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Bali Gili Lombok tour – A true Blessing!

By on 21. June 2017

Doing a Bali Gili Lombok tour is something incredible. It really is. If you take your time to enjoy all three of these places, you gonna make memories for life. Promised! The beauty and the vibes you gonna experience will always be with you somehow. On a Bali Gili Lombok tour you will see a way of life that is wonderful in any way. People are so friendly, healthy nature everywhere, cool surf spots, great food and much more.


Bali Gili Lombok tour – A true Blessing

A Bali Gili Lombok tour is a true blessing. You will see so much cool stuff. It is definitely not a suprise, that so many people come to these areas every year. And tourism expands constantly. There is just no possibility to not like a Bali Gili Lombok tour. No chance!

These islands really remind me of other places in Asia like the Philippines or Cambodia, but they still have a uniqueness to them, which is truely amazing.

You will be overwhelmed by the happiness and friendliness of the locals. The way of living that will be shown to you on the Bali Gili Lombok tour is so different to the western world. Of course the society and the economy is quite developed at such popular places as these ones, but the people just live a different kind of lifestyle. It’s way more relaxed. everything is slower. People take their time. People smile a lot. They are kind and most of them have a good heart. You’ll love it!

What waits for you on the Bali Gili Lombok tour

Bali Gili Lombok tour – General information, costs and history

The first thing you you need to know is that, even if a Bali Gili Lombok tour is something really beautiful, it takes time. Because of the fact that the islands are quite big and have heaps of stuff to offer for travellers, you will need time to explore them. A Bali Gili Lombok tour can be very different every time.

I made my own schedule and picked out only the destinations, that I wanted to see. I did not do a tour or anything (besides Rinjani). Everything I discovered, I did on my own. And that is a good way to do it. I recommend you to do so too. Maybe put some stuff on your schedule, that is more uncommon. Ask locals about it and do the research upfront. You will have a way better time then. But anyway, as said, the Bali Gili Lombok tour will require time, doesn’t matter which plan you execute on. So make sure to bring some time.

You will get the best views on your Bali Gili Lombok tour


The 3 islands have been settled already a couple thousend years B.C.. They have been properly settled by the Portuguese in 1512 A.C.. An explorer named “Antonio Abreu” found the area. Today about 6.8 million people live at all the three places combined. You will be suprised on your Bali Gili Lombok tour how many people are living on these three islands. But on the other hand it still seems quite empty in a way, but only when you stay off the main spots.

Back in the days Bali, Gili and Lombok have be inhabited by various tribes. Real development started in the 1960s. Nowerdays all the places are properly set up for tourism and the normal life of the locals. It’s a very modern area with a common Asian style to it. Quite nice!

The beaches at the Gili Islands

Weather and transportation

The weather in the whole area is pretty much the same. All islands lie in the subtropical area. So it is sunny and warm most of the time. Of course, in between you have some times where it’s rainy season (between December and March), but overall I guarantee, you’ll like the weather on your Bali Gili Lombok tour 😉

Transportation is mainly handled with scooters, small buses and taxis. The traffic on every island is ridiculous. Driving in Asia is a completely different world. You will either love it or hate it. I loved it! It’s crazy, but it’s good fun. It’s pretty cheap to get from A to B. Even the transport from Bali to Lombok, from Lombok to Gili and from Gili back to Bali does not cost you more than 100 $ including everything (buses, boats, etc.). So that’s quite decent and it can get even cheaper.

Always good weather everywhere

Flights and accommodation

Flights to Bali are also pretty cheap, if you come from Australia. That’s what most people do and what I did as well. The Bali Gili Lombok tour is a preferred thing of Aussies. Especially Bali is for them like Ibiza or Mallorca for Europeans. So, it’s pretty obvious, that they love it. The biggest reason might be, that there is a big party scene with good hotels/ hostels in Bali. But only in Kuta. Another reason might be the good surfing conditions. People come from all over the world to catch the waves of Indonesia. The best ones suppose to be found on the Bali Gili Lombok tour 😉

Accommodation costs vary, depending on what you want. Of course you can find very nice hotels on your Bali Gili Lombok tour, but most people stay in more reasonable places. That’s what I did too. There are good hostels and homestays, which cost you from 5 $ a night up to 15 $ per night. But that’s up to you. I can not recommend any hostel or hotel at this stage, because I have only stayed in cheap homestays and hostels. And most of them are quite similar. Quite basic, but clean and cheap.

