reasons why you should travel Egypt
reasons why you should travel Egypt
reasons why you should travel Egypt
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Top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt

By on 23. February 2018

There are many reasons why you should travel Egypt. A trip to this country can seem in theory like stepping back into ancient history. This makes perfect sence given that most of us hear the word “Egypt” and picture a pharaoh, or the pyramids, or rows of hieroglyphics depicting ancient gods and traditions. Certainly an actual visit to Egypt will leave you doused in fascinating history, if you should so desire. But Egypt isn’t just what we see in the movies and read about in textbooks. It may differ from your expectations in numerous ways, which is why you must definitely check out the following top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt.



Top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt – History, Landscape & People

1. Cairo’s non-ancient history

The first one of the top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt is Cairo. If you visit Cairo, you naturally expect to see relics of ancient Egypt. Indeed, the pyramids of Giza are effectively right across the river, and the Sphinx is right there as well. These enduring symbols of one of the great ancient societies of the world are close enough that they can be seen from some hotel rooms in the city. And let’s be clear: You should visit them! They’re as incredible as any man-made structures you can find in the world.

Having said that, Cairo is also home to history from other eras, which can be a pleasant surprise for sightseers. Most notably, Coptic Cairo – a small area in the southern part of the city – is very old, and awfully impressive. This neighborhood is several centuries older than the ornate mosques that make up the area known as Islamic Cairo, and date back to the days when Christianity was first brought to Egypt. Religion aside, it’s an extraordinary piece of history – and only one example of the kinds of things that can be seen around town.

Checking out Cairo is one of the top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt

2. Check out the Nile

The 2nd one from the top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt is something travelers can not miss out on. Most people are aware that the Nile is one of the largest rivers in the world. Oddly enough however it’s frequently been depicted as little more than a stream passing by the royal dwellings of ancient Egypt.

In The Prince Of Egypt, an animated film that shaped a whole generations perceptions of the country, the baby Moses is put in his bed of reeds in a small, intimate stream. In “A While On The Nile,” a game currently making the rounds on the internet, the Nile is a cartoonish body of water lined with palm trees and coming right up against the tiles of an Egyptian pavilion. The overall impression from these kinds of animations is that of a quaint river surrounded by Egyptian symbolism.

Reality can almost be surprising, but it’s far more impressive. The Nile is (of course) a huge river, but it’s one that’ surprisingly beautiful as well – particularly south of Cairo. If you really want to see it at its best, go to Aswan. This is a town right on a bend in the river where the water is suprisingly pretty. You might even have the chance to take a ride on a sailboat.

Exploring Aswan and the Nile is definitely one of the reasons why you should travel Egypt

3. Ruins In the Ocean

Leaving out this point of the top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt is just not possible, even if it can’t quite be visited yet.

History has mentions of a thriving Mediterranean port city called Thonis-Heracleion, built by the Egyptians and used later by the Greeks. Until fairly recently however, it was lost to the extent that it could almost be chalked up to myth. That was before a French scuba diver uncovered the sensational ruins of an entire city some six kilometers off the coast of Alexandria. He found towering statues, the remains of a massive temple, treasure chests, slabs of hieroglyphics, and everything else you’re used to hearing about on land in Egypt.


Right now it’s still not a commercial diving site, but this is something to keep an eye on if and when you plan your trip. The idea of seeing ancient Egyptian ruins in the sea, rather than just on land, adds a different dimension to traveling Egypt, and it should be an incredible experience for scuba diving lovers as well.

4. Wonderful accommodation

The last one of the top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt is a consequence of the fact that most of us think of Egypt as a preserved ancient society. We sometimes have trouble thinking of Egypt’s cities in modern terms. By extension, that means that it can be difficult to imagine comfortable or appealing accommodations such as we might enjoy in other modern cities.

Fortunately, there are actually plenty of comfortable and appealing places to stay in the country. In Cairo in particularly there are well over a dozen luxury hotels that can allow you to relax in cozy, beautiful surroundings during your stay while exploring the city and the surrounding countryside.

Definitely a big aspect for traveling to Egypt, especially, if you rather fancy a more comfortable stay.

Top 4 reasons why you should travel Egypt – Great accommodation can be found everywhere in Egypt



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