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Where to stay at the coastline of Dalmatia

By on 4. June 2017

The coastline of Dalmatia has a lot of very beautiful spots where you can stop by. For many tourists this coastline is very special. Every year many travelers – singles, couples and families – book their vacations in Croatia to enjoy the incomparable beauty of the coastline of Dalmatia. 

Where to stay at the coastline of Dalmatia

But guys, obviously there is one big question, when you visit the coastline of Dalmatia. Especially for families it is the most important one:

  • Where to stay?

And there are a couple other questions that come with the first one, like:

  • Which ones are the most comfortable ones?
  • Which ones are the cheapest ones?
  • Is there a good combination out of both?

And so on…

What a view onto the coastline of Dalmatia

The coastline of Dalmatia is absolutely wonderful

Where I would stay at the coastline of Dalmatia

The main place, which I really liked at the coastline of Dalmatia, was Omis. I could list so many reasons, why I would always choose this place. I guess, the main reason is, that it is the first village, that I have ever been to on the coastline of Dalmatia. But it could also just be the fact, that I like so much, because it is a great area for everyone.

There is only one place to stay on the coastline of Makarska

The sunsets you get on the coastline of Dalmatia

Further possible accommodation on the coastline of Dalmatia

Other good places you can stay at on the coastline of Dalmatia in my opinion are:

  • Split
  • Makarska
  • Trogir


Split is very diverse and the pivotal point on the coastline of Dalmatia. It maybe is the main place to be at in whole Croatia besides Zagreb and Dubrovnic. Split is really pretty and there is a lot to see. But it definitely is not as relaxing as other smaller cities/ villages.

A small beach in Split


Makarska is a place, that I would recommend for families. This city has everything you need and more. There are various beautiful beaches and a lot of fun activities to do. Additionally you find all kinds of accommodation there. An awesome place to enjoy your vacation.

Small villages along the way to Makarska


Trogir is very similar to Makarska, but has more historical stuff to see. So, I would say it is a good choice for people, who are more interested in getting to know Croatia and its history a little more. People, who place value on old buildings, the old roman style/ vibe and so on. Trogir really is a very recommendable place on the coastline of Dalmatia I’d say.

On the way towards Trogir on coastline of Dalmatia


But nothing can be compared to Omis I think. There is some stuff, that just fascinate me about this place, even though all the other cities are really great as well. I particularly like:

  1. The old roman style (you find this everywhere in Croatia though)
  2. No crowded beaches and no rubbish anywhere
  3. It’s built at a small bay at the outfall of a river
  4. Behind the mountain ranges you find a very impressive canyon
  5. It has two small and very cool pirate castles (also everywhere in Croatia)

But there are so many more reasons why Omis is the Nr. 1 on the coastline of Dalmatia. I guess, you just gotta see yourself 😉

View onto Omis from the hills

The beautiful ocean at Omis

Different sorts of accommodation in Omis

Above I showed you a couple reasons why Omis is my favourite, but what about the accommodation itself? What do you prefer? A nice hotel or a decent homestay? Maybe a small backpackers hostel?

All the different sorts of accommodation have their pros and their contras to them. It really depends on what you like and what you need. No one would go into a backpackers, if they have 3 kids and it’s their “once in a year holiday”. You would rather check into a nice hotel, where you don’t have to worry about anything. I get that. I just wanna give you a short overview on all the main kinds of accommodation available. In my opinion you have the following 3 choices in Omis (everything else is irrelevant I think).

Sunsets on the coastline of Dalmatia – A restaurant in Omis


You will find a lot of good hotels on the coastline of Dalmatia and also in Omis. Just search on Google. All of them are lying in the centre and not on the hills/ mountains ranges. So everthing is very close: Supermarkets, shops, beaches, restaurants, bakeries, etc.

On the other hand you obviously missing out on the special view, which you would have from the hills. Furthermore it is definitely a little louder and more crowded in the centre of the village. So make a conscious choice, if you want to stay in a hotel or not. I guess though, that it is a good option for families most of the time.

The canyon behind Omis


If you want more action, I’d tell you to go to a backpackers hostel. Does not matter, if you are single or a couple (maybe not for families 🙂 ). The positives aspects are very obvious, I guess. Most of the time backpacker hostels are quite easy to find everywhere. Usually they are also pretty cheap. Aaaand they almost always offer a lot of different activities. Plus it is really easy to get in contact with other travellers from all over the world. You can hang out and enjoy your time together.

The negative side is also quite easy to see. You don’t really have a lot of privacy, it gets pretty messy and it might be a little loud sometimes, because of the parties 😉 So you should really be aware of that. But in general it’s quite nice and the coastline of Dalmatia has a lot of good ones.

The city part of Omis with some small churches


I say it straight from the start. I recommend homestays the most on the coastline of Dalmatia. Why? For a couple reasons. Nowerdays it is easy to find them through Airbnb for e.g.. You get in contact with locals, who can help you with literally everything. When I was there, me and my girlfriend got pretty lucky. Our landlord even told us about some cool things we should do and we actually did them all – like going to the pirate castles on the mountains, visiting the canyon, etc.

The view at the canyon is incredible

Besides that, most of the time the rooms are in good condition, you have a certain privacy and the accommodation is not to expensive. So, I think it is a good compromise for everyone – singles, couples and families. Additionally most of the homestays are located outside of the town. So, it’s more relaxed and you have a better view onto the ocean and the beautiful islands, if you manage to find something up the hills.

I also highly recommend homestays on the coastline of Dalmatia, because Croatians/ Croatian hosts are really friendly as far as I have experienced it 😉

One of two pirate castles in Omis

Ultimately you have to choose what’s best for you. But I know what I will choose, when I come back to the coastline of Dalmatia.



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