Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour travel blog
Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour travel blog
Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour travel blog
Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour travel blog
Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour travel blog
Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour travel blog
By on 23. October 2017

A Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour is a MUST DO in this country. Vietnam is easily one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia and a big factor for that is the fascinating coastline. Along the way you’ll see various pretty beaches, great places for kitesurfing and pretty cities as well as fascinating villages. The east coast of Vietnam is very scenic and completely incomparable, which is why a Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour needs to be a bis point on your list of things to do in Southeast Asia.



Along the way, during my motorcycle journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, I have seen heaps of cool places. I drove inland a couple times, made my way through the mountains, seen some big underground caves, found lost temples in the middle of nowhere and much, much more. But to be honest, the east coast of Vietnam has been one of the best parts about the tour. It is hard to explain, what makes it so great. You just gotta see it yourself…

Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour – Route

Every spot on the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour is awesome in my opinion. You will come along vibrant cities, interesting villages and many other unique places eventually. The route I will show you is mainly the same route every other traveller, who drives along the coastline of Vietnam, would probably take more or less. But my overall route, which I talk about in this post, is definitely something special, because I got it from a motorcycle salesmen from the UK, who worked in Saigon. He drove through Vietnam 6x, which is why he was able to show me best route you can possibly choose.

Even though the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour is not an insider tour, it’s still absolutely fantastic and it will leave you speachless a couple times. That’s for sure!

Views you get on the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour

Vietnam is so diverse – Jungle valleys

First part

If you drive up from the south to the north, your first stop will probably be in Vung Tau, which is a small city in the deep southeast. From there you will head up to Mui Ne, which is one of the prettiest small villages along the east coast of the whole country. The next stop, after a short stay in Dalat, is Na Trang. Na Trang is quite a big city, with some awesome spots outside of the centre. You’ll find a big buddha on a hill, which is a perfect spot to have a look over the coastline of Na Trang. An amazing view.

Vietnam has an amazing coastline

The drive from Na Trang to Quy Nhon is absolutely brilliant. It’s one of the best parts about the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour. Make sure to get up early every day, to see the sunrises while you sit on your motorcycle. They are sooo nice! The best thing about them is, that you won’t meet that many other vehicles along your way in the morning, because most of them drive on the A1 and not along the coastal roads.

Magical sunrises on the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour

Second Part

After a 5-7 day trip towards the centre of the country (Pleiku, Kontum, etc.), you will come back to the east coast and reach Quang Ngai eventually.

Big waterfall in the centre of the country – A cool alternation

From there, your next stop should be Hoi An. Don’t miss out on this place!


Hoi An is tiny little fishermen village with a unique charme, which you can’t compare. From Hoi An you should make Da Nang (a big metropole), Hue and Dong Hoi your next stops. Once you are in Dong Hoi, you should see the world famous Song Doong caves. From Dong Hoi, you can actually skip the rest towards Hanoi, because there is nothing really special anymore. I took a bus from Dong Hoi, which could also transport my motorcycle. They store the motorcycle in the back of the bus. Very convenient.

Old lost temples you see along the way

The last part of the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour is the drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay. This is one of the best 5 places to see in the whole country. A MUST SEE, that you can’t miss out on.

Short tip: Try to take a minimum of frequented coastline roads as you can. The lonely roads are just the best! Avoid the big roads…

Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour – Highlights & What to see

Definitely put these 5 things on your “to see” list or make sure to enjoy them while you are on the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour…

Scenic drive

The first and most incredible part is the drive itself in my opinion. It’s absolutely fantastic what you will witness along the way. You’ll see so many different forms of landscapes. I know you might think it’s just a coastline. How could the look and landscapes change that much, right?

Such a scenic drive

Vietnam’s coastline

That’s what I thought as well. But it does. The eastern coastline in the south is certainly very different to the one in the north. Additionally you will drive up bigger mountains sometimes, cross rivers, see parts, which are more rocky, come along spots, that look more tropical, and so on. The natural landscape changes all the time, which makes a really fun and grasping drive.

