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Undenäs – Insider camping spot in southern Sweden

By on 8. Januar 2018

Not many travellers have Undenäs in Sweden on the map when it comes down to “places to visit in Europe”. But they should. In general Sweden is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Especially camping trips are on top of the list for a lot of travellers. The further north, the better your trip will be they say…



But that is not always the truth. There is this small province in southern Sweden called Undenäs with less than 300 citizens. It is definitely an insider tip. A small town surrounded by wonderful natural lakes and raw conifer forests. Every now and then you get lucky and see a wolf or a moose.

A landscape to fall in love with. That’s for sure…

Undenäs is perfect for a short wild camping trip and to get away from the hectic city life. Just you and suprisingly peaceful nature. What else could be better than that?

Sunrise near Undenäs – So peaceful

Undenäs – Most common questions

Where to stay in Undenäs?

You’ll find many different types of accommodation in Undenäs. You can either book a room in a hotel/ hostel or stay at a campground at the southern tip of the main lake called Unden, which is named after the area. Camping is the best option in my opinion. Preferably right next to the lake, just like me and a couple friends sometimes do on summer holidays.

Stay in the forest, close to the beautiful lakes




When to go to Undenäs?

Undenäs is absolutely beautiful. Does not matter, if you visit it in summer or winter time. A camping trip is still more recommendable in summer time for obvious reasons. During winter you would hardly survive at night. Even in summer it gets pretty cold during night time. Make sure to pack warm clothes even, if that sound quite weird to say for a summer camping trip.

Summer time is the best time to go to Undenäs

What a wonderful landscape near Undenäs

What to do in Undenäs?

There is a lot of different stuff to do in Undenäs. Tourists mainly come to go fishing and I highly recommend that too. The nearby lakes are crystal clear and the surrounding flora and fauna looks absolutely stunning. Besides that, it is really peaceful and you almost won’t meet any other people. These natural fresh water lakes are also perfect for a quick refreshing swim during daytime. Temperature rises up to 30+°C.

Go fishing in Undenäs

Undenäs has some great sorts of fish

Just enjoy the enviroment in Undenäs

As a consequence thereof you will have fresh caught fish on the table for dinner every day. I promise, you never had fresher fish than that in your life!

Cooked potatoes with butter and salt on the side and the most delicious meal is ready to be eaten.

Furthermore the area is known for watersports. Canoeing, kajaking and Jet Ski driving are just a couple things to name.

Explore the area

Another main activity is to check out the surrounding area. I highly recommend to go on an exploration through the wild conifer forests. They just look so pretty and they are completely untouched. Make sure to remember the way when you make your way through the bushes. Otherwise you will have a tough time to find the way back. Other than that, just enjoy the hike. It’s beautiful. Especially the air is very nice, because it’s so fresh. Breathing gets taken to a whole different level.

Surrounding area near Undenäs

Untouched lakes in lonely conifer forests

What style to expect?

The southern swedish style is pretty much the same to the rest of the country. You will find a lot of wooden houses painted in all kind of colours, big properties, typical swedish flags hanging out of the windows and red/white checkered table cloth. A very nordic style you can easily fall in love with.

Typical swedish wooden houses in red with national flags

What to eat in Undenäs?

Food in Undenäs is no different than food in other swedish areas. It is actually very similar to most European countries. A place you should definitely check out is a small cafè near the local church. An old lady will serve you in great manner. The menu is very good and you will find some typical swedish deserts. Very delicious!

Small cafè in Undenäs runned by a lovely old lady




Why Undenäs?

Because it is a nice insider tip and it proves that there are still some places on earth, which are not completely overloaded by tourists. Places where you can go on a camping trip to with noone surrounding you but singing birds. Just you watching the flickering of the all night long ongoing campfire. Isn’t that reason enough?

Go to Undenäs for some quiet time



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