central part of France, 45° north, and 2° east. The location makes it a city of fair weather conditions. Most days of the year are moderately wet and mild. The administrative arms have also done a great job of making it habitable even when conditions tend to become extreme.

A good infrastructure network makes Paris easily accessible from other major cities within France and other neighboring countries. From London, for example, a 450km (280mi) trip by road will get you to Paris. The French cities of Marseille, Nantes, and Rouen all have a direct road link to Paris.

A huge river called the Seine sits right beside the city with its two main islands –Ile Saint-Louis and Ile de la Cite- forming a large part of its ancient history.

The country’s capital is by far the most populous with a population of over two million people within its 105 sq. km. area. This makes it the ninth most populous city in the world. Sounds intimidating, right? Except it shouldn’t.

Population & culture

Despite the huge population, Paris’ excellent planning from its early ages has ensured it is able to accommodate its population- and visitors- without pressure. Excellent road, rail, and air transport networks ensure there is an easy flow of traffic at all times.

The city is famed for its fashion and café culture, with most areas of the administrative capital dotted with risqué cafes and boutiques. The offerings are so unique that a person not following the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary constantly could easily be sucked into doing shopping or sampling menus for the better part of that duration. But that’s not what we want right? At least not all day long…

Besides being known as the City of Love, Paris is also fondly referred to as the City of Light. This can be attributed both to its early adoption of street lighting and active involvement during the 18th Century’s age of enlightenment.

Strolling through Paris –  the City of Love


Paris boasts a long and rich history dating back to three centuries before Christ. The earliest inhabitants of the city- then town- are the Parisii sub-tribe of the Celtic tribe. It was from these settlers that the town got its name.

The Seine River was a great player in the emergence of this town. The river’s arc around Paris formed a great convergence point for land and water traders whose commercial exchange led to the emergence of the town.

Paris was later taken over by Romans in a conquest and underwent a big evolution under them until St. Denis introduced Christianity here in the 3rd Century AD. A monarch age then followed with the Capetian dynasty dedicating it as their capital during their five-century rule.

Paris grew steadily in both might and stature over the following close to six centuries and was Europe’s largest finance, publishing, luxury manufacturing center by the mid-16th century. This standing was especially made firm during the reign of King Louis XVI.

French Revolution & modern days

The French Revolution in 1789 threatened to wipe out the city. The famous reign of terror saw Louis XVI and many others executed and the city’s population dropped by over 100,000.

Napoleon Bonaparte took over the city in 1799. A complete shake-up of systems and culture happened during his reign as he worked to restore a largely desolate territory. The city’s instability continued up to 1871, allowing many other cities across Europe to catch up.

The city has however been relatively stable since 1871 and has continued to grow in all aspects since then. Today, it is one of the best-connected cities in the world with almost all major world powers having some interests or dealings in the city.

Numerous landmarks and artifacts stand in the city to tell this rich history, which is why there has to be history part in the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary.

How to get to Paris

Giving you a short overview of the best ways to get to the city of love needs to be a part of the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary as well, because I want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you.

Paris connection to the world transport routes makes it one of the easiest places to access. When traveling from other French cities or close European cities like London and Brussels, a trip by road is an adventurous way to get into Paris. Driving allows you to enjoy other French showings on tour way into the expansive city.

Ultimate one day in Paris itinerary – Check out the Love Lock Bridges

However, considering you will have just 24 hours in Paris, you might want to avoid road travel as it might tire you out. Rail transport is even better, but a flight is definitely the best option. The Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Beauvais-Tillé and Paris-Orly are the city’s major airports. Together, these airports handle close to 100 million passengers every year.

The Port of Paris handles most of the city’s water transport.

How to get around

How to get around definitely also needs to be in the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary, because, since you only have one day to spend, you unnecessarily don’t want to loose time, right?

Paris is really an expansive city. While there is a lot to be seen while walking around, the main attractions to be ticked off during a 24-hour stay in Paris might require the use of a faster means of transport.

The public transport is lovely, with buses moving efficiently around the city at all times. Trains can also be effective when moving to distant locations within the city. You may also decide to hail around one of the many cabs around.


When you think of the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary, you may rightly guess that you won’t be doing a lot of sleeping. Personally, I prefer a cheap but comfortable accommodation means as I won’t have much time to enjoy it anyway. I have noticed that whenever accommodation is too detailed, it tends to distract me from the main travel focus at hand.

Sort out your accommodation first before starting the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary

There are numerous decent yet affordable hotels in Paris. Airbnb has also racked up a lot of popularity here given the frequency of visitors coming to the city.

Travellers may also take up the option of putting up with a friend, couch surfing or checking into a temporary-stay hostel. So long as you get a decent place to lay your head and freshen up, you are good to go.

Good and cheap hostels are:



The weather is very important when thinking about the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary. I guess, you don’t want to be in Paris, when it’s cold and wet, right?

Generally the climate of Paris is Oceanic. This means that the weather throughout the years is mildly humid and warm. Summer temperatures average between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius (Up to 77°F) but may extend to beyond 30°C on rare occasions.

