How to spend 24 hours in Prague travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Prague travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Prague travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Prague travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Prague travel blog
How to spend 24 hours in Prague travel blog
By on 10. October 2017

How to spend 24 hours in Prague or any other big metropole is quite an interesting question, if you only have a short amount of time. What should you do? Which attractions should you see? What to make a priority? What to leave out of the schedule? A fascinating city like Prague is usually something to have a look at for a couple days to get a proper insight. But the following, very detailed itinerary will be cut down to the core, so that you see everything you would normally only see over 2-3 days, so that you get the best impression of the city that you can possibly get within 24 hours.



When I was in Prague I exactly had the same amount of time. Actually I even had a bit less, because I arrived at around 12am. The question of how to spend 24 hours in Prague was a big one for me, because I knew, I wouldn’t have a lot of time and I really wanted to get the best out of it. This is why I made a time schedule. I did this for other destinations like Madrid or Copenhagen as well. I know this is typical German behaviour, but sometimes it’s actually good to have one đŸ˜‰

The idea is to get the best impression you can possibly get within such a short time frame. See the most important sights, leave out the unimportant ones!

I recommend you to do some research before you go to Prague. In fact, always do that, doesn’t matter where you go. It’s always better, because you will be able to understand what you see and you will have some useful general backround information. Otherwise I guarantee, you will stand in front of an impressive building without any idea of what it actually stands for or why it is important for this particular city/area.

I made this mistake a couple times and every single time I got a little angry about myself, because I realized that it is just pointless to go somewhere without any knowledge. Then you can also stay at home just as well.

But now, let’s see how to spend 24 hours in Prague the best possible way…

Wonderful view onto the bridges in Prague

How to spend 24 hours in Prague – Morning

9am – 10am

Start your day early, but not to early. I think 9am is a good time to start your journey in Prague. This assumes, that you have done all your grooming already before that. 9am is not the time to wake up, it’s the time to get a proper breakfast, because you gonna walk a lot on your exploration through the city. It doesn’t really matter where you get your breakfast from. If it’s possible, I would recommend you to get it in a nice cafe, but it is not a MUST DO. 3 good ones would be:

All of these 3 are very good. Try to eat something typical Czech to get a good first impression of Prague. A nice and relaxed breakfast is the first milestone on how to spend 24 hours in Prague and you don’t want to ruin that with the wrong breakfast choice đŸ˜‰


After breakfast get straight to the inner part of the city unless you had breakfast there already. Your best option is the tram or the metro. Taking the bus is not a good choice, because Prague is really busy. It will take to long and it will probably be very crowded.

How to spend 24 hours in Prague – Get some nice breakfast at a small bakery

10am – 12am

This is the time frame from the how to spend 24 hours in Prague schedule where it really starts to get interesting. Begin with the Old Town Square. It is probably one of the best places to visit in the whole city anyway. Why? Because it’s really pretty and it gives you a good sense for Prague’s architecture and style. Don’t miss out on the Church of our lady before Tyn and the Old Town Hall. Both of these pretty buildings are big attractions for tourists. They literally symbolise the citie’s charme. A cool detail right around the corner is Prague’s Astronomical Clock, which is very special. It is the oldest clock of its kind that still works fine.

Astronomical clock of Prague

A walk through the Jewish Quarter also belongs to the itinerary of how to spend 24 hours in Prague. The particular cityscape you find there is pretty unique and a stop by at the Old Jewish Cemetery as well as the Spanish Synagogue are definitely worth the walk. The Jewish Quarter is the smallest cadastral of Prague and a good reminder of the brutal recent past of the Jewish community.

Old Town in Prague

After this short excursion walk towards Charles Bridge (Karluv Most). This is one of the most visited tourist spots in the whole city. You’ll have a 360° view onto many different sights like all the other bridges, the Old Town or the Prague Castle. Additionally you’ll be surrounded by plenty artists, street vendors and musicians, who add positively to the ancient scenery. I hope you didn’t forget your camera at this point, because Charles Bridge is a prime location for stunning photos with post card quality!

View from Charles Bridge

How to spend 24 hours in Prague – Lunch

12am – 2:00pm

After soaking up all the wonderful vibes on Charles Bridge, walk towards the western side of the Vltava river. Once passing the bridge, Beattles fans should walk towards the left to get to the John Lennon Wall. Over the past 30 years this has been a homage to the lead singer where every tourist can freely add his/ her piece of art to. Quite cool!

