Jungle Beach in Vietnam, travel, blog
Jungle Beach in Vietnam, travel, blog
Jungle Beach in Vietnam, travel, blog
Jungle Beach in Vietnam, travel, blog
Jungle Beach in Vietnam, travel, blog
Jungle Beach in Vietnam, travel, blog
Jungle Beach in Vietnam, travel, blog
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Jungle Beach in Vietnam – A hidden Paradise

By on 20. September 2017

Jungle Beach in Vietnam is a very secluded and pretty non touristic place. It’s the perfect getaway for people, who just want to hang out and enjoy a little bit of peace and harmony. This dream beach is almost completely untouched. You won’t find many people except of a small amount of backpackers, who might have heard of it from other lucky ones.



Jungle Beach in Vietnam is definitely not an everyday destination. Not many tourists or backpackers even know this place. I got lucky to visit it, because I got told of it by a motorbike salesman from the UK, who I bought my bike from before I started my motorcycle trip through whole Vietnam. He gave me an awesome route and Jungle Beach in Vietnam was one spectecular spot to have a look at.

This place is special in a way, which is hard to explain. It feels like you have reached the end of Vietnam and can’t go any further. The only thing you can do is to settle down, relax and enjoy yourself.

Jungle Beach in Vietnam – General information

Like almost always, I want to give you some general information about this place. Jungle Beach in Vietnam belongs to a tiny village with a small amount of inhabitants. It’s located exactly at the and of a peninsula. It’s basically one separate part of a bigger beach, which lies in a mini bay. Really beautiful!


The weather on the southeastern coastline is pretty similar to the weather in Vung Tau or Mui Ne for example. You will find sunny conditions most of the time. Jungle Beach in Vietnam belongs to the subtropical area, which is why you find wet and dry seasons. The wet season is from May to November. The rest is dry season. Make sure to go there in dry season. It’s just way more pleasant.

Jungle Beach in Vietnam with good weather

The temperature sets between 20°C – 36°C all year long. There is no real summer or winter. Therefore the climate can be quite different to most other places in Southeast Asia. It will gonna be windy a lot of times, because of the ocean’s breezes, which blow quite strong from the South Chinese Ocean.

How to get there

To get to Jungle Beach in Vietnam is not that easy in my opinion. You can take a bus or a taxi, but I would recommend you to go by scooter or motorbike.

You can’t get there by ship even though it’s on the coast. Flying is no option either, because there is no airport nearby. The closest one is south of Nha Trang, but still quite a bit away. From Nha Trang you would have to take another vehicle again. It’s quite a big effort.

Because Jungle Beach in Vietnam lies at the end of a peninsula, you drive through some smaller villages to get there. The the best way for not getting stuck somewhere is a motorbike. Trust me! 🙂

On the way to Jungle Beach in Vietnam

Fishing villages along the way

How to get around

Once you have arrived at Jungle Beach in Vietnam, it’s easy to get around. Everything is walking distance pretty much and if it’s not, just take a Tuk Tuk, a scooter or your own motorbike.

I’d say anyway, that you won’t really want to have a look around anyway, because the beach is just to pretty to get away from it 😉


Food at Jungle Beach in Vietnam is the same as always. You’ll get great freshly cooked meals from organic cultivation. Besides that, I would recommend you to try seafood. The products you get by the coast are just incredibly delicious and very cheap in comparison.

Short tip: Try the local mushles and fish. They are so good!

Food in Vietnam is so good


You have two options on accommodation at Jungle Beach in Vietnam. Basically you can choose from:

  • Hostels
  • Small hotels

The hotels in the area are not famous or high standard ones. Everything is pretty basic, which is quite cool in my opinion and it adds to the unique vibe.

Where I stayed at Jungle Beach in Vietnam

A great hostel

This is why I’d recommend you to go to a hostel anyway. Some hostels claim to be more of a hotel, but in core they are not.

Hostels at Jungle Beach in Vietnam have an amazing vibe – So cool!

I have been to Jungle Beach Vietnam Hostel, which I would always recommend. The owner (an old Canadian dude) is quite sympathetic. The hostel itself is also really cool. You’ll find a lot of bamboo huts next to the beach, so that you’ll hear the sounds of the ocean while you sleep and when you wake up. Absolutely brilliant!





Generally Jungle Beach in Vietnam is not very expensive. You can live on 3$ – 10$ for food and beverages per day on an average. Accommodation costs vary. If you want to stay at the same place where I have stayed at, you pay 20$ per night, but food is included for the whole day. It’s a higher price, compared to most other accommodation for backpackers in Vietnam, but it’s worth it. Transportation costs are pretty low anyway. To get from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang, which is very close to Jungle Beach, costs 220.000 VTD (11$). That’s insanly cheap, if you think about the covered distance, right? 🙂

Authentic accommodation right next to the beach

Overall you can easily live on less than 25$ per day. When I stayed somewhere, I spent less than 15$ per day inlcuding accommodation. Sometimes even less than 10$. This does not include activities. You have to calculate them additionally.

