Scuba Diving at Coron Island, travel, blog
Scuba Diving at Coron Island, travel, blog
Scuba Diving at Coron Island, travel, blog
Scuba Diving at Coron Island, travel, blog
Scuba Diving at Coron Island, travel, blog
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Scuba diving at Coron Island – A magnificant Adventure

By on 2. June 2017

Scuba diving at Coron Island is one of the best things I have done on my travels so far. It is an incredible experience to scuba dive in this area. The scuba diving at Coron Island is very famous all over the world. It is a must do while you are there and I really, really loved. The fish, the coral reefs, the surroundings, just everything is absolutely special. Just a fantastic experience


Scuba diving at Coron Island – A magnificant Adventure

Guys, in this post I want to tell you a little bit of an activity I love to do and the special place where I have done it lately – scuba diving at Coron Island.

Coron Island might not seem special in terms of scuba diving for most people, but for people, who love this activity, it is an absolute mecca. I will tell you a little bit about my personal experience with scuba diving at Coron Island, just like I always do

I can tell you right from the start: I loved it and I highly recommend it for many reasons.

What you see from the boat

Scuba diving at Coron Island – General information & where to book

As I said, scuba diving at Coron Island is very famous. The reason being is this: Apparently it is one out of only two spots on earth where you can dive with real shipwrecks from the second world war. At most others (e.g. Pearl Harbour) you are not allowed to do so.

What you see on the scuba diving at Coron Island

The history

In Pearl Harbour for e.g. scuba diving is restricted, because for the Americans it symbolises a graveyard. And because of that, they don’t even do anything in the area regarding cleaning up the ocean or any cool activities. You are not allowed to dive and there is still a lot of oil coming out of the ships. Such a petty. But at Coron Island you are allowed to scuba dive. And that’s just awesome!

The shipwrecks you find at Coron Island are Japanese. They have been bombed after the second world war. After Japan attacked the U.S. in Pearl Harbour, they tried to hide in between all the little islands of Coron. But unfortunately for them, the Americans were able to find and destroy them.

Nowerdays they are a solid foundation for corals and fish. Plus, it just looks very cool 😉

The underwater world just looks so cool

The dive sites

Coron Island has 12 good dive sites. All of them are different. I went down into the beautiful underwater world 5x. 2x I did reef diving and 3x ship wreck diving. Every dive site has something special to it, that’s for sure. The coral reef diving is more of a relaxed thing where you can concentrate on the beauty of the underwater world. The shipwreck diving is more of an exciting adventure 🙂

I personally liked the shipwreck dives more, because of 2 reasons.

That’s what scuba diving at Coron Island is famous for

I like some action under water. Whether it’s exploring wrecks or seeing some very cool animals

Don’t get me wrong. The normal coral scuba diving was high quality diving as well, but nothing I haven’t seen before. Even though I have to say, that the corals on the Philippines are still in very good shape (most of them) and they are extremely beautiful compared to other regions on earth.

Coral scuba diving on Coron Island is brilliant

Coral dive

So, as I said the scuba diving on Coron Island is really, really good. The normal coral dive is a big part of it. The underwater world is just stunning anyway, but what you see in the Philippines is top level. During these kind of dives you will not only gonna underwater cliffs, corals and other plants, but also some very cool fish. This time I have seen some angel fish, “Nemo”, moranes and so on. Really cool! 🙂

This kind of scuba diving is definitely recommendable for beginners and the ones, who love to enjoy the georgous surroundigs and the beauty of nature.

Finding “Nemo” on the scuba diving at Coron Island

Coral and plant life during the Suba Diving at Coron Island

Kogyu Maru shipwreck dive

The first shipwreck dive I made on my scuba diving at Coron Island experience was sooo good! 🙂

Before you start the instructor tells you a little bit about the dive site and what the plan is. The “Kogyu Maru” was a Japanese freighter with a length of about 160m. Pretty big ey?
After we got ready, we went jumped into the water and went down. Because the wreck is lying on a depth of 22-34 m, we were not able to see it at the start. After about 2 minutes of descending, which is quite a long time, I could see the siluette of the ship. Extremely cool feeling to see something like that.

You feel like you are in a movie…

Just like in a movie

Everything from there on was truely amazing. We explored almost the whole ship from the ouside AND inside 🙂 We have seen so many cool things. Lost shoes from the dead crew, old wine bottles, prisons and much more. You really have to dive in some very dark rooms sometime using your flashlight to even see anything. Soo ****ing cool!

We found shoes from the crew

The wine bottles from the 2nd world war

Old ropes everywhere

I have done a shipwreck dive in Thailand before, which was also really awesome. But the difference, which makes scuba diving at Coron Island so unique, is that this ship was not sunken on purpose. The one in Thailand (Koh Tao) was. Sometimes goverments sink old ship to help the marine life to grow. But when you see a dive site, which was created by normal life/ history circumstances, than it’s something special.

It’s really dark in some rooms

Morazan Maru shipwreck dive

The second dive at a dive site called “Morazan Maru” was fantastic as well. Before we did, we had to go there first. The different dive sites are pretty close to each other. So the journeys don’t take very long.

