camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
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Camping trip in southern Sweden – A great adventure!

By on 11. August 2017

A camping trip in southern Sweden is the ultimate adventure in Scandinavia for any traveller. Endless conifer forests, crystal clear lakes and wild untouched nature anywhere you look. On our camping trip in southern Sweden we went back to oldschool living, just like the nordic people have done it back in the days. Such an amazing trip in an unique enviroment, that I highly recommend.


Guys, in this post I will not give you that much information about general stuff in the area, which you should know of. As you know, I normally do that too, but in this case I want to focus more on the actual adventure of the camping trip in southern Sweden, because that’s what it is – a real ADVENTURE.

Furthermore I can say upfront, that southern Sweden is absolutely georgous. The landscape, the people, the old nordic houses, just everything. It is very different to Australia or Thailand for example. It has a completely different style, which I really like. A country, which is bigger than Germany, Austria and Swiss combined, but with only 8 million people… No surprise this place is something special.

I did this camping trip in southern Sweden with 3 friends of mine, because we wanted to get our heads free, living stressless for a couple days and just have a good trip/ time. Being in nature and living in a very traditional way. And what could be better than a camping trip in southern Sweden?

Incomparable views on a camping trip in southern Sweden

Camping trip in southern Sweden – What to bring

Before you go on a camping trip in southern Sweden, you obviously need to pack first. We have been 4 people, so, you can guess, that we had to pack quite a lot. But we did not want to take to much with us. Still, there is some general gear you will need on any camping trip. Doesn’t you go in this world.

You need a lot of gear on a camping trip in southern Sweden

General gear

We tried to keep it basic for our camping trip in southern Sweden. This is the general gear we only took with us:

  • Big tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camping mats
  • Dishes, pot, pan, cutlery
  • Camping chairs

Obviously you can take way more stuff with you like a small table, cooling bags and much more. But, if you want to keep it simple, then this is enough in my opinion. Of course, you also have to take other general things with you like clothes, hygienic products (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.) and medicin. But for me this is a natural thing to do anyway and I guess for you too.

You need some general gear on any camping trip you will ever go to

Perfect lake view on our camping trip in southern Sweden

Another thing you will obviously need is food and beverages. As said, we really wanted to do an oldschool style camping trip in southern Sweden. That means, that we actually went fishing every day to bring food to the table. But still, we had to bring some food and beverages for breakfast and lunch with us. You have to be realistic. A camping trip in southern Sweden can not be to primitive, if you don’t have the time to set up a proper camp or, if you don’t have the needed resources. Otherwise you would be hungry and thirsty, which wouldn’t be fun anymore 😉

Short tip: Take warm clothes with you. Even though in the summer southern Sweden is hot during the day (30°C+), it still gets pretty cold at night. I needed to wear a big pullover and a winter jacket…

Short tip 2: Watch out for ticks. They are everywhere!

Stunning nature in Sweden – But it can get cold at night

Additional gear

The additional gear for our camping trip to southern Sweden is stuff, that you don’t need 100%, but it is good to have it. This is what we took with us:

  • Big flashlights
  • Multifunctional knifes
  • Sunscreen, caps and a sun protecting tent
  • Fishing equipment
  • Grillage
  • Toilette paper
  • German beer 😉

And again, all this is up to you. Some people like to take way more, some like to take less. Even with this point, we kept it basic. But obviously we had to bring the German beer 😉

Drinking German beer on our camping trip in southern Sweden

Electronical gear

For me this is really important too. Even on a relaxing camping trip in southern Sweden, you should take some electronical gear with you. Not only, because you can take pictures and make videos as a memory, but also, if something bad happens. In my opinion it is always good to have your mobile phone on you for example.


Nevertheless for me the electronical gear is also important, because I need material for my blog and social media like my Instagram or Facebook page. Plus, I just really enjoy taking photos and creating videos, so I can look at them in 50 years and say “That was a cool experience!” 🙂

Take a good photo camera on your camping trip in southern Sweden to capture this

Also take a good video camera with you

This is what I always take with me:

For most people a normal phone and a photo camera is enough, I guess. But I highly recommend you the gear, which I take with me. All of it is very reliable and solid. You can also read more about it here.

Camping trip in southern Sweden – The journey

The drive

There are many different ways to get to southern Sweden. You can fly to Stockholm for example and take a rented car from there. Or you take a train, which is not to expensive. We actually went by car, because it was the fastest and most convenient option for us. We did not have to book anything upfront, we saved a lot of money and it was quite fun. Our starting point was Hamburg. The distance to the place we went to for our camping trip in southern Sweden is about 750 km away – one way.

750 km of driving for our camping trip in southern Sweden – Wonderful sunset along the way

It takes about 10 hours to get there. It costs 40 € for each person for fuel. You have to cross two bridges (1 in Denmark, 1 in Sweden), which costs 140 € in total. If you add food and beverages on top, then every person had to pay 120 € for 3 days, which is a joke in my opinion.

