Ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary travel blog
Ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary travel blog
Ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary travel blog
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Ultimate one day in Copenhagen Itinerary

By on 17. Oktober 2017

The ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary is the perfect guide, if you only have a couple hours to spend in one of the most livable cities on earth. Copenhagen is easily one of the prettiest cities in Denmark and maybe in whole Europe. It has so many influences from past times and it attracts countless of travellers every year for many reasons.


Lately I have done a road trip to Copenhagen to spend two nights and a whole day there. To maximise my time, I set up an ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary. I did this a couple times already for other cities like Madrid or Prague. I think, it is the best idea to get the best out of a short stay. Every visitor wants to see as much as possible, but not to much, because you obviously don’t want to be in a hurry and have the feeling to rush from one spot to another.

I know a schedule like the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary sounds typical German, but sometimes it’s a smart idea to have a plan 😉

But before you go to any place in the world you have never been before, I always recommend to get some information upfront to be a little prepared for what’s about to come.

I guess, you don’t want to stay in front of an important building and don’t have a clue what it actually is/ stands for, right? 🙂

This is why I give you some general information quickly…

Copenhagen is a very modern city with an old style

Ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary – General information

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It’s the biggest city in the whole country with a population of about 2 million people. It lies on the eastcoast of an island called “Zealand” and it’s only a puddle jump away from Sweden. Copenhagen is a very important city for the whole Scandinavian region and economically it became one of the most important centres within Europe in the 21th century. Especially Copenhagen’s service sector grows, because of high Danish technology standards. Copenhagen is a magnet for tourists with its countless different sights (read below) and definitely a place to cross off on your bucket list 🙂




It has a population of about 2 million people and a size of 86 km². Copenhagen is a Scandinavian city and it really looks like one as well. A lot of old brick houses, statues and monuments everywhere you look.

It’s the gateway to Sweden and the Baltic Sea, just like my hometown Hamburg. People from Copenhagen are typical nordic people. They don’t talk to much, they are calm and they have an attitude, which is really down to earth. And this is exactly what Copenhagen reflects as well. It’s just a solid city with a high standard and a rich history.

Inform yourself before you start the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary


To understand what’s gonna be in front of you and to get the best out of the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary, you should also know a little bit about the history of this place. This city has been constructed in the 12th century. There are rumors that the construction started even earlier, but archeologists still argue about this fact. It has been dominated by the vikings for a long time. Every now and then the Germans took over.

Copenhagen has great views and a rich history

The city has gone through a lot of different wars and epochs, which shaped it architecturally and in terms of urban building. Various kings built all kind of monuments and castles. It has always been a strategically important point for Scandinavian kings, because of its proximity to the sea and it’s great location. Nowerdays it is mainly a pivotal trading point and as a tourist attraction. The ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary will bring you to sights, which explain the impressive history of this city a lot more detailed than this tight excursion 🙂

How to get there

You can get to Copenhagen in many ways. These are the main ones:

  • Plane
  • Car
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Ferry

Basically, Copenhagen is reachable with all the main transport vehicles you can imagine. The ones that make the most sense, budget and time wise, are the plane and the car, depending on where you come from obviously.

Taking a ferry would only make sense, if you have a little more time to spend. The train is not the best option either, because you probably need to stop and switch a couple times. Taking the bus is a cheap variant, but it also takes pretty long.

I prefer a van

Start the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary with a good breakfast

How to get around

I recommend to walk most of the time to master the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary in the best way possible. Sometimes it might also be a good idea to take a taxi for longer distances. But because the city is quite small, in comparison to other metropoles, you can cover everything by foot easily. Walking will also save you some money, which you can rather spend on special sights.

You can cover a lot by foot


The weather is how you imagine it to be in northern Europe. During summer it’s sunny and the temperature is nice (sunny/ 30°C+), during winter it’s quite cold (0°C – -15°C). In the other seasons the temperature is allright, but it rains a lot. Copenhagen generally belongs to the oceananic climate zone, which explains the changeable weather.




Make sure to pack properly, depending on in which season you visit. Otherwise even the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary will not make you happy, if you walk around in the rain without an umbrella all day long. Just check out the weather forecast before you come to Copenhagen 😉

Weather conditions in Copenhagen can be very inconsistent

Amazing views during the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary


You can find a lot of great food in this city. The ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary actually includes a typical Danish dish to try (read below). You will be surprised how good the Danish cuisine tastes. The Danish kitchen doesn’t include a lot of herbs and spices, but therefore it’s pretty heavy and filling. It’s quite similar to a lot of German or Swedish dishes 😉

Typical Danish Hot Dog

Heaps of bread and many European vegetables is what you can mainly find. Surprisingly there is also a big number of Danish people, who like to eat vegetarian food. A very healthy country.



You can find all sorts of accommodation. Like every other big city, Copenhagen covers all the important types of accommodation, which is completely normal for a city with a standard and size like this. It’s up to you what to choose. These are your options:
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Airbnb
  • Couchsurfing

Unfortunately Copenhagen doesn’t have many camping grounds, which makes it quite hard, if you come with a camper van. You’d need to stay a little bit more outside of the city centre. But, if you don’t come with a car, I recommend you to stay close to the city centre, because that’s where all the fun, action and highlights are.