The Morazan Maru is a bit smaller. But it was even darker inside and even more mysterious 🙂 I absolutely loved it. The dive master showed us a ver big, old telescope and the place where the bombs hit the ship.

So crazy to see the damage that a bomb can cause. We have also seen a very special underwater scenery in this case, because you can find heaps of corals and fish life on top of the shipwreck. Additionally the whole diving process down there in the shipwrecks is just fun. Sometimes you even have to dive through some holes with a size of 1 x 1 m (small windows) and other entries/ exits to get from one to another point. Just great scuba diving!

Where you sometimes gotta dive through on the scuba diving at Coron Island

Tangat Gunboat shipwreck dive

The last shipwreck, called “Tangat Gunboat“, was something completely different again. It had a length of about 60 m, but already started at about a depth of 3 m. Because of the fact, that there is so much sand, the visibility is very bad. You literally have to stick very close to your dive buddies (1 m distance max.) Otherwise you will loose them.

This one is also like a big exploration, but in another way. You have to look very closely at the wreck and swim really close to it to see something. We found some very rare fish (forgot the name…) and I have seen my first wild seahorse 🙂 Incredible!

Sometimes you gotta go close to see something on the scuba diving at Coron Island

At all of these dives you are usually down there around 35 – 45 minutes, depending on how much oxygen you or your buddies use.

Once you are finished with the diving, you can just enjoy the beautiful islands and the wonderful view. Of course you get a very good lunch and beverages in between as much as you need.

I also met another german dude in the boat, who told me that, even, if you are not a passionate scuba diver, you have to do it, because it is a once in a lifetime chance you have there. So, I am very glad I took it…

Me just right before lunch

The views you have during the scuba diving at Coron Island

Scuba Diving at Coron Island – What I have learned

The scuba diving at Coron Island taught me some very valueble lessons again.Basically it is 3 different big ones. Of course it took a little while until I understood this, but it always takes some time 😉

You always got to learn

The #1

The first thing is:

You should always do your research

This applies to a lot of parts of life. In this case I did not do my research on Coron. So I did not really know that this place is that famous for shipwreck diving. I did not know, that it is one of only two spots on the planet where you can do it in this way. This was caused by a lack of research.

You will always get problems or miss out on something important. Whether it’s at work, travel destinations, history, etc.. This is not good. It shows that you have not been interested enough to give a 100%. And can be fatal in certain situations.

Do your research. Otherwise you will maybe not experience something cool as this

The #2

The second thing is:

Always do what you want to do!

I almost did not. When I wanted to do the scuba diving at Coron Island I was short on money. I was on a limited budget. I have spent to much already. So, I really had to think about, if I wanted to do the scuba diving. Luckily I decided to do so, because I wanted to do it since such a long time and I saved money for this special occasion. I am glad I did it. Even, if I would have not had the money by that time, I still would have done it, because money comes and goes but memories stay forever.

Often times you only have one chance and you will probably regret it, if you don’t do what you want to do.

You don’t want to regret. Rather just go for it

The #3

The third lessons is:

Invest money and time

This is more of a general travel lesson again. If you really want to achieve or do something, which is special, than you either have to invest money or time. I had to invest money in this case in order to do a refresher course (have not been diving for 3 years)

Short tip: Do your refresher somewhere else, if you can. The Philippines are very expensive in this case.

Do your refresher somewhere else

So as said, I had to invest. Otherwise I would have not been allowed to scuba dive and I would have missed out on this special experience. But, because I did, I will now have it for life.

Some other times you have to invest time. Mostly in order to get money or achieve a goal. Nothing comes over night. And things can get pretty hard and tough in business and personal life. But you have to keep pushing and going through it. Otherwise you will not make it anywhere. And you will not make enough money to experience something cool like that!

Short tip: Make sure to only scuba dive when you are healthy. I was not 100% fit, so after the diving I had really big ear problems. And I had to fly back home. The pain was insane. The pain came from the diving. So never go diving when you are sick.

Invest to be able to do something like scuba diving at Coron Island in the future

The most important thing

But the most important thing I have learned (and this goes in hand with all the others) is, that dreams and visions come true, if you keep working towards them. I sooo wanted to dive again. I really wanted to do scuba diving at Coron Island since I heard, that it must be awesome.
So, I saved my money during the past year, just to fulfill this small dream. And this is always the same procedure. If you really want something in life, you have to work for it. Hard… a lot… over a long period of time. Even, if you don’t feel like it. You need to keep pushing in order to achieve your goals. There is no easy way. Maybe you will not always achieve what you dreamed off, but definitely most of it. You will not be an astronaut, a judge, the president of the U.S. and an internet entrepreneur at the same time, even if you would love to. It’s just not possible. We all still have to be realistic.
But what we can do, is set certain realistic goals and work until we have earned them. Just like my goals to buy myself a drone, get a new tattoo and go scuba diving at Coron Island. I made it all happen… and, if I can do it, everyone can do it.

I believe everyone is able to achieve what they want to achieve, if they work hard and long enough

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