This is why I recommend to take the car. Also, because the drive itself is very nice. But I have to say, it obviously depends where you come from. If you come from Spain or Italy, I would rather recommend you to fly 🙂

First impressions

On the way you will already gonna get a good impression of the landscape and the swedish lifestyle. The landscpae was really fascinating to me. Nature seems to be so strong. Lots of it is completely untouched, almost no people around and it is silent and peaceful everywhere you look. Sometimes you can even park your car in the middle of the motorway and you won’t see any other car passing by for minutes. So cool!

Untouched nature everywhere you look during the camping trip in southern Sweden

What a beautiful landscape

Where we stayed at

On our camping trip to southern Sweden we have been so fortunate. A client of one of my friends actually has a property in southern Sweden, where we were able to stay at. It is directly next to a natural fresh water lake in the middle of a lonely forest. Literally we could only find two houses in the closer area. The region we went to is called Undenäs and it only has 237 citizens.

Undenäs at its best

Our camping ground during sunset

The lake’s name is Unden. This is exactly where we stayed. A camping location can not get any better than that. It really doesn’t matter where you go exactly on your camping trip in southern Sweden, because there are beautiful lakes everywhere. It will always be awesome. Trust me. But make sure to stay close to a lake 😉

Stay close to a lake on your camping trip in southern Sweden

Our campfire

We did not even have to pay to stay at the property. We had our own boat for fishing, enough space to set up a camp and we even had our own outhouse. Additonally we had dry wood for a campfire. So, we could not really complain.

Camping trip in southern Sweden – On site & surroundings

We chose to split our camping trip in southern Sweden into two parts. On the one hand we wanted to just hang out and on the other hand we wanted to see a little bit of the area. So, we did both.

We did both – Hanging out on the lake and exploring the area

Undenäs and surroundings – What to do

Undenäs is a place I have never heard of in my life and I would have probably never have heard of it, but, because of the great offer we got, we stayed there. While exploring the area we found out, that there are a lot of things to do:

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Jet Ski & kajaking
  • Hunting
  • Visiting the local restaurant and cafès
  • Dirt biking
  • etc.


I could name a lot more, but this should give you a little inside. We actually had a look on our own, which I always like and highly recommend. Another local lake was one of the biggest highlights and we hiked through one of countless forests for a little while. We had the hope to see a wild moose or wolf, but we din’t. Therefore we went to stunning rivers and got a wonderful impression of what a camping trip in southern Sweden really is about.

Stunning rivers we have seen on our camping trip in southern Sweden

Wandering through the forest

Such a great landscape on our camping trip in southern Sweden – Can’t be compared

What else to see

Just having a look at the old wooden houses with a typical swedish style was so cool. They are all very colourful (mainly red or blue), which fits perfectly into the nordic scenery. We also went to a little cafè in the middle of the forest to have cake and coffee. It was really good!

The property we were allowed to stay at on our camping trip in southern Sweden

We ate typical swedish pastries made with a lot of love and passion by an old lady. You could see the love by the way she treated us and how she asked us, if everything is fine and, if we liked it. Most swedish people I have met on my travels in Australia have been like that. Just very friendly and courteous folk!

A swedish cafè in the middle of the forest

Having a cake and a cup of coffee

On site

During our camping trip in southern Sweden we had the best time at our camping site. The only thing we basically did was to hang out, drink some beers and sit in our camping chairs watching the flickering of the campfire. We also went fishing every evening. In southern Sweden you mainly catch pike, bass and pikeperch. There was so much activity going on in the water. It was insane. We had caught multiple 50 cm+ pikes and some bass.

We caught a lot of fish on the camping trip in southern Sweden

Fishing at crystal clear lakes

Preparing the fishing equipment

After we have gilled the fish, we put them on the grillage over the campfire, which we kept running all day long. 45 minutes later we had one of the best dishes I have probably ever eaten in my whole life. Plain freshly catched fish with cooked potatoes. Delicious!

Fresh fish for dinner – Delicious!

We had awesome meal every evening by the campfire

Tell me anything, which could be better than that… hanging out with friends, enjoying the most beautiful nature and abandon your thoughts. Just an absolutely incredible adventure!

Camping trip in southern Sweden – What I have learned

The camping trip in southern Sweden showed me a quite valuable lesson again. I have learned multiple lessons from all my trips, that I have done so far – read here – but this one is a quite simple and practical one.

Sometimes you just need to hang out and watch the glimmering of a small campfire

We all get stressed sometimes. It might be from work or from problems with friends and family. It could also be, that you did not have vacation for a long time. To be straight to the point, it could be anything. So, what to do?

In opinion there is only one option and that’s

taking a timeout

I said this a couple times in my blog already, but I more and more often realise this. It is essential to fill up your batteries and especially to clear your mind. Before I went to the camping trip in southern Sweden with my buddies, my mind was completely overfilled with all different kind of thoughts. Good and bad ones. I found, that it is really hard to get a clear perspective on anything, if your head is to full. In order to get forward and progress again, taking a timeout is the only option. And I found, that a camping trip in southern Sweden is a perfect way to do this.



Want to know what to pack for southern Sweden? Read here



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