Lennon Wall – Add your piece of art to it, if you like

The next stop is a little bit further up the hill. On your way up make sure to walk through some side alleys to get an even better impression of Prague’s baroque style. Get yourself some sweet snacks at a small local bakery. An all time favourite is Trdelnik, which is some kind of spit cake with a sugar topping, rapped around a stick and grilled over an open hearth. The modern version is filled with vanilla ice cream. Very delicious!

On top of the hill 3 highlights from the how to spend 24 hours in Prague schedule wait for you. The Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and the citie’s best view.

Prague’s best view

Prague is such a fantastic place

Prague Castle is maybe the most important historical monument of the whole country. It’s the offical residence of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Right next to it is the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is the countrie’s biggest church with an imcomparable touch of Gothic architecture. Right at edge of a bigger wall you have the best view in town. You can see the whole city centre from above. It’s very colourful and definitely a prospect you won’t forget that fast. Promised!

Going up to the Prague Castle needs to be on the how to spend 24 hours in Prague schedule

2pm – 4pm

You will need proper lunch to stay energized for the how to spend 24 hours in Prague itinerary. Find yourself a nice restaurant, preferably near the river to simultaneously enjoy a fantastic view onto the cityscape with old steamboats passing by and the traditional local cuisine.

Small shops are the best places to get some good food in hand

Stay close to the river – You gonna have a wonderful view for lunch

How to spend 24 hours in Prague – Have lunch in a nice restaurant by the riverside

In contrast to breakfast it’s very easy to find a traditional dish for lunch. Czechs have a solid and very heavy kitchen. Lunch time is the best time to see that. From beef steak tatar and Kulajda (mushroom potato soup with cream & herbs) to Svickova (steak with veggies, brown souce , cream and jelly) and vepÅ™o-knedlo-zelo (roasted pork with stewed cabbage & bread). Absolutely amazing cuisine!

Good restaurants to try out are :


4pm – 6pm

After lunch it’s time to explore all the other bridges. Make sure to enjoy a good walk along the riversides. You can visit a couple different parks like the Kampa or the Zofin Garden. The views you gonna get are something to truely fall in love with. If you want to have a look at Prague from above via drone (see my electronic gear here), these are two good places to take off. Just be aware of the local laws

Prague has so many awesome spots to see

Another place of the how to spend 24 hours in Prague itinerary is the Golden Lane, which is a street full of colourful old houses. Many of them turned into small shops, which sell all kind of typical Czech products.

Prague is full of pretty streets

How to spend 24 hours in Prague – Take your time to soak up the beauty

How to spend 24 hours in Prague – Afternoon

6pm – 7pm

Between 6pm – 7pm I would recommend you to go the top of Petrin Hill. It lies on the westside of the river. It will take you about 15 minutes to get up there, if you walk fast. It’s a nice little workout and you gonna have one of the best sunset views in town there. You can literally see the whole city. A perfect 360° view with nothing but colourful rooftops. Obviously the timing depends on the season. In summer you should go a little later than 7pm đŸ˜‰

How to spend 24 hours in Prague – Enjoy the sunset view at Petrin Hill

Once you are there, take your time and just enjoy, because this is one of the best parts from the how to spend 24 hours in Prague schedule.

7pm – 8:30pm

It’s dinner time. Dinner needs to get celebrated in Prague. It’s the Grand Final from all the delicious dishes that the restaurants can serve you over the whole day. As soon as the sun goes down, Prague gets very different. It has a unique but very wonderful charme with all its lighted streets and delightful avenues. During summer, many people sit outside to eat. The streets are packed, which perfectly adds to the lovely scenery.

All kind of colurs in Prague

To enjoy a good dinner, make sure to check out one of these restaurants:


8:30pm – Open End

To give the day an enjoyable ending, try to go for a night out, if you are not leaving to early on the next day. Prague is full of entertaining bars as well as all kind of dance clubs. Prague actually has the biggest club in Europe and a huge electro/ techno scene. Czech people really open up once you party with them. Turst me… đŸ˜‰

An incomparable city where you need to go on a night out

If you rather want to enjoy a cultural night, then the National Theatre might be a good choice. It doesn’t really matter how you end the how to spend 24 hours in Prague itinerary. Both ways will be absolutely enjoyable!



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