I can recommend two hostels and two hotels:

They all have a good standard and they are a great starting point for the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary. Additionally the mentioned hotels have a low price in comparsion to most others, but still a good quality. The rankings are decent and I only heard good things about them from other travellers. Same with the hostels.



Budget wise you have to calculate with way more money than usual. Copenhagen and Denmark in general are very expensive. Many Danish people at the border actually come to Germany to do their shopping and then go back. That says a lot about the prices in Denmark 😉

A small sandwich costs 6$+, a small hot dog 5$ and a hot chocolate even costs 9$ at some cafès. Heaps of hostels usually start at about 30$+ and a day combination transport ticket costs about 20$ . These are just small examples, but they show that you need to bring a little more money to this country, even if you only stay there for a day.

Ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary – Highlights and what to do

It’s hard to cross out something from the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary, because this city has so many awesome sights. But as said, I tried to keep it as tight as possible for you.

Town Hall

The town hall is one of the first spots on the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary. It’s a great starting point for the day tour. Every big city in the world has a great townshall. They always look fantastic and very impressive. Each and every one of them has some kind of heroic as well as charismatic touch. The first town hall of Copenhagen has been built in the 14th century, but it has been burned down unfortunately. Since then they built many other important buildings and changed the town hall’s location constantly.

Town Hall of Copenhagen

The current town hall is very modern and right next to the big town hall square. A very vibrant place. Make sure to check it out.

National Gallery of Denmark

The 2nd spot of the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary is the National Gallery of Denmark. Make this one of your main spots to cross off the list. It’s as beautiful from the outside as it is from the inside.




This imposing building contains classy work from many of the world’s best artist. The exhibits come from various epochs. Some of the work has been designed in the early 13th century. A very old and beautiful collection.

Christiansborg Palace

This is the next stop on the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary. Christiansborg Palace is the seat of the Danish Parliament and part of it are also used by the Danish Monarch. Besides that, it includes the Danish Prime Minister’s office and unites all 3 supreme powers.

Such an impressive building

Built hundreds of years ago in a Neo-baroque style, this incredible building fascinates many tourists every single day. Definitely a sight you should not miss out on!

A big one on the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary

Børsen & Nyhavn

The next big highlights on the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary are Børsen and Nyhavn. Børsen is Copenhagen’s stock exhange and it’s located next to Christiansborg Palace. It looks really cool and it has an interesting history.

A great building to look at

Ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary – Have a look at Børsen

Nyhavn is the favourite place for many travellers, including me. When I was there, I could not stop staring at what surrounded me.

Nyhavn is really cool

Trying to capture Nyhavn

It is a very small but really pretty canal in the citie’s middle. All the houses are painted in different colours. It looks like a rainbow street. You’ll find heaps of different shops, cafès, restaurants and much more. Nyhavn is also a good spot to try out a typical Danish Hot Dog 😀

Trying a typical Danish Hot Dog

Waiting to get food

Furthermore you can get some awesome shots, if you have a good camera (check out my travel gear here). You’ll be amazed by all the colours on the picture. Postcard quality for sure!

Nyhavn is my favourite spot on the one day in Copenhagen itinerary

Very old sailing vessels in Nyhavn

Nyhavn also has a big brick wall filled with life jackets. This wall should remind people of the current refugee movement from the middle east to Europe. You should really check that out as well!

A wall full of life jackets

Amalienborg Castle & Little Mermaid

Make these two your next stops. They both had to be on the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary. Amalienborg Castle is very close to Nyhavn. It is the home of the Danish Royal Family. It’s divided into 4 different huge palaces, placed on a big square. In its middle you’ll find a monumental equestrian statue of the founder. The 4 palaces once belonged to 4 noble families. After they burned down in 1794, the Danish Royal Family bought the palaces to move in.




Checking out the little Mermaid is also a big point on the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary. It’s a symbol of Copenhagen. It belongs to this city like the Colloseum belongs to Rome. The statue has a long story to it. It would be to much to tell the story, but when you check it out, you should ask locals about it 😉


Rosenborg Castle & Kongens Have

This is a MUST SEE on the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary. Rosenborg Castle might be the prettiest one in Copenhagen and maybe even in the whole country. It lies in the Kongens Have park, which is very lovely. A quiet and very beautiful park to hang out for a while. In its middle you’ll find the Rosenborg Castle, which has been built in a Dutch Renaissance style. It represented the residence of the Danish Royal Family for emergencies like the fire at Christiansborg Palace in 1794.

Rosenborg Castle

A MUST SEE on the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary

The castle is surrounded by water holes and tastefully arranged gardens with all kind of flowers. Roses in white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red… Absolutely wonderful!

Such a lovely park

Green spaces everywhere

Street Artist & Dinner

The last thing to cross off from the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary is to have a good dinner in a decent restaurant while sitting outside, watching the local street musicians.

Street artists set up their “stage”

Wandering through the colourful streets of Copenhagen

Lovely colours everywhere during the ultimate one day in Copenhagen itinerary

It’s a very charming scenery and the city really becomes alive in the afternoon. Many people go out and have some drinks. Some just have a good meal and a chat with friends and family. It’s easy to get in contact with locals in the afternoon. Give it a try and see what happens… 😉




Want to know more about another big metropole? Read here



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