One day in Prague Itinerary travel blog
One day in Prague Itinerary travel blog
One day in Prague Itinerary travel blog
One day in Prague Itinerary travel blog
One day in Prague Itinerary travel blog
One day in Prague Itinerary travel blog
One day in Prague Itinerary travel blog
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Ultimate one day in Prague Itinerary

By on 26. September 2017

The ultimate one day in Prague itinerary is your best partner, when it comes to a short term visit to one of the most beautiful and most sought after places in Europe for travellers and tourist from all over the world. Prague is incredibly pretty and has a great history. Architecturewise it is also top ranked. You won’t find many cities in Europe, which have such an old but still very modern style to it.




To follow the ultimate one day in Prague itinerary is the easiest way to get the best out of a short stay. You don’t want to rush from site to site, but you also don’t want to miss out on something. This is why the ultimate one day in Prague itinerary is designed to give you some general information about the city upfront and to show you some specific hot spots as well as things to do in the end. Because one day is basically nothing, when it comes to exploring a city, I want to keep this guide quite short and only give you the information you truely need. So, lets start!

Ultimate one day in Prague Itinerary – General information

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It lies almost exactly in the middle of the country. Prague has a size of about 500 km² and 2.2 million inhabitants. It has been a political, economical and cultural centre within Europe for hundreds of years and it’s still one of the most considerable cities in the EU. Prague’s city centre has been registered in the UNESCO list of World Heritages in 1992 and it’s home of various famous attractions and the oldest university in Central Europe. It has also been a setting for heaps of different movies like Triple X.


The ultimate one day in Prague itinerary also needs to include a little bit of historical knowledge. It’s good to have a small backround about what you actually have in front of you when you visit certain attractions. The city has been founded during the Romanesque and has drastically developed through the different eras. While it always has been a strategically important point for old kings back in the days, it became a world metropole over time and is the fifth most visited city in Europe.

Prague has been influenced by many different peoples like the Celts, Germanic tribes, the Roman Empire and many others, which makes the city to what it is today.

To go more into historical detail, check out what Lonely Planet says.

A city full of attractions and a long history

How to get there

Getting there is easy. You have many options to choose from:

  • Plane
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car
  • etc.

Because Prague is such a big metropole, you basically have any option to get there you can possibly think of – except of cruises. Obviously lots of people take the plane, because it’s the quickest way. But many others within Europe actually come by bus, because it’s quite cheap and the areas around the city are very pretty. So, the way there is already an attraction on its own.


How to get around

Prague has almost every option you can think of to get around the city. This is what you can choose from:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Taxi
  • Uber
  • Car
  • etc.

I actually only recommend two things to get around. If you want to get out the full potential of the one day in Prague itinerary, then you should take the train, walk or maybe take a taxi. The city centre is just to full to use a anything else. Most of the places to see on the one day in Prague itinerary are walking distance anyway and, if you stay somewhere futher outside of the city centre, the train is the quickest and most convenient option to get to the centre.

A beautiful cityscape everywhere you go in Prague

What’s waiting for you, if you follow the ultimate one day in Prague itinerary


Prague has typical central European weather conditions. During the winter time it can get far under 0°C (sometimes -10°C and even lower). Therefore in summer it can get up to 30°C+. You have normal seasons unlike places in Southeast Asia for example. Every season has its pretty and unique sides to it. Prague always shows its different faces in the different seasons. During summer it appears to be friendly and classy, whereas it looks very raw and magical in the winter times.

So it really depends in which season you visit this city. It will always be a different story.

We had cloudy weather – The view was still amazing


Food is also a part on the one day in Prague itinerary (read below). This city has gigantic ressources of great restaurants and small vendors, who sell all kind of delicious Central European dishes and snacks. Of course, you’ll find the common stuff like Italian, French, etc. but there are also a lot of good typical Czech dishes to try. Czechs are known to make pugent and old traditional food. Definitely worth a try!

The one day in Prague itinerary also includes trying out different food


Before attampting the ultimate one day in Prague itinerary, you should sort out your accommodation first. Anything you can think of is possible in Prague:

  • Hotel
  • Hostel
  • Airbnb
  • Homestay
  • Couchsurfing
  • etc.

Prague has a lot of great accomodation

This is really up to your needs and what you want. I do like Airbnb and homestays a lot, but in my opinion, you need a little bit more time for that to really have a value from it, because you won’t get to know the locals in a day. The best options in my opinion are hostels and couchsurfing, because they are cheap and you only stay for 1 or 2 nights anyway. Maybe check out the Santini hostel or Old Prague hostel. If you like to have a better standard, then you should take a hotel like Panorama hotel or Corinthia hotel.



In relation to other big metropoles in Europe, Prague has average/ lower prices in every sector. Whether you look at food, accommodation or transportation, this city is the capital of Czech Republic and you will have to pay a little higher prices, than in small unknown regions of the country, but it’s still relatively cheap for such a famous city, even though that’s actually quite hard to claim. It really depends on what you go for. But the follwoing will give you a small idea of the price range (examples only):

  • Hostel: 12$+ per night (pretty cheap)
  • Transportation: One day ticket 5$ (pretty cheap)
  • Food: Lunch 7$+ (average)
  • Prague Museum: 6.5$+ (average)
  • One hour boat tour: 14$ (quite high)

Prices in Prague are generally not that high

View onto the west side of the city centre

Ultimate one day in Prague Itinerary – Highlights and what to do

Obviously all the attractions on the one day in Prague itinerary are just a fraction of what you can see, but they still give you a good overview and a feeling of what this city is all about. This is why you have to focus on diversity when it comes to the question of what to do and what to see.

