3 day camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
3 day camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
3 day camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
3 day camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
3 day camping trip in southern Sweden, travel, blog
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3 day camping trip in southern Sweden

By on 17. August 2017

One of the best things to do in northern Europe is a 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden. This part of the country has so much to offer when it comes to untouched nature, raw wildlife and pure relaxtion. A 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden will make you feel alive and you will make great memories, that you will never forget. Especially the scenic landscapes, thousands of crystal clear lakes and the peace will make you feel completely overwhelmed.



First, I want to give you guys a little inside on what this 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden was all about. It was more of a spontaneous idea of me and 3 friends of mine. We all thought we might need a little timeout and what would be better than just being in nature for a little while, doing nothing but enoying the beautiful surroundings?

Our goal was to make this 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden an oldschool experience. What I mean by that is, that we wanted to live a little bit like old vikings back in the days. A trip for men!

Of course, this only works out to a certain level. Nevertheless I think we did quite well. But let’s start with some general stuff you should know…




3 day camping trip in southern Sweden – General information

I almost always try to give you some general information about the trip and the destination I went to. And that’s what I do this time as well, because in my opinion it’s always good to have some general knowledge about the adventure ahead.

Such a beautiful landscape on our 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden


The place we went to on our 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden is called Undenäs. Undenäs is a locality in the south of the country. It has about 237 inhabitants. You don’t find a lot there, except pretty swedish conifer forests, many untouched lakes with clear natural water and raw wildlife. It doesn’t sound appealing to many people, but it is the perfect place for a camping trip. Many people actually only come to Undenäs to fish.

A wonderful area to go fish

We did that as well (read below). Close to Undenäs is an airfield, which is occasionally used for sky diving. Undenäs is preferably used as a holiday spot for families and couples to get away from the hectic urban lifestyle.

Undenäs is such a great place

How to get there

Undenäs is accessible in 3 ways. These are the options to choose from:

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car

I did not mention the plane, because there is no airport nearby. You can either fly to Stockholm or Göteborg. From there you can take one of the mentioned options. We actually came by car. We started from my hometown Hamburg. It took us 10 hours to get to the final destination of our 3 day camping trip southern Sweden. For the way there and back we payed about 160€ (40€ each) for fuel, which is a good deal I think. We were also able to fit all our gear into the car. All of our camping gear, food, fishing equipment, etc.

Many different ways to get to Undenäs

In my opinion, taking the car is the best option to get to Undenäs, because it is the most convenient. Plus, it is the cheapest way to get there at the end of the day. If you come from far away, like Spain or Poland for example, then you should obviously take the plane and rent a car once you have arrived in Sweden. Other than that, go by car. A nice side effect is, that you can enjoy the beautiful landscape on the way there 😉


The weather in southern Sweden is very diverse. In winter it is very cold and snowy. In summer it’s very warm (30+ °C). Still, it can get really cold at night. So, bring a some warm clothes with you on the 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden or I promise you: You will have a problem with the cold!

Short tip: Take a thick jacket and long underwear with you. It will get freezing at night.

We always had sunshine on our 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden


If you go on a 3 days camping trip in southern Sweden, then you will probably sleep in a tent. We have been very fortunate, because we were allowed to sleep at a property from a friend. It was literally next to a wonderful lake. We had our own boat to go fishing, a campfire and our own outhouse. So, we really did not need anything more.

Such a nice enviroment

View from the lake onto the property

But of course, this is a total exception. Usually we would have to stay at a campground, just like everyone else. There would be no other option, except you decide to go for wild camping. But then you may have to reckon that the police might bust you. So, be careful!

The property we were allowed to stay at


Each person payed about 120€ for the 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden, if I add everything up (food, beverages, fuel and german beer 😉 ).

This calculation doesn’t incude a campground. For a night at a campground you will pay about 15€ , which is completely alright in my opinion. Unfortunately I could not find the website to provide you a link. But I know, that it is located at the southern tip of the lake. Here is the Google Maps location.

