guide to backpacking around Vietnam travel blog
guide to backpacking around Vietnam travel blog
guide to backpacking around Vietnam travel blog
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A guide to backpacking around Vietnam

By on 4. October 2017

This guide to backpacking around Vietnam will show you, that it is undisputed that Vietnam is an indispensable station for most people, who are planning to explore Southeast Asia. If you want a destination, which is a great combination of rainforests, beaches, stunning nature as well as historical sites, Vietnam is really a can’t-be-missed travel hub. Additionally, Vietnam is very special by its well known cuisine. You will have your own experience the variations and astonishment it brings about across the country! That’s why all backpackers will have to say yes with the trip to Vietnam. They also want to be recommended the tips to a wide range of vibrant destinations in this charismatic nation.



Guide to backpacking around Vietnam – The South

The first main route for the whole excursion you should try is Ho Chi Minh City, which is formerly called Saigon. It’s one of the main places from the guide to backpacking around Vietnam. This bustle city is an extremely popular stop for those who are interested in a modern Vietnam. It can be a wonderful foodie adventure to discover Vietnamese cuisine known for the freshest and most flavorful dishes. Apart from enjoying the food and a modern lifestyle, Cu Chi tunnels and War Remnants museum are places that draw back history tourists should pay a visit once to get a deeper insight of how rich Vietnam history is.

On your journey, there are also many things you should be aware of as pickpockets are all available everywhere, particularly in the tourist areas. Please be noticed to not use your mobile phone on the street and make sure that your handbag has a strong strap to avoid those unexpected incidents.

Ho Chi Minh needs to be in the Guide to backpacking around Vietnam

Mui Ne & Dalat

Another traveling path we also want to recommend in the guide to backpacking around Vietnam is Mui Ne. It has a vast range of sand dull with beach along splendid resorts. Mui Ne can be considered as a wonderful place for kite surfers and other leisure activities. Different from what you’ll find in NhaTrang. Mui is truly worthy one of the vibrant beach areas in Vietnam you should spend time visiting.


One more point that backpackers should not miss out on their expedition is Da Lat. If you want to find a place of definite Vietnamese style than Western tourists should go to the scenic and picturesque Da Lat. It’s actually an area for you to pursuit and immerse into its cool weather and romantic scenery. Moreover, surfing around the great night markets, or enjoying an especially festive atmosphere is the thing you should try too, when coming to Da Lat.

Guide to backpacking around Vietnam – Mui Ne


Guide to backpacking around Vietnam – The North

Another destination from the guide to backpacking around Vietnam is Hanoi. This is the next station for all backpackers, who want to find an ancient city to discover. If you find yourself there, stop everything you’re doing and head to the coffee shop around the city to try egg coffee. This kind of coffee is like a Cadbury cream egg and a cup of coffee met in heaven and spawned a beautiful love child!

Besides that, Hanoi is known for its shopping in both high end shops and excellent markets all around town. It has such an appealing mix of the East and West as well as French. You may see the quaint tree-lined city streets and old buildings around the city. It’s also the jumping off point for Halong Bay and Sapa in the north for your next wonderful route! If you don’t have enough time, then Hanoi city tours are worthy trying as well.

Wonderful nature everwhere you go in Vietnam

Guide to backpacking around Vietnam – Costs

One thing from the guide to backpacking around Vietnam, that all backpacker may care about, is the budget for their trip. It is good news that backpacking Vietnam is one of the best choices, because the country is easily one of the most budget-friendly in the world even when you’re backpacking Asia. This means that you can spend as much time in the country as you want. You really don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.


For instance, for those who need a visa to enter the country, Vietnam visa on arrival can be a wise choice for its convenience, economic budget. In addition, you may have to pay only $45USD for 5 buses. Additionally there is no need to pay more than $10USD per night for accommodation. And if you want to try the street food, just only spend $5 or under and you’ll be good to go. It’s a really nice place, if you don’t want to spend to much for travelling!

Most beautiful places can be found in the Guide to backpacking around Vietnam

At the end of the day the guide to backpacking around Vietnam is your ultimate tool when you decide to explore one of the prettiest and most unique countries of Southeast Asia.



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*All photos in this post are from the internet and chosen by the guest author*



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