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Maya Bay Tour, travel, blog
Maya Bay Tour, travel, blog
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Maya Bay Tour – The ultimate Paradise

By on 9. August 2017

The Maya Bay tour might be one of the most special things to do in whole Thailand, even though it is a massive tourist attraction. Many people consider Maya Bay and everything, that lies around it, to be a true paradise. All these people are definitely right. It is georgous. Nevertheless a Maya Bay tour also has a little dark side in a way, but it is up to you to decide what you think about this unique trip.

Guys, this post is not gonna be like most of my other ones where I also tell you some general stuff about the area. Therefore you should read this post in order to get a good inside about everything you need to know. I am only gonna show you what the Maya Bay tour is all about, what places you gonna visit and what I think about it.

Maya Bay Tour – Costs, Duration and more

The Maya Bay tour is one of the coolest things to do in Koh Phi Phi, but you should definitely know some stuff about it. Generally it will cost you about 750 Baht (23 $) + 400 Baht entrance fee at Maya Bay itself (12 $). I leave it up to you, if you think that’s expensive or not. The Maya Bay tour goes on for half a day. That’s at least the one, that I did. And by half a day I mean from around 6 am – 5 pm.

A half day Maya Bay tour is the best option in my opinion

There are also some other options like a full day tour, which takes even longer. You stay longer at each spot and you have a bit more time to enjoy. Additionally you have the opportunity to do an overnight stay at Maya Bay to see the wonderful clear sky at night. That costs 3.500 Baht (106 $), if you book it over the internet with Mayabay Tours. From my personal experience, I would recommend to always book something like the Maya Bay tour on the spot, because most of the time you will get a better price, because you can negotiate 😉

All the tours at least include the following:

  • Drinking water
  • Lunch
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Maya Bay entrance fee
  • Boat, guide and driver

If you book an overnight tour, you will obviously get a little more extras like dinner, matraces, pillows, etc.

Koh Phi Phi Leh from far away – Start of the Maya Bay tour


From my personal experience, I would recommend you to do/ take the following things with you to be perfectly prepared (besides obvious things like a towel or a t-shirt):

  1. Have a big breakfast – You’ll need it
  2. Go as early as you can – Otherwise it will be way to crowded
  3. Bring good sunscreen, sunglases (ocean reflects a lot) and some toilette paper – You might need it
  4. Take an underwater camera (Go Pro) with you – Awesome marine life
  5. Bring a waterproofed bag for your electronical gear (camera, phone, drone, etc.)
  6. Bring some money – To stay a little longer at certain spots just tip the boat driver 😉

    Take some important stuff with you on this magnificant trip

Maya Bay Tour – Highlights

The Maya Bay tour is full of highlights and has something for every kind of taste. Some people like a stunning scenery. Others like to see a wonderful underwater world. Some want the hang out at the most beautiful beaches. I can just say: It’s all there, don’t worry!

Monkey Beach

The first highlight on the Maya Bay tour is Monkey Beach. This spot is actually still on Koh Phi Phi Don. When people talk about Koh Phi Phi, they almost forget, that it is an island with two parts. The paradisaic spots belong to Koh Phi Phi Lee even though Koh Phi Phi Don is also really, really beautiful. Monkey Beach lies on the southern tip of Koh Phi Phi Don and you can only get there by boat. It is the perfect spot to start off the Maya Bay tour.

Monkey Beach at Koh Phi Phi Don

You will meet a lot of wild monkeys on the beach and you can feed them, if you want to. Some of them are quite cheeky, so be aware. They might just take your camera and you will never see it again 😉 It is quite a cool experience, because these monkeys are used to tourists and they even play with you and climb on your head. It’s good fun!

