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Best 6 things to do in Omis – Croatia

By on 3. Juli 2017

When you come to Dalmatia, then the best 6 things to do in Omis should be on your list. Make sure to cross off all points on the list, because this area is not advertised at all, but it is really beautiful. You can go mountain climbing, rafting, hanging out at paradisaic beaches and much, much more. I personally loved this place, because it is quite small and peaceful compared to other cities in Croatia. But obviously the 6 best things to do in Omis have played a big role why I like this area so much.


Best 6 things to do in Omis – Croatia

I have been at Omis for a couple weeks and that’s why I could manage to cross off everything of the list from the 6 best things to do in Omis. Omis is a small town on the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia. It only has a couple thousend inhabitants. Croatia has not that many national citizens anyway, but Omis is really small in comparison to other places. Still it has heaps of cool stuff to offer.

Best 6 things to do in Omis – Omis city view with an old church

Absorb the roman style

The first thing, that really impressed me was the old roman architectural style. You can easily find that in every Croatian city, but in Omis it is even more obvious to see. Because of the fact, that this town is so small, the roman style makes it even more dramatic. There is a certain feeling coming up, which is not easy to explain. You can call it “charming” in a way, because everything you see is just really pretty and it seems kind of romantic. Just a lovely touch! So, make sure to check that out and put this on your list of the best 6 things to do in Omis.

Old roman street style

Very old streets and houses

Hanging out at magnificent beaches

What you also have to put under the 6 best things to do in Omis is visiting all the wonderful beaches in and around the town. The better ones can be found outside of the city in my opinion, because they are quieter and more secluded. There is one big main beach in Omis, where a lot of people go to. This main beach is alright, but I would always recommend you to drive out of town for about 1 km. On your way you find a lot of small bays, which look like heaven.

And I also had the feeling, that the sand and the water conditions were even better the further you go outside of the city. Croatia has a lot of pebble beaches. Many tourists prefer sand beaches and I do as well. You will find a couple more sand beaches out of the town. So, go the extra mile, if you are more into quality beaches 😉

Sitting by the beach

Enjoying the view onto the beaches and Omis is one of the best 6 things to do in Omis

Try out all kind of food

A thing you should also put on your list of the best 6 things to do in Omis is to try out as much different dishes as you can possibly can. There was no restaurant, that I did not like. Croatians eat all kind of food. Mostly seafood though, but Italian, French and other stuff is on the menu too. Dalmatia is known for good seafood. I can really recommend it too. It’s very good. Overall you will be very satisfied with the local dishes I think, because the standard is pretty decent. There was just no typical Croatian food though. I just could not find it. But I guess, you have to know Croatians or or stay with some Croatian families in order to get a typical Croatian dish 😉

Trying out different food has to be under the best 6 things to do in Omis

Visit the Cetina Canyon

Put visiting the “Cetina Canyon” on the top of the list from the 6 best things to do in Omis as well. Why? Because it is absolutely stunning in my opinion. The city of Omis is built in a small bay. It’s  divided into two separate parts. It is lying straight at a crossing river of an estuary mouth. Dalmatia’s whole coastline is full of huge mountains and many cities are built in front of these mountain ranges. Same with Omis. What most people don’t know is, if you drive to the hinterland behind the mountains of Omis, then you will come to this absolutely incredible canyon, which is a big attraction of the whole area.

The more you drive up the mountains, the better the views get. Additionally you can drive aaall along the river and enjoy the whole surrounding nature of this beautifully shaped canyon. And embrace the opportunity to try out all different kind of sporty activities like kajaking, climbing, canyonering, etc. You gonna have so much fun. The Cetina Canyon is definitely a must do and easily one of the best 6 things to do in Omis.

The Cetina Canyon is on top of the list of the best 6 things to do in Omis

Best 6 things to do in Omis: Cetina Canyon

Have a look onto Omis from above

What I also highly recommend, is to have a look at the whole area of Omis from above. Make sure to put that on your list of the best things to do in Omis. Croatia is a country, which has more than 1.000 islands and as far as I know (obviously I have only seen the smallest quantity), most of them suppose to be awesome. From the top of the mountains you have such a perfect view onto them and Omis. You will have “Brac” right in front of you. If you drive up any hill for about 15 minutes, then you will eventually find impressive sunset spots. Promised!

Sunset in Omis from the top of the mountains is another point of the best 6 things to do in Omis

Visit the castles

As the last point, put “visiting the castles” on your list of the best 6 things to do in Omis. Croatia is full of castles (just like islands), because back in the days it was a strategically important point for old kings of Europe. Many castles are used in the TV series “Game of Thrones”, because they have this old roman look to them. I loved that. It looks really cool!

Omis has two old pirate castles. One is lying directly in the city and the 2nd is located on the top of the mountains. They are a highlight of Omis and you should not miss out on visitng them. You can only reach the one on the mountain by hiking.

Pirate castle at the bottom of the mountains

Pirate castle on top of the mountains is also one of the best 6 things to do in Omis

Different routes

It is a 1 hour hike, if you take the steep way. This one is shorter, but harder. If you choose the other way, it will at least take you about 1,5 hours to get to the top. This way is easier though. On our way there, we took the steep track. On the way back down, we chose the longer one. So, we covered both and I can only recommend, take lots of water and some food with you 🙂

It’s quite hard, even though it is not a long walk. Especially when the sun is out and it’s hot, then it can be quite a task for people, who are not that trained. But it is all worth it in the end. You won’t ever forget the view from the top. It’s magnificant!

The view onto Brac, Omis and the ocean is so nice. And being up there, visiting the castle, will make you feel like a real pirate as well. So, for adventurous people this is a cool thing to do I’d say 🙂

Visiting the pirate castles must be under the best 6 things to do in Omis

Feeling like a pirate at the top castle


Of course you will find even more cool stuff to do around the area, but, if you start with the best 6 things to do in Omis, then you will probably have a great time already!



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