Jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai, travel, blog
Jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai, travel, blog
Jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai, travel, blog
Jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai, travel, blog
Jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai, travel, blog
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Epic jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

By on 1. Juli 2017

The jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai is the ultimate thing, if you want to have a great experience in the north of Thailand. This tour is very different to everything else you can find in this country. Most of the time you have paradisaic islands, beautiful white sand beaches and tropical vibes. But an adventure like this one is just the complete opposite.


Epic jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

The jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai is on top of my list of things to do in Thailand. And there is a reason for that. Mainly, because it is just a different kind of experience compared to what most people do in Thailand. The jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai brings you to really undeveloped places in the middle of the jungle and it will make you feel like a real explorer. Like someone, who is willing to run around like “Rambo”, acting like nothing can stop him/ her. A real adventurer… 😉

Additionally this epic jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai told me something quite valueble, just like always (I tell you at the end). Even though the trekking has its good and its “bad” sides, it is still something I highly recommend.

The views you get during the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

Untouched rivers on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

Jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai – General information

History and prices

The jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai can be booked on the spot or in Bangkok. If you really want, you can book it from anywhere actually, does not matter where you are right now. The Thai people will make it happen for you, if the money is right 😉

Chiang Mai is the biggest town in the north of Thailand. The region is mainly known for its beautiful landscape. It has the nickname “rose of the north”, because the nature is so pretty. Green and healthy valleys paired with raw jungles and unique wildlife. A great combination! 🙂

Besides that, Chiang Mai is known for its jade stone industry. Big companies have their headquarters in Chiang Mai. Most people, who live in the area, earn their income from this industry. The city was built 1.296 years A.C. by a king named “Mangrai”. Nowerdays it is only used for tourism and the stone industry.

Markets in Chiang Mai

How to get there

I booked my tour in Bangkok, straight after I arrived  from Bali. Even though Bangkok is such a vibrant city and it has a lot of cool stuff to see, it still was not my favourite place. So, the first thing I needed to do, was to get away and start an adventure. The best option for me seemed to be to get straight up north to do the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai. I payed about 450 Baht (15 $) to get there by bus. That’s how most travellers get there. The ride takes about 8 – 10 hours.

Short tip: Take some warm clothes with you in the bus. The air conditioning is really cold, just like everywhere in Southeast Asia.

Short tip 2: Also take your valueble stuff with you into the bus and don’t let them be put into the storage room. A lot of my money has been stolen during these kind of bus transportations. Sometimes small Thai people go through the rooms and try to take out the expensive stuff.

On the way to the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

Tour costs

Once you are there, you can book the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai or (as said) you just book it in Bangkok already via one of numerous companies. The price is about 1.400 Baht. I payed 1.100, because I booked it in Bangkok. So, I got a better price and I recommend you to do the same.

Short tip 3: Be aware that Thai people are good sales people. So, negotiate with them, because they will always give you a high price first. So, you have to give them a very low price in order to get a fair price. A lot of them might get angry about it or don’t want to talk to you anymore, but they will come back at you, because they are the ones, who need to sell. Guaranteed 😉

You can decide whether you want to do a long trekking tour (a couple days) or the shorter one. I took the shorter jungle trekking tour in Chang Mai, which is 2 days including an overnight stay in the deepest jungle. I recommend that time frame, because you will get a good enough impression of the landscape and the people. But it’s also still enough time to do all the cool stuff, which is included in the tour.

2 days is more than enough to see everything you need


The weather in the area is very consistent, which is good to know for the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai. Believe me, you don’t want to have bad weather when you hike through the jungle, but you probably will. We did as well. One of our two days was quite rainly. We were sliding down the hills sometimes like we were trying to surf in the mud. I thought it was good fun, but most of the others, did not really like that to much. In my opinion, rain belongs to the rain forest. So, it did not bother me. That’s just how it is on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai most of the time – rainy and humid…

The best weather conditions in Chiang Mai can be found in November, December and January. Rain season is from May until October. The temperature averages on about 25°C and it is very sunny most of the year.

How the weather is most of the time during the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

People and food

The Thai people are a very proud and really friendly folk. They can also be quite direct, especially when they work in the tourism industry. The yell and scream at you sometimes. Besides that, they can be quite persistent when it comes to selling you things 😉 That can be a litle bit stressing. But anyway, in general Thai people have a warm and lovely attitude. You will really see that on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai. The tour guides are sooo friendly. They try to teach their clients, explain everything that you want them to explain and they really take care of you. Thai people can also be quite funny. They definitely have a special kind of humor 😉

The super friendly guide at the start the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

Thai people are very cool and really friendly most of the time

In the north of Thailand people like to eat spicy. Same on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai. You can either take a spicy or a normal meal. I’d recommend you to take the normal one, if your gustatory nerves are not that trained on spicey food. The food is very good though. It’s very basic and tradional. Rice with souce, spices and veggies. It might seem very boring, but it is really delicious. Besides that, you find all kinds of fresh fruits during your jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai. The tour guides will show you. Make sure to try them. They are not from this world!

Fresh and free food in the jungle

The best stuff you will ever eat

Jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai – Highlights and what to see

I want to give you a little glimpse of what you will experience on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai by telling how my trip was. In my opinion it’s the best way to get insides of what is waiting for you. I know, people have a different opinions and ways of seeing things, but I believe, telling a story is way better and much more exciting than just telling facts.

