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3 days Baltic Sea road trip – Pure german Nature

By on 28. Juli 2017

A 3 days Baltic Sea road trip is something you have to do, when you are in Germany. There is a lot to see and the landscape you can find, is very typical for the whole Baltic region.  It’s a scenery you will probably not forget that quick and it attracts heaps of travellers every year.

Lately I have been on a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip and it was absolutely fantastic. This maritime area of Germany is very special and has such a unique style to it. It is very different to what you can find anywhere else in this country. I have seen different kind of villages by the sea and checked out various activities.

Because of the fact that it is not far away from my home town Hamburg it was quite a quick journey to get there. Of course I will only tell you about what I have seen in these three days. I have also seen a couple other places in this area, but for now you should get a good inside of the Baltic area within 3 days, if you check out the following stuff. Still, I will give you some other options as well 😉

The beaches during a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip

3 days Baltic Sea road trip – General information

As said, the Baltic Sea is a very unique area within Germany. It‘s previliged to explore by car and it’s also almost the only way to get around. There are some busses, which take you from one to another place, but you have to wait very long to get one and the transportation system in this area is not that developed, because it mainly is a holiday area where people drive around by car.

How to get around the best way on a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip

This is why you should definitely take your own car or rent one when you go on a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip, because, it’s just the best and most comfortable way to reach everything you want to see.

The Baltic Sea is also the place where a lot of big cruise ships like the „Aida“ and others start from. The main industries along the German Baltic Sea are shipping and anything regarding the tourism industry.

A coastline where some old ships like this one can be seen

Really cool ships everywhere at the Baltic Sea

Sizes, development and utilization

There are two oceans in the north of Germany. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Both of them flow into the European North Sea and ultimately into the Atlantic Ocean. The Baltic Sea actually goes all the way up till Stockholm in Sweden and even until Russia. In the whole region of the North Sea you can find about 80 million people. In Germany it is about a couple hundred thousend. The Baltic Sea has a a size of about 20.000 km² in total.

A 3 days Baltic Sea road trip will bring you to these kind of beaches

Back in the days and still until today the Baltic Sea is used by many fishermen, who live in the area. But nowerdays, as the fishermen have to go to bigger oceans to catched enough fish, the Baltic Sea area is more and more used for tourism purposes.

The Baltic Sea developed during the last glacial period over 12.000 years ago. Since then, it developed drastically in acological ways. 20% of it are already „dead zones“, because there is not enough oxigen anymore.

The Baltic Sea in Germany is a really beautiful place

Animals and wildlife

Nature and animal lovers will not be to enthusiastic when they go on a 3 day Baltic Sea road trip. The marine life is not very vivid, because of the bad ocean conditions. But therefore you find a lot of bird species, insects and small mammals like rabbits or mise in the region. So, it is kind of a mecca for bird interested people.

The Baltic Sea is a mecca for bird spotters

Coastlines and food

The coastlines you gonna see on a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip are very pretty. You will only find sand beaches all along and there is beach after beach after beach. You will also find many good restaurants and food shops. Especially high quality fish restaurants. Because of the fact, that most villages are tourism spots, the standards have to be very good, which you can see by looking at the prices. They are a little higher, compared to other regions in Germany, but paying a little more is definitely worth it for what you get.

Wonderful sunsets at the coastlines at the Baltic Sea in Germany

3 days Baltic Sea road trip – Highlights and what to do

The highlights can be divided into the places you have to visit and events you should have a look at, if you are in the region during that specific time.

Localities and activities

During the 3 days Baltic Sea road trip you have the choice to go to a lot of beautiful places. You can chose from villages, islands and peninsulas. Here is a little list of highly coveted spots:

–          Travemünde, Weisenhäuser Strand, Heiligenhafen, Timmendorfer Strand, Scharbeutz, Grömitz and Stralsund (villages)

–          Fehmarn (peninsula)

–          Rügen & Sylt (islands)

All of these places have something special to it. Of course, at all of them you can you have various things to do. The islands for example are the perfect place on your 3 day Baltic Sea road trip to relax and hang out by oceans with the typical northern German style. Everything is very similar to Denmark in a way.

The beach at “Travemünde”

Beautiful beaches, which look very similar to the ones in Denmark

The whole Baltic area is priviledged for water sports like windsurfing, fishing, jet ski driving, paragliding and much more. You could also play volleyball or just hang out at one of the countless roofed wicker beach chairs. On any beach you literally find hundreds of them. It looks so cool, when you look at this scenery from above or far away. Very pretty!