Wonderful landscapes that change all the time

Incredible views during the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour

Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Mui Ne has two different wonderful sand dunes. The Red Sand Dunes close to the city centre and the White Sand Dunes, which are about 25 km away. The ocean winds formed them over thousends of years and make both of them attractive tourist spots. Many people explore them with a Quad or try out sand boarding. You can easily reach them by yourself with your motorcycle.


Especially the sunsets are reason enough to visit Mui Ne 🙂

Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

Sunset in Mui Ne

Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach is an insider on your Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour. It’s very close to Na Trang and almost completely untouched. You literally won’t find any tourists there. The only ones, you gonna see, know this place from locals or other travellers, who know Vietnam very well.

Jungle Beach is awesome

Jungle Beach is a small beach, which will give you a feeling like you are stuck in the TV series “Lost”. Fine sand, palm trees everywhere and a very scenic surrounding landscape. Don’t miss out on that!

Don’t miss out on Jungle Beach during the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour

Hoi An

This tiny little fishermen village is a hot spot for tourists, but it still didn’t loose any of its charme yet. It has a lot to see and it’s a great place to get an inside of the Vietnamese culture and how things have been back in the days. Hoi An looks very old in a way and countless street food shops as well as different types of markets make it even more exciting to explore. It has been built in the 4th century and was an important trading point back in the days.

Definitely a nice place to have a look at 🙂

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is maybe the most known place on the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and it has formed over millions of years. Halong Bay is basically an area with thousands of big limestone rocks standing out of the ocean. Here and there you can find a couple caves to have a look at. You can only explore it by booking a boat tour, or, if you have your own boat. Photography wise whole area is the best postcard material you will ever find 😉

One of Southeast Asia’s most impressive sights

Halong Bay is definitely worth the trip and something you will remember for a long time.

Halong Bay is unbelievable

Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour – Tips

There are a couple things you should watch out for/ consider when you go on a Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour:

  • Always make sure your tank is full – You never know when the next gas station will come
  • Driving in Southeast Asia is different/ way more chaotic – Be prepared for a crazy drive
  • Don’t drive at night – It’s more dangerous, because you will get way more overlooked
  • Try to avoid dirty or slippery roads – You don’t want to have an accident (I had one). Trust me!
  • Get some rain tarps for you AND your bags – In case it starts to rain heavily.
  • Bring a map or make sure your phone is fully charged – You might get lost a little a couple times
  • Bring a little extra money – Your motorcycle will break down eventually & you need to pay the mechanic with cash + the person, who helps you to get there

There are many other points I could mention, but, if you follow these ones already, then you’ll be save and good to go.


Vietnam East Coast Motorcycle Tour – What I have learned

The Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour taught me a valuable lesson. This country showed me a lot of lessons to be honest, but the ones that I can take with me from the Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour are top ranked. I realized how important “taking a risk” or “making a step into the unknown” is for our personal growth. Many people fear the unknown and like to stay in their comfort zone. What if I get lost? What if I crash? Or what if my motorcycle breaks down?

A Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour can teach you a lot of valuable things

Transferring that to normal life, it could be a question like: What if the new job is not the right one for me? What if entrepreneurship doesn’t work out? What if moving to another city is not the right move?

All these questions and many more stop us from moving forward. They stop us from progressing and growing as a person. Most of the time they actually stop us from becoming truely happy. Because the things that would make us truely happy are going hand in hand with taking risks a lot of times.

If you don’t take risks, you won’t be successful

Why taking risks so valuable

And this applies to everything in life…

Where taking risks can bring you

I actually took quite a big risk when I went on my Vietnam east coast motorcycle tour. I could not speak Vietnamese, I did not really know the ways to go and I actually did all the mistakes, that are now my tips for you. Still, because I took these risks, I had a great time, that I will always remember and that made me grow a lot as a person.


And this is what travelling and life is eventually all about – To make awesome memories, learn as much as you can and become the best version of yourself can possibly be…



Want to know more about Jungle Beach? Read here


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