1 week Yasawa Islands Itinerary travel blog
1 week Yasawa Islands Itinerary travel blog
1 week Yasawa Islands Itinerary travel blog
1 week Yasawa Islands Itinerary travel blog
1 week Yasawa Islands Itinerary travel blog
1 week Yasawa Islands Itinerary travel blog
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Ultimate 1 Week Yasawa Islands Itinerary

By on 27. November 2017

The ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary is the perfect endorsement for a trip to one of the most beautiful countries on earth. The Yasawa Islands are an absolute paradise, which can’t be compared to anything else. Nothing but unique vibes and true beauty. This area is full of highlights to witness: Pristine islands, great scuba diving spots, the most relaxed people, a surreal ocean colour and the prettiest beaches you have probably ever seen.



As you might know, Fiji has many, many islands to visit. This 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary solely focuses on the northwest of the country. You could not cover everything from Fiji within only one week anyway, so it’s better to only concentrate on one part of it. Otherwise you would spend way to much time on transportation. And that’s not what you want.

Additionally this ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary suppose to give you a guideline where you get a combination out of good quality travel for a reasonable price. It’s neither a low backpacker budget nor a high end luxerious itinerary. It’s right in between. Trust me, you neither want to live on low standards in paradise, because it would be a waste, nor pay to much, because the scenery already speaks for itself.

Don’t take any of these two options. A good mix is just the best choice. Promised!

Ultimate 1 Week Yasawa Islands Itinerary – 3 Sections

Now let’s get to the specifics of the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary. This is the exact same 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary, that I did as well and I would always recommend it to anyone.

What you’ll see when you follow the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

The Yasawa Islands are just crazy beautiful

I still want to give you some tips on which other islands/ places to visit as well, because they are great too and very easy to reach. You only need to cover small distances, if you start day/ half day trips from certain islands. The 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary is basically devided into 3 different sections:

  1. Day 1 & 2
  2. Day 3 & 4
  3. Day 5, 6 & 7

What you also need to know is, that you can either book a fix tour, which is what I show you in this 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary, or you use a Bula Pass, which is more expensive, but will give you the freedoom to choose when/ whereever you want to go to.

You see so many beautiful sceneries during the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

Day 1

The first day starts with the transportation from your hotel/ hostel in Viti Levu to Denerau Marina. From there you will set off to the first wonderful island of your Yasawa tour. It’s the beginning of the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary.

Start of the Yasawa Islands tour

There is no way not to like the Yasawa Islands

The first stop is the Coral View Resort on Tavewa Island, which is located in the mid-part of the Yasawa Islands. This magnificant small place is home to a small local community, which runs three different resorts directly next to some white sand beaches looking like you’ve reached heaven.

It will take a couple hours to get there, but the cruise is already absolutely wonderful. You’ll see so many divine islands with golden sand beaches and light blue lagoons with nearby resorts like Beachcomber Island Resort, Barefoot Island Resort, Paradise Cove Resort or Mantaray Island Resort.

Resorts right in paradise

So many paradisaic islands to see, if you follow the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

What an insane water colour

Mantaray Island Resort and Paradise Cove Resort would be a good example for places where you could upgrade and deviate from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary, because they are absolutely incredible as well (3 coconuts).

How three coconut resorts look like from a distance

Entering Tavewa Island

As soon as you enter Tavewa Island, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and a Meke (traditional dance and singing). After that, the staff brings you to your private hut. They are very charming in the way they are built and decorated. You actually also have your own garden, if you book a Twin Room. It’s almost like having your own small property in paradise đŸ™‚




Because of the fact, that you’ll arrive after lunch time, you won’t be able to use the day to its full extent. So I recommend to just hang out by the beach next to the dining area until it’s dark. Lay down on a louncher or get yourself a hammock and just let go of all your worries. It’s absolutely fantastic!

Some hammock at the first stop from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

If you want some bananas, just grab some fresh ones

Lost Beach

But before it gets dark, you still have enough time to check out the beaches on the back of the island, which lies right opposite of the famous Blue Lagoon. This beach is one of the most untouched beaches you’ll ever see. Along the way towards the end of it you will meet some locals in their own tiny villages. They might invite you to play games by the beach with them. Very cool!

Picture perfect

Meeting the locals

I absolutely loved it there. Especially going for a swim in the warm-temperate crystal clear turquoise ocean was nothing but amazing. You feel like you’re lost in paradise!

The Yasawa Islands are heaven on earth

Ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary – Take a close look at the details

You’ll have the best beaches all for yourself during the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

I was unbelievably happy

In the evening you get served a delicious menu. Additionally the staff members perform a tremendous private dance show, which you’ll absolutely love.

Private bungalows

It couldn’t get any better – Private bungalows right next to the best beaches ever

Day 2

Day 2 is where the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary really starts for you. After breakfast I highly recommend to go on the snorkeling trip to the nearby Blue Lagoon. This scenery is the perfect setting for a movie. I totally understand why they used it for the eponymous film Blue Lagoon, which has been produced in 1980.

