traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
traveling leads to freedom and happiness, travel, blog
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How traveling leads to freedom and happiness

By on 22. August 2017

Traveling leads to freedom and happiness. Always! Traveling the world fulfills our soul. It helps us to grow as a person. We evolve. Slow but steady. It spreads our minds. It opens our hearts. And eventually it lightens the ship and lets us sail off into a better life where we just have way more good days than bad days. A life to remember. It will be a life our kids can proudly tell their kids about and isn’t that already the most valuable thing to achieve?


How traveling leads to freedom and happiness

This is what we all hope and search for in our lifes – to become truely free. Free of boundaries, old habits and the chains of a modern society. A way of living, that gets faster and faster every single day…

Pure happiness at Whitehaven Beach

Where it all starts

But where to start chasing the ultimate goal of pure freedom and happiness? It starts by taking the first little steps into cold water. Leaving your comfort zone and stepping out into a world full of unknown and exciting adventures. Quitting the 9 to 5 job and focusing on the epic journeys ahead. That’s where the feeling of freedom and happiness starts to evolve.

Australia was one of the places where it all started for me

But it is different for every person. Everyone has another way to approach the challenge of becoming a completely free human being. Some people like to hang out and chill as much as they can. Some others do all different kind of sports. The next one tries it with Yoga or meditation. I am not sure, if any of these approaches help. I certainly don’t think so.

Travelling leads to freedom and happiness – It’s the only way

In my opinion, pure freedom and true happiness can only be reached by conquering the world, unconditionally chasing your biggest hopes and dreams. Experiencing moments, that last forever, making friends all over the world and trying out new food I have never tasted before.

Bali was the first place where I tasted real Asian food

Making memories

For me, true freedom and happiness for example takes over when I talk to complete strangers anywhere in the world about what makes their country so great. Seing the smiling faces while they tell their stories about themselfs and the place they call “home”.

Visiting the home of a Maori tribe (New Zealand’s natives)

The feeling of freedom really overwhelms me when I see places only a few people see in their lifes – like the lost temples of Angkor Wat. Or, when I master a task while traveling, which only a small percentage of people is able to master – like climbing the never sleeping vulcanic giant in Indonesia called Rinjani. Moments like walking along the Killing Fields in Cambodia are the ones, that fulfill your heart with pride and humility, but also make you feel free in a way, which is hard to explain. Just being able to travel wherever I want, whenever I want is a big gift. This gift shows you how traveling leads to freedom and happiness.

Climbing a vulcano called Rinjani

On the top feeling free and happy like never before

Making incredible memories is a big part why traveling leads to freedom and happiness. Visiting 2.000 year old rice terraces in Banaue, going on a island hopping tour in paradise or just camping at the unique landscape of southern Sweden with your buddies are memories to always hold on to. And the good thing is, you can always put yourself in these shoes again and have the same incredible feelings of freedom and happiness.

How could not be happy when you see this?


Awesome people

But sometimes it’s not a certain moment, which fulfills your heart with happiness and the feeling of freedom. Sometimes it’s the people, that come out of nowhere, share their time with you and leave you speachless in the end. Just like this business lady in Mui Nè, that picked me up on the streets after I drove for 10 hours straight with my dodgy motorbike along the coastline of Vietnam and had no place to sleep, offering me a luxerious hotel room at the beach for free for 2 nights, integrating me into their family and treating me like I was one of them.

Vietnam was the place where I met awesome people

These are the people and stories, that make a difference in your life. They teach you to loose your negative point of view and prejudgements about other people, cultures and countries. These people are the ones, that bring you closer to where you want to be. They take us further to the point where we start to become conscious about our behavior and our thinking. Because ultimately, freedom is a state of mind and every single person is in charge of their own thoughts. So, it is only up to ourselfs to reach the state of ultimate freedom and happiness.

It’s all up to ourselfs – Nobody can stop you

Where it all ends

Traveling leads to freedom and happiness and this can never be changed. I think it has something to do with how human beings have developed over time. Our ancestors have all been pilgrims and wanderers back in the days. It is in our blood to travel from one destination to another until we eventually find a place we call home. This is why traveling the world makes us happy, because we already know the feeling, which is deeply manifested in our DNA.

It’s in our DNA to travel the world

In my opinion, the fact that traveling leads to freedom and happiness, never really ends. It will always be there, because of the people we gonna meet along the way, the memories we gonna make with them, the inspiration we give to younger people and the positive vibrations we spread, will live on forever. In our day of age where everything gets documented through the internet, free and happy people can pass on their positive attitude way easier than in the past.

Spread your wings and fly

Positive energy will last forever

And this is why this rule will last forever and keep growing more and more. At the and of the day it all come down to this:

Positive energy, like freedom and happiness caused from traveling, can never be dissolved



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