Summer nights are also warm. Extremes have been recorded here, such as the 2003 heat wave that saw heat levels hit 40°C (104°F) for several weeks. Taking the cold and wet winters of Central Europe into consideration, I recommend you to visit Paris from March till October.

Parisian street art looks even cooler on sunny days


The exquisiteness of French food cannot be overstated, which is why it has to be mentioned in the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary. Often, Paris is referred to as a Café city due to the many hotels that dot the city center. There are numerous French recipe offering as well as foods from other cultures- Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese, American name it.

The only thing that almost rivals the food culture in Paris is the fashion obsession. Above everything else, the food here will be a sure reason to make you enjoy the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary to the fullest.


This part is very important for the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary, since you probably don’t want to spend an exceedingly high amount of money.

Being one of the most exquisite cities in the world definitely comes at a cost. Over and above being huge and popular, Paris can also be an expensive city. The Euro is the city’s currency of exchange and you really will need to have it in a not-so-short supply.

Don’t be scared though, there are always ways to squeeze your budget to enjoy the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary, even on a limited budget. You could, for instance, go low on accommodation to spare some money to help you get access to more museums.

In 24 hours, you will need:

  • Accommodation: 18$+ for a hostel (50$+ for Airbnb)
  • Food: 10$+ per day, if selfmade (30€ – 50€+ for cafès & restaurants)
  • Transportation: 16$ for a carnet (10 tickets)
  • Sights: 15$+ per sight


I wanted to put a security part into the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary as well, since there have been several security scares that have often threatened to taint the image of Paris. The Charlie Hebdo shooting of 2015 and the November 2015 terrorist attack have been dark events for this great city.

In response, authorities have taken it upon themselves to enforce strict security measures. You will probably find yourself subjected to strict customs checks and frisking at different sightseeing points. The efforts have helped thwart potential attacks and the city is, by and large, a safe destination.

Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary – Highlights

Eiffel Tower

The first highlight of the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary is a trip to France’s tallest construction. Make time to visit this 324-meter tall monument that is the most visited in the world, with over six million people going up its length every year.

Ultimate one day in Paris itinerary – The Nr. 1 highlight

The tower is made of wrought iron and has been standing since its commissioning in 1889. It is named after Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who oversaw its construction. It has become a French icon over time despite criticism in its early days. The lighting on the tower is often adjusted to communicate different moods of the city at different times of the year. All the lights were, for instance, turned off during times of terror attacks across the world to symbolize France’s solidarity with the affected nations. The Paris St. Germaine football club had it lit in their colors to welcome world record signing Neymar in the summer of 2017.

You definitely have to go here and take lots of photos to save the memories!

Make the Eiffel Tower the first point of the Ultimate one day in Paris itinerary

Louvre Museum

France’s largest and most popular museum houses some of the most sought-after works of art, which is why it has to be on the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary. It is home to the Mona Lisa and the Venus De Millo statue. It is a spacious building with friendly guides and lots of curious art lovers. A visit to the museum is kind of therapeutic. Little wonder, then, that over eight million visitors made a trip to the Louvre in 2017.

Ultimate one day in Paris itinerary – Stop by at the Louvre

One of Europe’s most known buildings

Musée national du Moyen Âge (Cluny Museum) & the Musee d’Orsay

Besides the Louvre, the Cluny Museum and the d’Orsay are other great places to enjoy the works of art that call Paris home. These two had over five million visitors going through their doors in the year past.

Numerous museums dot the city of Paris, each with a great offering depending on what stokes your interest. Any one of these three should, however, form part of the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary.

Musee d’Orsay from the other river side

Musée national du Moyen Âge – A big point on the Ultimate one day in Paris itinerary

The Seine

The river that has stood by Paris in all its years of existence definitely has a story to tell and it definitely needs to be on the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary. On a boat cruise along the Seine, you will get to interact with the earliest forms of Parisian activity. You will also be able to enjoy picturesque views of the city from any of its bridges.

Every tourist needs to see the Seine

Notre Dame Cathedral

This highlight is one of the main points from the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary, because of its extraordinary beauty.

Ultimate one day in Paris itinerary – Notre Dame Cathedral is a Must See

The French are not overly religious, and the cathedral is famous more as an architectural rather than religious icon. The medieval structure is often referred to simply as the Notre Dame, a house of God and abode of men.

Paris has such beautiful architecture

It was heavily destroyed during the revolution before being restored using French Gothic architecture.



The last one of all the main sights from the Ultimate one day in Paris Itinerary is the French national stadium. It’s a monumental sporting ground inside the French capital. It has held some of the most iconic events, such as the football world cup and Euro finals. The national teams’ performances here have combined with its magnificent construction to make it a monumental structure.

The Nr. 1 place to go to from the Ultimate one day in Paris itinerary for football fans

Take time to go on a stadium tour or, if you happen to be around during one of the sporting events, give it a go!

It is widely said that it is impossible to get a fill of the French capital in one day. That statement is largely true, given the city’s rich and generous offerings. However, if you just have 24 hours in Paris, there is no reason why you should not have a great time. A well-planned itinerary will help you experience the most notable parts of Paris in just one day.



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