How travelling changes, travel, blog
How travelling changes, travel, blog
How travelling changes, travel, blog
How travelling changes, travel, blog
How travelling changes, travel, blog
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How travelling changes your life completely

By on 26. August 2017

How travelling changes your life is something I have always asked myself since I went on the plane for a bigger trip for the first time. Most of the time it is a slow process and you don’t really realise it until it hits you. And it hits you in a good way, that’s for sure. Travelling our planet is a real gift. You just need to recognize that, take the chance and unconditionally go for it. You figure out anything else while you are on the go and you will eventually see how travelling changes your life completely.



I want to start this post with some of my personal experiences on how travelling changes my life. This is gonna be more of a little story telling post, than an informative one 🙂

Travelling does a lot to me and it helps me a lot to grow as a person. Maybe some stuff of what I tell you guys in the following, can help you in some way or maybe you can just gain some valueble information/ knowledge from it.

Travelling is fascinating! For me it all began in Chile when I was 16 years old. I have been there for 2 month and I fell in love with this country and the people. But what really amazed me and where travelling really got me hooked, was Australia. And not only for me, but for lots and lots of other travellers as well.

How travelling changes – It changes your life in many ways

How travelling changes your life – Fullfilling dreams

Australia and of course other countries as well are the reason why people love travelling so much. I more and more get the feeling, that it is almost like a movement. People, especially young people, want to leave their home and explore the globe. Every year countless of travellers hit the Australian cities and try out a life on the road. So did I…

It was always a dream of mine to go to country full of natural variety. A place where it is sunny, warm and where you can go for a surf everywhere at any time. I thought, what place could fit better than a country, which is bigger than whole Europe and has more than 10.000 beaches?

Visiting the 12 Apostles was always a dream of mine

Just do it

Back in 2014, I packed my bags, sorted out some personal and administrative stuff, got my visa and just headed off. Honestly, I had no clue what was waiting for me. But this is the first asset you need, if you want see how travelling changes your life – you need to have some balls and be willing to make steps you never took before.

Obviously I informed myself about Australia upfront, but as you might know yourself, you only really get to know a country when you have been there yourself. Never ever listen to prejudices. Never, never, never…

That’s one big lesson travelling taught me. And this is what this post is all about – how travelling changes my life consistently and what I learn from it.

Me at Australia Zoo – Living the philosophy “Just do it” all the time

How travelling changes your life – Character development through others

For me, Australia was a great teacher, personally. And this is the reason why I love this country so much. It is not only the natural beauty, the exceptional kindness of the Australian people and way of living. It’s also the countless specific moments that have helped me to improve my character and learn a lot of valueble lessons.

Be a genuine and friendly person

The first couple weeks in Australia I was completely on my own. After a couple days in a hostel, I wanted to leave and, because I could not find anything, I had to stay in tent in a dirty garage of a really dodgy guy. Such a brilliant start for a first big trip, right? I could not stand that situation, so I searched for a different place to stay. During “White Night” in Melbourne I met an Indian dude, who was honestly one of the nicest persons I have met in my life so far!


I was allowed to stay in his house for free for 3,5 weeks. How nice is that? From time to time he even invited me for dinner. And it was not just him, who was absolutely great to me. The Australians in general have been nothing but awesome. Sometimes you get lost in the streets of Melbourne (happens in the first couple weeks ? – no big deal).

The house I was allowed to stay at for free for 3 weeks

But what’s surprising is the fact that the Australian people just come up to you (while you stand somewhere like a donkey with your city map 🙂 ) and ask “Gday mate. You look a little lost. Can I help you?”. This happend to me several times. For me, it is absolutely fascinating how people can be so nice…

I met so many awesome people that improved my life

Spreading happiness

You might ask yourself: Why? How can that be so surprising? I tell you why. Back home in Germany it is the complete opposite most of the time. People can be nice, but that’s just exceptional. This is the reason why I changed my behaviour as well after a short period of time. It just happens naturally. You live in an enviroment full of friendly and happy people. So, what happens with you? You become friendly and happy yourself as well, very quickly.

Spreading happiness everywhere you go – Also in New Zealand

And once you start going through this personal change and spread happiness naturally, then this certain behaviour opens up other great opportunities. Just, because I saw how travelling changes the behaviour of many people around me, I did it as well and got a sales job after a while, where I learned countless more lessons about myself and other people.