Costs are very low in comparison to western countries

Jungle Beach in Vietnam – Highlights & What to do

Jungle Beach in Vietnam does not have as much to do as other paradisaic places like Mui Ne or Koh Tao in Thailand for example. But there are still some really cool things to check out and highlights to see.

Beach time

The first thing to mention at Jungle Beach in Vietnam is obviously spending time at one of the most remote beaches in the whole country. Perfect sand, almost no tourists, a pretty ocean colour and magical sunsets. Sometimes you can even see some fireflies when it gets dark.

An amazing beach

Sunsets to always remember

Because this beach is so empty, it makes you feel like you have paradise all for your own. If you want to have some fun, you can go for a swim in the ocean. The rough sea is very windy, which results in bigger waves (not to big 😉 ).

An insanly remote place

Here and there you will find some loungers with and without sun protection. Everything is very basic and raw, which is pretty cool. A perfect place to get lost!

Basic loungers everywhere you look

View from a lounger with sun protection

Short tip: Try out the hammocks. They’ll give you that little extra tropical feeling when you relax at the beach 😉

Hammock time

Mountain trail

The mountain is more of a bigger hill. It doesn’t take to long to get up there. But it’s also not to short. The view you get is definitely worth the walk. You can look quite far and see how the landscape and the bay are shaped. The best spot in the whole area to take some good pictures – postcard style!

What a view

Views of the area near Jungle Beach in Vietnam

Salt fields & Coastal walks

About 25 km away you can also check out some salt fields. You should rent a scooter, if you don’t have your own motorbike. Otherwise it will not be that easy to get there.

A coastal walk is something you should put on your list of things to do at Jungle Beach in Vietnam as well. You won’t find many coastlines in this country, which are that secluded. Especially for couples or people on their honeymoon this is a nice thing to do.

Walk along the coastline – You won’t get enough of it


A decent walk away from Jungle Beach in Vietnam you will find a pretty waterfall. Along the way you will see some small streams with greenish water, which is crystal clear. So lovely!

Once you have reached the waterfall you can just chill out and enjoy the untouched natural enviroment or have some fun/ action by jumping off the waterfall. You don’t need to worry. The water is deep enough. Make sure not to go back to late, because it will not be that easy to find your way back in the dark.

Snorkeling, campfire & other activities

Jungle Beach in Vietnam is also a good place to go snorkeling. You can explore the whole bay or also go to a couple other places along the peninsula. I would not say it’s the most fascinating underwater world I have ever seen, but it is quite nice. You’ll like it 🙂




Besides that, Jungle Beach in Vietnam is the perfect spot for sports like volleyball, beach soocer or any other beach activity. It’s also possible to go kitesurfing or driving a Jet Ski.

Jungle Beach in Vietnam has many activities to do

At night you can almost always sit down at a set up bonfire by the beach with some nice barbecues stations on the side. It’s a good opportunity to get in contact with the locals. People in this area are so so friendly and even more relaxed, because they don’t have anything to do with the mass tourism industry. Very enjoyable!

Bonfires at night

Jungle Beach in Vietnam – What I have learned

Guys, what I have leared from Jungle Beach in Vietnam is quite a nice lesson. Every time I go somewhere new, I learn a lot of travel lessons anyway. When I was there, I was quite nervous all the time, because I wanted to travel through the whole country quickly (Visa reasons) and my motorcycle broke down for the first time. An old Vietnamese dude help me to get to the hostel where they could help me to fix the broken “Fancy Nancy”.

Unfortunately this took almost 3 days, because at places like Jungle Beach in Vietnam, everything just takes a little longer. That’s just how it is. You can’t do anything about it. I pressured the hostel owner a little to fix my bike faster, but his only response was that, I should calm down, and relax for a little while. And you know what? He was exactly right…

He was right – You just need to relax sometimes

Great vibes at Jungle Beach in Vietnam

Always remember

Sometimes it’s very important in life to push the pause button. This needs to happen on a regular bases. I know our society tells us to always be accessable and in action all the time. If you are not moving, someone will overtake you, right?

In my opinion this is the truth, BUT you also need to relax sometimes in order to keep moving forward again. It’s just not possible to be at 100% all the time. And anyone, who says that, is lying. Even very successful business people or people, who achieved many great things (like climbing Mt Everest), need their break once in a while. Always remember:

In order to keep pushing, you need to have breaks

Why? Because otherwise you’ll gas out and everything in life is always a marathon, not a sprint. Plus, it’s just good for our soul sometimes… 😉



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