One of many highlights from the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

Untouched beauty everywhere

Day 1

When I arrived in the biggest city of northern Thailand for the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai, everything went pretty fast. We have been brought to the starting point straight, which was quite tough to be honest, because I did a night ride from Bangkok by bus. And as you might have heard, the bus rides in Thailand are not the most comfortable ones 😛

Start of the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

Once we have made it to the starting point of the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai, we headed directly into the jungle. In total we have walked for several hours to get to our overnight stay. After about 30 minutes I could already surmise, that the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai might be a little tougher than I initially thought. The humidity and the heat make it quite hard. Anyway, I was really suprised about the beauty of nature right from the start. The further we went into the jungle, the stronger and healthier nature seemed to be.

Its getting humid and wet very quick

Water and rivers everywhere on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

What you will see

We passed a couple rivers, seen some rice terraces and “fought” our way through the bushes. The landscape reminded me a little of the Daintree Rainforest in Australia.

Along the way of the jungle trekking in Chiang Mai, we also saw some wild bulls standing on some fields, watching us passing by. Very impressive!

Massive bulls watching us

A big group of bulls just casually standing somewhere in the jungle

The guides will also show you some really cool plants, which start to shrink when you touch them. I have never seen that before 😀

The shrinking plants

If you look closely, then you can even sometimes find some very rare and bad ass looking spiders. The biggest highlight on the first day is a big waterfall in a mini village. I don’t know, if this village actually has a name. I don’t think so, because it only had 4 houses. You can go for a quick refreshing swim and buy some souveniers there. It’s also a very good spot to take some cool pictures for your Instagram 😉

The waterfall you can swim at

A very nice place to stay at

The small village at the waterfalls – so basic

Finding cute cats on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

The end of the first day

After lunch, you will have another walk ahead of you to get to the place where you stay for the night. On our last part it started to rain quite heavily. The paths got slippery and, because you sometimes have to walk down some really steep tracks, most people tend more to slide down, rather than to normally keep walking. Me too. I slipped and fell straight onto the ground a couple times. It was good fun, but all my clothes were dirty after a while. So, make sure to take some dry clothes with you on the jungle trekking in Chiang Mai.

The basic food you get

When it starts to rain, then you should be prepared

At the campsite (you sleep in one big hut with all the other people) you can go for another quick dip in a small lake by a waterfall. It’s quite cold though. Don’t expect it to be comfortable. You will get dinner after it. Most people stay up a little longer, talking to each other and the locals. It’s a great way to get in contact with people from all over the world.

Short tip 4: Bring your mosquito spray. You will have a mosquito net to cover you at night, but these animals always find a way. So, be prepared for that.

The huts you gonna sleep in

Day 2

The 2nd day started with such a lovely view. We had better weather and the sun came up straight over the jungle valleys with a little bit of mist in the air. A scenery to fall in love with!

We have even seen a big rice terrace, which I always wanted to see in my life…

The weather started to clear up in the morning

Fantastic view in the morning during the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

Right after breakfast you start embark on to your next destination – the elephant riding/ feeding. On your way to it, you have the opportunity again to fully soak in the beauty of this unique area, that only a few people are blessed to see. Most travelers don’t do the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai and immediately go down the south of the country to see the other highlights of Thailand, which is such a shame in my opinion. I have actually even seen a big bug, that I don’t even know the name of. I mean, how cool is that? 😀

Big bugs in the jungle

Soaking up the feeling of being in the deepest jungle

Riding and rafting

Once the track has come to an end, you will be brought to the elephants. I did the elephant riding. Why? Because I really wanted to do that once in my life and I am glad I did it. This is a topic, that everyone has to arrange with him/herself, whether they want to do it or not. The elephants get treated quite good, but not to good. For me, it’s an experience I would not want to miss, even though I would not do it again, because I don’t support that animal husbandry.

Beautiful animals, but they are chained

The elephant riding on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai

After spending some time riding, feeding and petting these lovely giants, you will be brought the last stop on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai – the “Bamboo Rafting”. This is a great opportunity to just sit back and relax at the end of the trip. You basically float down a long river on a small bamboo raft while watching the beautiful surroundings. Really pretty!

Bamboo rafting tour

So happy on the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai. Loved the rafting!

Overall the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai is a great adventure and a nice diversion to what the south of Thailand has to offer. Especially, if you consider all the cool suprises, that the jungle/ nature has to offer.

Such a lovely enviroment to be in and a “Must Do” in Thailand

Jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai – What I have learned

As said above, the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai told me something quite nice. It is not a life lesson or anything similar. It’s more of a common sense/ “go the other way” thing and way more related to travelling than life in general. Usually I talk more about what travelling teaches you for your life, but this one is simpler.

While travelling or living somewhere in a foreign country or city, we all tend to go and have a look at what is most common. I mean the stuff, that everyone knows like the “Eiffel Tower” in Paris or the “Opera House” in Sydney. Most of the time these places are great to have a look at, but seriously, the unknown stuff is way more exciting most of the time. Just like the jungle trekking tour in Chiang Mai. Almost all travelers only come to Thailand to see the southern islands, which is understandable. This region is pretty. Really pretty. But the north of Thailand is also absolutely wonderful, just in a different kind of way. And furthermore you have way less tourism and a more untouched enviroment surrounding you.

Such a fascinating enviroment

Always follow the more uncommon path. Even, if it is harder

That’s why you should

always travel to more unknown/ undiscovered places instead of going to common travel destinations

In 95% of the time you will not regret this decision, because you will mostly experience the same kind of beauty, just with less hecticness. And that’s what makes these places so beautiful. The more remote a place is, the more beautiful it is…



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