On the way to the Blue Lagoon

Besides enjoying the incredibly colourful underwater world full of all kind of fish, you can chill out at one of the world’s best beaches. I couldn’t tell, if I have ever seen anything better than that…

Countless huge palms, the finest sand and just a stunning water colour. This is the typical Fiji style and a MUST DO from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary. While the snorkeling action goes on, the boat driver throws some bread crombs into the water to attracts even more fish. You’ll be surrounded by thousends of them until you can barely see your hand in front of you.

The Blue Lagoon might be even better than all the paradisaic spots I have seen in Australia or Southeast Asia like Whitehaven Beach or Maya Bay.

Beach view at the Blue Lagoon

Snorkeling in crystal clear water at the Blue Lagoon

Hill View & Shark Dive

On the 2nd day of the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary you also have the opportunity to go on a proper shark dive. You’ll see small reef sharks as well as quite big lemon and bull sharks. I would not recommend it, if you are an unexperienced scuba diver, but if you are, it’s amazing. Sometimes you see about 10-15 sharks. You don’t need to be scared, because they are more afraid of you, than you are of them. Trust me!

Furthermore you should also try out another highlight of Tavewa Island, which is walking up the hill in the centre of the island. It’s a slightly exhausting, but the incredible view is worth the effort!

A view you probably won’t forget that fast. You can see the whole island and the nearby ones as well. It’s like looking at heaven on earth from above đŸ˜‰

Short tip: Use some normal shoes for the walk and bring some water just in case

Yasawa Islands – My favourite place on earth

Day 3

The third day of the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary starts with the transfer from Coral View Resort to Korovou Eco-Tour Resort, which is the next wonderful secret escape on the list. It lies on an island called Navati and is at least equally as beautiful as the first stop. Your hut is located exactly right next the beach, you have your front yard again and it’s aligned towards the sunset. An absolute dream!




The resort has a strong family atmosphere and you can feel that right from the beginning. Of course you get welcomed with a Meke. After that, the staff members treat you like a king/ queen until the end of your stay. It’s hard to believe how friendly they are. The cuisine on the island is even better than the first one’s.

Additionally the resort’s property has its own private pool area and a church to join on Sundays. If you like, this is the time to try out a cooking class or learn how to perform a traditional local dance. If you rather want to take it slow, just hang out at the private beach until the sunset. It’s absolutely spectecular!

Korovou is the second spot from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

Private pool area

Private bungalow with a garden in front

Ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary – Enjoy the most magical sunsets

Especially, because the resort is located in a small bay, which seems to have low tide most of the time. Here and there you can spot some corals reaching out of the ocean, which fits perfectly to the unique tropical scenery.

Such a lovely bay

Day 4

The fourth day from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary is full of action and starts pretty early. Make sure to go on the Mantaray snorkeling adventure. It’s one of the best things the Yasawa Islands have to offer and it’s easily one of the coolest things I have ever done!

You’ll get going at around 7am. The boat takes you right opposite to Drawaqa Island (Barefoot Lodge), in a narrow channel, where a lot of Matarays appear on a daily basis. Apparently they come here, because the channel’s strong stream increases the volume of plankton, which means more food for them đŸ™‚

And the locals are right. Their knowledge and instincts are the reason, why you only have to wait for a couple minutes, until you get told to jump in the well temperatured water, because “THEY ARE COMING!” đŸ˜€

It’s an exciting experience to see these wonderful creatures “flying” through the ocean. It seems completely effortless, while our sort has to swim with at a very high pace to keep up with them. A good training in the morning. On some days you only see one or two. On other days you see more than ten. Amazing, right? đŸ™‚

World’s best coral reefs

After the action is done, you will also be brought to a matchless coral reef nearby. What you see there is absolutely wonderful. Even in places like Koh Tao or the Great Barrier Reef I havn’t seen such an amazing underwater world. So many corals, fish, sea stars, and much more in all sorts of colours and forms. Really pretty!

The underwater world you’ll see after the mantaray action

The mantaray snorkeling is definitely another MUST DO on the 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary and the cool thing is, that after you come back from the thrilling tour, you still have the whole day to spend. Just hang out by the paradisaic beach or do a short hike up the hills to get an overview of the island. It’s very pretty up there.

Short tip: Don’t forget an underwater camera for the mantaray adventure đŸ˜‰

You still have more than half a day in paradise to spend after the mantaray adventure

Day 5

The fifth day of the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary starts with the transportation to the last island, which is called Nacula Island. The resort that you will be brought to is Safe Landing Resort. It’s located 5 minutes east of the Coral View Resort. It’s a bit inconvenient, that you can’t do the ones close together at first and then head down to Korovou, but that’s just how the trips are set up. you can’t do anything about it, unless you use the Bula Pass.