Roofed wicker beach chairs everywhere


Definitely make sure to try out a fish restaurant or any good restaurant at a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip. They are very good and the service is very nice at every restaurant I have been to along the Baltic Sea. For a little snack in between try out a „Fischbrötchen“, which basically means bread with fish. They are always really fresh and they taste delicious. You can choose between all kind of fish like matie, bass, trout, salmon and much more. And obviously, get a German beer with it 😉

The views from a restaurant

Swimming and boat tours

Swimming is something you should also do when you are on a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip. The water temperature in this area is pretty low, but during summertime it is alright (almost 20°C). It’s very refreshing. The ocean colour can not be compared to other beautiful areas of the world like Australia, Croatia or Thailand in Southeast Asia, but it is still quite pretty.

Go for a swim in the ocean on your 3 days Baltic Sea road trip

Short tip: Make sure to put sunscreen on. Even though you might think the sun in Germany can not be that strong, I have to say it definitely can. I had one of my worst sunburns in my home country, which is ridiculous, if you think about where I have been already – read here.

Additionally check out the “Ostseetherme”, which is a big swimming bath with heaps of sauna options. It’s very relaxing and pretty famous regionally. Even in Hamburg people know about it and like to go there.

The “Ostseetherme”

If you have the opportunity, than also try to go on a short ship cruise or sailing tour. They are so much fun. I have once done one to “Rügen” and stayed there for a whole day. It was absolutely brilliant!

Some sailing or boat tours offer special fishing tours, where you can catch your own fish and eat it afterwards. The fishermen prepare it with a beer coating. So delicious!

Go on a sailing tour during your 3 days Baltic Sea road trip, if you can


Grömitz harbour birthday

An event you should not miss out on a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip, if you are around at that specific time, is the “Hafengeburtstag” in Grömitz. It is the birthday of the citie’s harbour. It is an awesome festive activity, where all kind of booths are positioned. Food, clothes as wel as jewellery booths and much more. You can listen to the local music and kids can play anywhere they want to. It’s pretty cool and a lot of fun. Make sure to check it out, if you have the chance.

A beach close to “Grömitz”

Grömitz ocean of colours

Also try out the “Farbenmeer” in Grömitz, if you have the opportunity during your 3 days Baltic Sea road trip. It’s a festival where the local people celebrate the start of autumn. To be honest, it’s basically another reason for Germans to drink beer 🙂 No, but seriously, it is a cool event, where can get know locals and have a good time with them.

Travemünde week

An event, which I really like as well, is the “Travemünder Woche”. Travemünde is one of the biggest villages you can see on your 3 days Baltic Sea road trip in northern Germany. During this 1 week celebration you can watch big cruise ships leave the local harbour, eat and shop at all kinds of booths, hang out at one of the biggest beaches along the German Baltic coastline or just have a good time with locals and friends. You can also find a stage where some live bands perform, which is pretty cool.

Beachside at “Travemünde” during the “Travemünder Woche”

At the end of the day it is up to you what to choose from. There is even way more stuff, than I just told you, but, if you pick out a couple things of the listed, then you are good to go on your 3 days Baltic Sea road trip and you will get a great impression of whole area and the scenery!

3 days Baltic Sea road trip – What I have learned

Guys, just like always I still wanna give you a little inside on what I have learned during this short, but lovely road trip.

Most people, and I do too, always want to go far, far away, which is understandable. Sometimes we need to get far away to get our heads clear. But true beauty can be found anywhere. Even just around the corner. We all tend to not explore our own countries, which is such a shame. We think, we know every spot, because we live in this particular country, right? I live in xxx, so I know everything about xxx and it’s nothing new to me.

The seaside on a 3 days Baltic Sea road trip – Always stay curious and search for the beauty

But that is completely the wrong way of thinking in my opinion. I think:

You always have to be curious in life

Whether it’s about learning something new for work, learning a new skill, trying a new sport, eating new food OR exploring your home country. I personally have to admit, that I don’t have a clue about Southern Germany for e.g. and I have only been there once (Oktoberfest) in my life so far, but after a little research I have seen, that there are countless things to see like the Black Forest or the serpentines in Bavaria or or or…

So, I challange you to explore your own country first, which I try to do at the moment and in the following month, before you have a look at far away countries. This will also bring you a lot closer to your home country and it will make you prouder than you already are.



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