After 3,5 weeks at the Indian guy’s house, I got a room in flat share, where I met the coolest people from all over the world. One guy even came from Mauritius. Mauritius was a place I have never heard of before. That dude had (and still has) such a lovely soul and he is a friend of mine even until today. He was one of those guys for me, where you could really see how being a honest, genuine and friendly person is the first big step to having a fullfilled/ great life. Hard to explain, but he is a great role model!

What a great role model

How travelling changes your life – Visions, goals and personal attitude

The same thing occured with my former manager from the sales job, that I have just mentioned. I also still stay in contact with this dude. He is also a person I have learned a lot from. Just in a different way. He is the complete opposite to the guy from Mauritius.

My former manager is also a very nice person, but way more driven and addicted to his personal visions and goals. He taught me a lot about how to set personal and job goals, how to reach them, what to do to get forward, what kind of mindset you need to succeed in life (generally) and much more.


This dude is just way more practical. He is not just that person, who thinks “Okay, I am just gonna be a good person and I will attract everything good in my life completely naturally”. This is just not how the world works. This way of thinking might contribute you a lot, but you have to “get shit done” in order to get forward in life.

My former manager one the right side – A great person

To learn and to practice that, is another way how travelling changes my life on a daily bases, because I really saw how much having the right attitude matters in life. Everything we do is connected to our thoughts and to the way we look at things. If you think you can climb a huge mountain, then you will. If you think you can’t, then you won’t. Everything always depends on the right attitude.

How travelling changes – You start setting more goals

Leave your comfort zone and open up

Today, I try to combine those two ways of living every single day of my life. I am very grateful for the lessons I learned from those people and all the other ones I met. Still, all of what I have done since then was only possible, because I got out of my comfort zone and I opened up to almost all the people I have met. This is just crutual in order to change/ make a change in life anyway.

Getting out of my comfort zone brought me to the most remote places in Southeast Asia

If you are not willing to open up, and, if you are not willing to do the things, which scare the shit out of you, then you should not start traveling in the first place. Because travelling is all about opening up, getting out of your comfort zone, making new contacts, gaining great experiences and eventually becoming the best person you can possibly be.

Get out of your comfort zone to see places like the Whitsunday Islands

What you need to understand

One last small anecdote I want to tell you guys, is a very important one in my opinion. I found, that a lot of travellers talk about travelling like it’s this magical/ holy thing where you start to become a happy person by just hanging out/ doing nothing. Just live the hippie lifestyle and everything floats perfectly. You become incredibly fullfilled and you pretty much don’t need to do anything for it. It really seems like lots of people out there on the internet want to tell you, that you automatically “truely find yourself” while travelling – ALWAYS.

But THAT’S complete bull****!

Sorry for the harsh words. But it is just NOT true. Don’t get me wrong. Travelling is a great teacher for life and you will definitely find yourself in a way, but that just does not happen from one to the other day. If you want to change and make personal progress, you would really have to be willing to do it.

Personal progress brought me to places like this one – Cape Reinga

The reality

And one more thing: Travelling is not always fun. Sometimes it can be really hard, just like anything else in life. Sometimes you will feel lonely and maybe even a bit lost. Some bad people might steal all your valuebles (happened to me – whole backpack got stolen). Many people lie to you. Some even want to rob you, like some dudes in Indonesia once tried upon me. Or maybe you get sick and you feel really, really bad like I did in Melbourne or Phnom Phen in Cambodia…

Sometimes you’ll feel bad – Even at beautiful places like Sydney

But exactly these situations are the ones, where you have to keep pushing/ moving. They will make you stronger! Just don’t ever stop your travels and you will eventually see, how travelling changes your life to the positive as well!



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    Erika Lancaster

    10. March 2018

    Really enjoyed your post and your honest opinions about traveling! It’s very different from other blog posts from travel bloggers I’ve read before. Traveling more is something I definitely want to do more in the future.
    I live in a city in which people can be pretty closed-minded and “traditional”, to put in nicely. Fortunately, I was lucky to be able to attend a great school all throughout my childhood/teenage years in which I was able to get to know people from many different countries. I think I really owe, at least in part, my laid-back and open mentality to having learned about other customs and opinions different to the ones of most people in my city.
    In a way I feel that it’s more about the people you get to meet than the actual environment itself that changes a person, which is why I feel that people who do a lot of traveling are, many times, more chill than others that stay in their bubble. The whole thing is very interesting to me!
    Thanks for sharing!


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