However arriving there will make you feel like someone wants to joke you…

Every island you go to just seems more and more beautiful. The Safe Landing Resort is built right next to a tiny bay called Nacavacola, which has one of the most turquoise ocean waters I have ever seen. If you walk up on the edge of the mini hill next to the beach huts, then you literally won’t believe your eyes. It’s magical!

What a magical view

Another highlight from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

View from the dining area

You will have rarely seen a bay as georgous as this before. Promised! Everything you see is a wall of palms aligned all the way until the end of a fine white sand beach. A picture perfect cove and another good example for the Fiji style.

Once you have settled, you still have half a day ahead of you. You can check out the close-by Sawa-I-Lau Caves or visit the village of Naisisili to have a chat with the locals.

In the evening you will get served another delicious meal while watching the dreamy sunset.

One fantastic view after another

Where to hang out when the sun sets

Day 6

The 6th day of the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary is a good one to relax and keeping it slow. Why? Because the locals do as well. The Safe Landing Resort is known for its Fijian way of life. All staff members as well as all the other locals are very chilled out. When they tell you lunch is at 2pm, then it’s at 2:30pm earliest. That’s just how it is. If you are used to western timing standards, then I recommend you to get rid of that very quickly.

Everything takes longer in Fiji, so just relax

Other activities to do at the third spot from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

During the day you can take part at some activities like basket weaving, a local village visiting, coconut cracking or a fishing tour. Any of these options is a good one. I went for the coconut cracking and local village visit. Furthermore I watched the fishing action from the one of the hills. It seemed like it’s pretty easy to catch fish in these nourishing waters. So, if you are into that, just give it a go.

A lot of cool things to do at this dreamy place

Simple way of life

The coconut cracking was very interesting and educational, especially when you hear about all the different ways to crack the nut, why various sorts have different flavours and how they harvest the coconuts. The key for harvesting is patience. Fijians just wait until they fall off and pick them of the ground đŸ™‚ To simple… It’s very different to other countries, where the locals climb up the palm just to get you a coconut. Fijians don’t do that, which fits perfectly to the eased “Fiji Life”.

Fiji Time during the third spot of the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary

While you stay at the Safe Landing Resort it’s the best time to make new friends during the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary. Everyone is just so friendly and outgoing. Just have a Kava by the bar and enjoy some great conversations with locals and travelers from all over the world đŸ™‚

Day 7

Day 7 from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary means heading back to the marina. You still have a couple hours to work on your tan in the morning. The ferry leaves at about 11am. Make sure to really enjoy the last breaths of your Yasawa Islands fairy tale before you go back to the main island (Viti Levu) again. From there you have to make your way to the airport on your own. I definitely recommend to take the bus, because it’s quite a cool adventure at the end of the trip. You’ll see why… đŸ˜‰

Ultimate 1 Week Yasawa Islands Itinerary – Additional Information & Tips

Before attempting the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary you should probably know some basic stuff:

  • Calculate with 800$ – 950$ for a one week prebooked trip including low budget activities (Bula Pass 1.000$+ excl. all activities)
  • BYO is a good way to save money, if you want to – Most products are about 40-50% cheaper on the mainland
  • Use buses for transport – They are efficient and inexpensive
  • Pack sunscreen – The radiation in Fiji just has another level (here is what I usually pack)
  • Try Kava – It’s a drink that causes a sensation on the lips and mouth + it relaxes you – Fijians drink it everyday
  • Get to know the locals as much as possible – They can teach you some valuable and very solid stuff

Ultimate 1 Week Yasawa Islands Itinerary – What I have learned

Guys, you know I am big on learning from travel and I can tell you that the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary told me something very important again. Basically it’s two major things:

1st lesson

The first lesson that I have learned from the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary is something that you could not believe, if you havn’t seen places like the Yasawa Islands yourself. It’s that:

Paradise really exists

I know everyone defines paradise in a different way, but most people have this dream of finest sand beaches, heaps of palms, perfect water and chilled out tropical vibes. This is quite similar to how I see it in a way, which is why I can say that paradise really does exist. The Yasawa Islands and Fiji as a whole are the perfect example that. It’s a part of our planet, which is already developed quite well, but luckily still not very touristic. You don’t find this very often these days…

You don’t see places as untouched as this often nowerdays

And in my opinion, places like this definitely need to remain like they are, so that future generations also have the opportunity to see what most people call true paradise.




2nd lesson

The second lesson that I learned through the ultimate 1 week Yasawa Islands itinerary is that:

Dreams come true

Guys, they really do! I dreamed about going to the Fiji since I was a little boy. For me, Fiji always was the most beautiful place on earth. I kept this dream with me and thought about it every now and then. It’s no surprise that eventually it became reality. It all always comes down to your imagination, believes, attitude and actions you take to realize your dreams. And if you stick to your dreams and work towards them for a long time, then they will always become reality, no matter what. Just keep moving and you’ll be able to find your own paradise on earth, however that might look like for you…



Want to know more about another paradise? Read here



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