5 reasons why I love traveling, travel, blog
5 reasons why I love traveling, travel, blog
5 reasons why I love traveling, travel, blog
5 reasons why I love traveling, travel, blog
5 reasons why I love traveling, travel, blog
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5 reasons why I love traveling so much

By on 3. August 2017

The 5 reasons why I love traveling are not easy to choose to be honest, because there is just so much that traveling the world can give you. In my opinion, traveling and exploring the world is a real blessing. Lots of travelers go out and explore the world in order to only have a good time, which is fair enough. But traveling can give you so much more than that. You just need to open your eyes and, especially, if you do it longer than just a couple weeks, then it really changes your life. It will surprise you what kind of insides and learnings you will gain from traveling. Eventually it will make you grow a lot as a human being. That’s for sure!



The following 5 reasons why I love traveling so much are just a small selection to be honest, but maybe they give you a little glimpse on why I just can’t get enough of traveling the world. If you want to know what else to learn from traveling, read here

5 reasons why I love traveling – Leaving your comfort zone

The first and one of the most important ones from the 5 reasons why I love travelling so much is, that it makes you get out of your comfort zone a lot. Traveling forces you to grow out of your shoes and reach the greatness within yourself on a daily bases. You just need to get our of your comfort zone, otherwise you won’t be able to grab smal and big chances. If you don’t try out new stuff, challenge yourself and sometimes do things that scare you, then you can stay at home just as well.

You have got to leave your comfort zone to get to places like this one

The first out of 5 reasons why I love traveling so much – Leaving the comfort zone

If you want to have the best travel time ever, then you have to do things you have not done before. See the world as a playground, try out and play with it. Maybe you just learn a new language, start to hitchhike, try out a job you would normally never do or you hang out with people, who are completely different than you are.

Try out new stuff – The world is a playground

Traveling brings you so many opportunities, but only, if you overcome your fear of getting out of your comfort zone. It is just a crutual thing when you want to travel the world.

Leaving your comfort zone is crutual for progress

5 reasons why I love traveling – Traveling is a teacher for life

All the above brings me straight to the 2nd point of the 5 reasons why I love traveling so much. Travelling the world is like a teacher for life. In fact, it is the best life teacher out of all. It’s crazy sometimes how much you learn on the go. You will definitely gonna see the world with different eyes. You will learn about other cultures, ways of living, various types of food, habits of people and much, much more. Additionally you will notice a lot of characteristics about yourself, which you might have to work on to eventually become a better you.

2nd one out of 5 reasons why I love traveling – Traveling is an unbelievable teacher for life

At places like Batad (UNESCO) you get taught so much valuable stuff

5 reasons why I love traveling – Attitude change

It’s a big learning curve, which leads me directly to the 3rd point of the 5 reasons why I love traveling so much. Travelling changes your attitude upside down. I don’t know how this exactly happens, but it just does over time. Things you have seen in a specific way before, might look completely different to you all of the sudden. Traveling just broadens your horizon a lot…

Traveling the world broadens your horizon a lot

It makes you happier. You gonna become a person, that people want to hang out with. They start to see the flipside of the coin and you eventually learn to think about the really important things in life.

Seeing places like this will make you so happy

What is your purpose in life? What aims in life do you have? How can you improve yourself and do something good for the world? You will realize, that everything in life is a matter of your attitude. Everything depends on how you see the world/ life and from which side you look at things.

The world is a beautiful place – Everything in life is a matter of perspective

5 reasons why I love traveling – Making friends for life

Point nr. 4 of the 5 reasons why I love traveling so much is a good one as well in my opinion. You will make friends all over the world. It starts with a simple „Hello mate. How are you?“ A couple weeks later you might have a new friend for life or maybe just someone you travel with for quite a while.

A simple “Hello” can be the kick off for trips to Dubai with other awesome travelers

The thing is this: Often times, things happen how they are suppose to happen anyway. Meeting awesome people is a big part of that. These people are the ones, that might change your life forever. They might be the ones, that make you go to an awesome country you have never been before. Maybe you even spend time a together, which you will never forget. At least that’s what I have experienced and many other travelers as well.

You gonna make friends everywhere – Nr. 4 out of the 5 reasons why I love traveling so much

5 reasons why I love traveling – Making the greatest memories

The last point of the 5 reasons why I love traveling so much is very important to me and it is actually the one, that it all comes down to. Eventually traveling the world will ensure, that you make great memories for life. Ultimately that’s what we all want, right? We want to make memories, which we can still talk about in 60 years from now. Memories, which appear in front of your face when you lie on the deathbed.

You gonna make incredible memories like visiting Halong Bay

Stuff, which you can tell your grand children about. Stories they will listen to like it is a magical fairytail or like it’s the new Harry Potter movie 😉 I promise you, you will make so many incredible memories, that you can change others lifes with it. One day, you might tell a random person about what you have experienced with such an excitement, so that the only thing he/ she wants to do from there on, is traveling the world. That happend to me a couple times and it is the most amazing feeling ever to change someones life to the good!

You gonna visit places you will never forget

Inspiring others with your own travels is the greatest thing ever

Of course, there are way more than only 5 reasons why I love traveling, but, if I had to name them all, I would still sit in front of my laptop in a week… 😉



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