Very cool to see wild monkeys during the Maya Bay tour

Maya Bay

The second thing you probably gonna visit on the Maya Bay tour, depending on which way the driver chooses, will be the world famous Maya Bay itself. Many tourists only go on the Maya Bay tour to see Maya Bay and no other ones, which is fair enough. It is an amazing place. No doubt about that. This beautiful bay overwhelms you with its light blue water colour, the finest sand beach, huge palm trees and an incredible formation of limestone rocks all around. It’s magical!

Magical Maya Bay

Beautiful landscape on the Maya Bay tour

But the main scenery from the movie “The Beach” is also very overloaded in my opinion. It’s just to crowded. When you see the exaggerated mass of people, you will ask yourself, if this place really can be called “paradise”. About 15 – 20 years ago, this must have been true paradise. Almost no people around. Just you and this exceptional landscape.

But nowerdays it is very questionable, if this is still one of the most beautiful places in the world…

The famous entry to Maya Bay

I really liked Maya Bay even though it is extremly crowded

Soaking in the beauty of Maya Bay

Loh Samah

Loh Samah is the first place on the Maya Bay tour, where it makes sense to take your snorkeling gear out and go for a refreshing swim with a very pretty underwater world. The marine life looks quite similar to all the spots in Koh Tao. Lots of different kind of fish, many sorts of corals and a water colour you have probably never seen before. I love the water colour in Thailand. It has this very unqiue greenish touch to it, which you don’t find that often. Not even in Australia or Europe. But I had the feeling, that it is even clearer in Loh Samah.

Cruising towards Koh Samah

You will also get a good photo of the small green island, which is planted in the sea. It looks very cool. At Loh Samah the ocean is not very deep. So, people, who might have a problem with deep waters, don’t need to be afraid at all.

Koh Samah has the clearest water ever

Pileh Lagoon

This might have been my favourite spot on the Maya Bay tour. I know, that’s hard to claim, but driving into the Pileh Lagoon was just an incredible feeling. This Lagoon just looks so surreal. The scenery does not really change compared to all the other spots, but, because the Pileh Lagoon is quite long, it just looks even cooler when you cruise along. It’s almost like a fjord, but with the typical Southeast Asian style to it. Big limestone cliffs with bamboo bushes and bird nest of special swallow species everywhere you look. You need to look closely though 😉

Entry to the Pileh Lagoon

The Pileh Lagoon just looks incredible

The locals loot the nests every year to sell the eggs for a very high price. They are used in soups. In Southeast Asia it’s an expensive delicacy.

The good thing about the Pileh Lagoon is the fact, that it is way less crowded than Maya Bay, which makes it a better site in my opinion. Thai people believe, that it has been a local offering/ some kind of gift from Buddha for the locals.

What a unique and very dark green water colour at the Pileh Lagoon

Viking Cave

The Viking Cave is an old cave on the north side of Koh Phi Phi Lee. It’s very old and the Thai people have built a scaffold out of bamboo inside the cave to loot the countless swallow nests. Besides that, it is a holy place with beautiful old paintings on the walls. Some people even live in the Viking Cave, which I found to be pretty unique. A very unusual style of living I would say 🙂

Usually you are not allowed to drive into the cave, but only seeing it from the outside is quite special.

Viking Cave from the outside

Sunset on the Andaman Sea

The last thing is the sunset on the Andaman Sea. This obviously depends on which tour you take. I have not seen this special sunset on the Maya Bay tour, because I went early in the morning. But I have seen it during my suba diving tour at Koh Phi Phi. If you take a later Maya Bay tour, you will have a great setting for a perfect sunset photo.

The Maya Bay tour ended with a unforgettable sunset

The cruise

Besides all the already mentioned highlights on the Maya Bay tour, I just recommend you to enjoy the rides in between. I found it to be so satisfying and overwhelming to be able to see an area like that. It just impressed me what mother nature is able to create.

Wonderfully formed landscape on the Maya Bay tour

This area really looks like heaven on earth, but…


But as said before, the Maya Bay tour has to be looked at under two different aspects. It is an incredible tour, but it is also very touristic. So, think twice, if that is something for you or not…



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