Prague is incredibly pretty


Start your one day in Prague itinerary with the bridges, which are loceted in the middle of the city. They seperate the western from the eastern part. In total you’ll find 7 of them. The 4 southern ones, starting from “Manesuv Most”, are the most important and most visited ones. You have a fantastic view onto both sides of the city from there. You’ll find heaps of artists, street vendors and other performers at them.

View from the bridges onto two of the other bridges

The bridges shape the cityscape and they are a symbol of Prague. You need to see them!

Enjoying the view from the bridges is a Must Do on the one day in Prague itinerary

Prague Castle

This is a Must See and it needs to be on the one day in Prague itinerary. The Prague Castle is the largest castle in the whole world according to the Guinness Book of Records. It has more than 1.8 million visitors annually. This prestige building has been built in the 8th century and the main parts of it are located on the top of a hill. You need quite some time to get there from the bridges. You can actually see it from them already. The walk towards the castle is really beautiful, so I guess, you probably gonna like it a lot. You’ll see all kind of old buildings, many different colours and various tiny restaurants and lovely shops. Very pretty!

The Prague Castle has been built, rebuilt and changed  several times over the course of all the different epochs by various kings. Nowerdays it’s the official residence from the President of the Czech Republic.

View from a bridge onto the Prague Castle

Views you get when you walk towards the Prague Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral/ Best city view

Right next to the Prague Castle is the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is a landmark of the city. It s the largest and most important church in the country. Its towers have a hight of about 96 metres and the whole buildung has a size of about 124 by 60 metres. Huge!

It has been built in the 9th century, shortly after the Prague Castle. The architectural structure is remarkable and it is equally beautiful from the out- and inside. It has a Gothic style to it and especially the inner part of the building is very impressive. A lot of gold, tremendously high ceilings and a lot of light shining into the prayer hall. Definitely an important point to cross off the one day in Prague itinerary.

One day in Prague itinerary – Vitus Cathedral & the view onto the city

From the outside square you have one of the best views in Prague. You can literally see the whole city centre from above. It just looks amazing. So, don’t miss out on that!

What a view

Old Town

You have got to check out the Old Town and make it a big point on your one day in Prague itinerary. It lies east of the big bridges and it’s quite a big area. You’ll find various cool places to see. First of all, the old town is one of the best spots to get a good impression of Prague’s style. Old houses, narrow alleys, heaps of ornaments and lots of colours everywhere.

Alleys in the Old Town

Walking through the Old Town

Church of Our Lady Before Týn

It is also a perfect place to get to know some of the locals, because they love to talk about their home. And in this area they have a lot to talk to about. To name a couple highlights:

  • Old Towns Square
  • Old Town Astronimical Clock
  • Tyn Church (and many others)
  • Clementinum
  • etc.


Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall has been made in honor to John Lennon from the Beattles, who has been murdered in 1980. It has been established after that and is a big attraction for fans and art interested people ever since. It looks really pretty and against all the attempts of the police to erase the graffiti, the demonstrating fans always repainted it, which makes it an important iconic symbol today where tourists can freely add their piece of art to.

Lennon Wall

On the way to the Lennon Wall

Eat dessert

On your tour through the city you have to try out a Czech dessert. Most people wouldn’t know, but the Czechs have brilliant pastries. One of the most favourite ones of tourists are Trdelnik and Strudl. When I was there, I went for a Trdelnik, because we have Strudl in Hamburg (my hometown) as well. It’s basically a spit cake wrapped around a stick with sugar and walnut on the outside as well as different fillings in the inside. But every dessert you’ll try in Prague will be a good one. Promised!

In between all these old buildings are so many pretty alleys full of bakeries

If you try out the Trdelnik, go for the one with Vanilla icecream and try to get it at a small bakery in a side alley. They are the best!

One day in Prague itinerary – Try Trdelnik in a small bakery in a side alleys

Restaurant by the rivers

Another part of the one day in Prague itinerary is to eat lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant by the riverside. This will top your short trip off. The views are great, doesn’t matter where you go. You’ll definitely enjoy to see the old steamers passing by with impressive old buildings on either side of the river as a backround. Most restaurants play a little bit of traditional music, which adds a little extra Czech feeling to the whole scenery.

View from a restaurant

Enjoying a Czech beer

Going to a proper restaurant with a view like this needs to be on the one day in Prague itinerary

We have stayed at Bohemian restaurant, which was quite charming. They had typical Czech food and desserts, but we Germans only grabbed a beer (of course 😉 ).

Go on a night out

The last point on the one day in Prague itinerary is to go on a night out, if you find the time for it. Prague is known to have one of the best party scenes in Europe. It also has the biggest club in Europe with 5 levels/ stories. Czech people know how to party. That’s for sure…

Make sure to go on a night out in such a great city

They especially have huge techno culture for people, who are a little more into electronic vibes. A club to check out in this case is Cross Club. But, if you are only up for a little bit of bar hopping or, if you want to go to a bar with live music, there is something for everyone.



Want to know more about another big metropole of Europe? Read here


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