I would pay any amount to be close to this

3 day camping trip in southern Sweden – Highlights & things to do

Our 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden was absolutely amazing. Trust me, you will love it too. Just make sure to turn off your phone and only concentrate on enjoying the simple lifestyle for 3 days. The only thing we basically did was to chill out, relax in the sun, go fishing and drink some beers in the evening while watching the flickering of the campfire. What else could you possibly need? 🙂

There are heaps of other things to do. To give you a little glimpse:

  • Kajaking
  • Jet Ski
  • Dirt Biking
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • etc.

Amazing sunset on our 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden

Fishing & campfires

This is the main thing to do in the area. Many people come to Undenäs to relax and to go fishing. It was the main activity on our 3 day trip in southern Sweden as well. In Sweden you mainly catch bass, pike, pikeperch and trout. We only caught bass and pike. The sizes have been between 45 – 65 cm, which is quite decent. I like southern Sweden for its untouched nature and beautiful wildlife. Especially the fishing conditions are very good.

Our freshly caught fish

We mainly went fishing, because we needed food on the table (remember the oldschool experience ? 😉 ). Every night, after we gilled the fish, we roasted it over the open campfire for an hour and cooked some potatoes on the side. Of course, we all had a beer in our hands 😉

Sitting by the campfire on the 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden

I have to say: I have rarely eaten something as good as this. Honestly!

Best food ever on the oldschool 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden

This is what you want when you go on a 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden. Just sitting by the campfire, eating your on freshly caught fish and taking about all kind of stuff with your mates. Absolutely great!




Exploring the surroundings

We also made sure to have a look at the surrounding area while we were on the 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden. It is such a beautiful area. You will see so many pretty lakes, strong conifer forests, wide evergreen fields and some cute swedish houses in between. Swedish houses are made out of wood most of the time and they are painted in bright colours. The swedish people hang their swedish flag out of the windows and it seems like they are living a really solid and peaceful life.

A beautiful lake we found while exploring the surrounding area

We also hiked through a nearby forest, which was quite cool. Nature in southern Sweden is so strong. It’s completely untouched and raw. We also found a small hut near a lake with a nice gangplank to take some pictures. Additionally we found a beautiful rapid stream. Unfortunately we could not find any moose or wolf. We so wanted to see any of these two, but we were unlucky…

The stream we found

Amazing views on the 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden

Therefore we found a nice cafè on the eastside of the lake where we had some really good cake and coffee. Very recommendable!

The tiny cafè

Delicious cake and coffee

3 day camping trip in southern Sweden – What I have learned

Our 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden taught me something essential again. It does not really have to do that much with travelling itself. It is more of a general thing. But that is the good thing about traveling anyway. It does not only teach you travel related lessons, but also about general stuff in life. You can read here what this trip taught me. But in this post I want to talk about something else, that I have realised on the 3 day camping trip in southern Sweden.

It showed me that

friendship is one of the most valuable things in life

Why friendship is so important

This is something we all know, I guess. And I am not talking about “friends”, mates or buddies. I am talking about real friends. Sitting by the campfire with them and talking about real important things in life, which mean a lot to you, is something really significant. We all sometimes have situations or phases in life, where we struggle. Times where shit hits us hard. Moments where life hits us straight in the nuts.

It’s important to make friends a priority

Exploring the southern swedish forests with friends

And that are the times where it is great to have real friends. People, who you can talk to about anything. Sometimes you find them over time. Or you know them from traveling. Some of them are friends, who you might already know since kindergarden. It does not really matter. Just make sure to always let them be one of your main priorities in life, because otherwise you will have a hard time to survive on our planet.

And always stay open minded to find more of these valuable people in life. Especially when you travel, you meet so many great human beings. Have an open heart, because sometimes it results in a real friendship. And that is always a wonderful thing…



Want to know what to pack for a camping trip to Sweden? Read here


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