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Short Hamburg Travel Guide – Germany’s most livable city

By on 29. Oktober 2017

This comprehensive Hamburg Travel Guide will provide you with everything you need to know about one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. My hometown in currently ranked 10th place of the most livable cities on earth and therefore the best city in Germany when it comes to livability. Many tourists underrate the beauty of this charming metropole. But once they are there, they are all blown away by what they see…



Visiting any unfamiliar metropole on earth is always a cool adventure. But coming to Hamburg is even better, because it is a rising star and probably the most diverse city to visit in Germany. Hamburg has a lot of different highlights you have to have a look at on your first visit. There is so much to see. You might not even be able to check out all of it. But this short Hamburg Travel Guide will give you some options, so that you can decide where you want to go and what you want to see.

Hamburg is a city full of highlights. That’s for sure. Many foreigners do not even know Hamburg, which is quite surprising. Everyone always wants to go Berlin or Munich, because of the „Okoberfest“ or the Berlin Wall. But Hamburg is a fastly growing and very interesting city with an extraordinary character.

Short Hamburg Travel Guide – Germany’s most livable city

On arival

Hamburg has various options when it comes to the question of „Where to stay“. You can either stay at a nice hotel in the city centre, check in at a backpacker hostel or contact locals via Airbnb. You will even find a lot of people, who use Couchsurfing and offer tourists a place to stay.

The „Hammerburg“ city (that’s how the city was called when it was founded hundreds of years ago) is actually very affordable. Prices are quite comparable to other big metropoles in Europe like London, Copenhagen, Madrid, Rome, Prague and so on. You won’t spend to much money on food, drinks and accommodation, which is good, because you can spend it on other fascinating attractions and tours.

Hamburg is a charismatic city

History, port & surroundings

Hamburg is known for a couple things. At root it is a fisherman city with a maritime and nordic touch to it. It’s very green, modern and it has a very high standard.

Hamburg Travel Guide – Visit the port

Beautiful views by the port

Visiting the port is a big point on the short Hamburg Travel Guide

Hamburg is a city where it’s quite cold often times. Besides that, it rains a lot. Weather conditions are very different to the south of Germany. Maybe this is why people from Hamburg are pretty unique compared to the rest of Germany. The „Hamburger“ (this is how you call people from Hamburg) have a more serious and „colder“ mentality. But that does not mean, that they can’t be friendly 😉


Hamburg has the biggest harbour Europe. That’s why this has to be the first place on your list of things to see. The port is pretty impressive. Especially the „Landungsbrücken“ are the place to be in this case. The Landungsbrücken is the place where you will get the best impression of what Hamburg has to offer. Hamburg has a very special charme and the Landungsbrücken are the best place to get a glimpse of what this charme is all about.

Landungsbrücken is one place to visit from the short Hamburg Travel Guide

You will find various old museum ships like the „Rickmer Rickmers“ at the harbour. Additionally you should check out one of many famous musicals like the „Lion King“, which is located on the opposite side of the Elbe. You can reach it by using a ferry.

Rickmer Rickmers museum ship

Lion King musical

Hamburg’s landmark

But the biggest and most impressive landmark of Hamburg is called Elbphilharmonie. It needs to be in the short Hamburg Travel Guide as one of the big highlights. This might actually be the most known building in Germany right now.

Hamburg’s new landmark

What a cityscape

It is basically a massive opera house. It’s mostly made out of fine glas. Many famous musicians perform here. You have to see it!

Right next to the Elphilharmonie is the „Speicherstadt“.  The Speicherstadt are very old brickstone warehouses, where the goverment of Hamburg stored all kind of goods back in the days. Today it is full of modern offices and museums.

Hamburg Travel Guide – Make the “Speicherstadt” a big point on your schedule

City centre and insider tips

During your short visit to Hamburg you should definitely visit the city centre. You will find many pretty shopping centers and arcades as well as the town hall. The town hall is a spectecular building and a MUST SEE in Hamburg. Also make sure to check out the inner and outer Alster, which is a big and very beautiful river. If you like, you can go on an Alster boat trip or just enjoy the fantastic scenery that surrounds you.

Inner Alster of Hamburg city

Town Hall of Hamburg

Another big attraction from the Hamburg Travel Guide is St. Pauli. The „Kiez“ is one of the most famous areas in Germany. It belongs to Hamburg like the Croissant belongs to France. That’s why it needs to be in the short Hamburg Travel Guide. St. Pauli is the place where the „Beattles“ started their magnificant career.

Technically it‘s a party mile with a very unique style. It is hard to explain why this place is so popular. It can be compared to the red light district of Amsterdam. Maybe that’s the reason why so many people want to visit this place.

A good insider tip would be an area called „Altona“ as well as a district called „Hamburger Schanze“. Both of them are more unknown suburbs, but the „Hamburger“ really like them. They have a modern hipster style. You’ll find a lot old brick houses, which give these areas a certain charme, that attracts many students. The „Schanze“ and „Altona“ are full of cool restaurants and bars. Two good places, if you want to have an easygoing night out on your short visit in Hamburg.

Massive cruise ships leaving the biggest port of Europe

What to eat on a first visit

Hamburg is lying close to the ocean. This is why you have to eat a typical „Fischbrötchen“ (bread with fresh fish). You mainly find it near the port. Also try out a „Döner“. It‘s basically a German kebab. Germans claim to have the best one in the whole world!

Old steamers on the Elbe

And don’t forget the typical „Hamburger Franzbrötchen“, which is a sweet cinnamon bread. It is delicious and you are only able to get it in Hamburg.

Giving you some budget tips for Hamburg would not make any sense, because the prices are quite standardised doesn’t matter where you go.


Of course, there is much more to explore in Hamburg, but this short Hamburg Travel Guide should already give you quite enough to cover and it’s also a good start to get a good glimpse from the pearl of the north.



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