But there are also some extra class hotels by the ocean in Bali, Gili or Lombok as well as in the middle of the jungle like Hanging Gardens or Royal Pita Maha. Both of them suppose to be first class, if you want to treat yourself really good 🙂

All types of accommodation available on your Bali Gili Lombok tour

Basic accommodation on a Bali Gili Lombok tour

Skygarden in the centre of Bali

Bali Gili Lombok tour – Highlights and what to do

The first highlight you can not miss out on your Bali Gili Lombok tour is to go in a night out in Bali or Gili Trawangan. I know this is not everybody’s thing, but it’s good fun there. At Skygarden they even have really famous Dj’s sometimes. So just relax and enjoy your time 😉

The second thing to do on you Bali Gili Lombok tour lie pretty much next to each other: Padang Padang and Uluwatu. These two spots are absolutely great Padang Padang is suppose to be one of the best surfing spots in Indonesia. The waves are so nice. I tried it myself. It’s good fun and depending on the day it is suitable for pros as well as beginners. Uluwatu is a temple area at the western tip of the southern part of Bali. It’s very pretty and you will absolutely love it. The views you get at the cliffs sites are fantastic. Especially during the sunset. The whole scenery with a small part of a temple on the tip of a cliff… I have rarely seen something as beautiful as that!

Padang Padang ocean view on a Bali Gili Lombok tour

The sunset at Uluwatu

Just be aware of the cheaky monkeys. They are everywhere 😉

Also consider to go to Ubud on your Bali Gili Lombok tour. It’s a nice temple area in the middle of the jungle of Bali. It’s really pretty and a big attraction. Also monkeys everywhere. But you will additonally see some nice rice terraces and a make your way through a wonderful scenery. So make sure to check it out!

Monkeys everywhere on your Bali Gili Lombok tour

Parties at special spots

I also recommend you on your Bali Gili Lombok tour to go on the parties in the area of Padang Padang and Uluwatu. These ones are not normal parties. They are way better than most others. The one at Padang Padang is in the small bay with big cliffs all around. You gonna dance to Reggae music with 200 other relaxed people. Before that, many of them meet at the local kiosk and drink something together. It’s a lot of fun.

Sunset at Padang Padang

The parties at Uluwatu are awesome as well. You need to do this on your Bali Gili Lombok tour. The bar to go to is built on the edge of a huge cliff. You have a 180 degree view onto the ocean. When the sun goes down, you will be blown away. The whole ocean is shining, you listen to the music in the back and everyone is in a fantastic mood. The view is absolutely incomparable! And the party itself is also really cool. You will meet people from all over the world. Everyone is so positive, because of the unique location and the positive vibes of Bali. Just so much fun!

Beautiful cliffs at Uluwatu

Types of waves to surf at Bali

Snorkeling and scuba diving

And don’t forget to go snorkeling scuba diving at the Gili Islands on your Bali Gili Lombok tour. It is probably one of the best things you can do in the whole are of Bali, Gili and Lombok. The water is crystal clear and you will find healthy corals as well as an active fish life everywhere. Sometimes you even see some turtles. There is also one famous turtle, which never leaves its home. A Brazilian guy, who I was travelling the Gili Islands with, told me, that he had seen it 6 months ago and another traveller told him the same thing even 1 year before that. The special turtle can always be found at the same spot pretty much (Main Beach at Gili Trawangan – go left for 200 – 300m) 🙂

Even though I did not do the scuba diving at the Gili Islands, I would highly recommend it, because you have the chance to see mant rays in the area. I have seen them in the Fijis. That’s why I did not go at the Gili Islands. One of the coolest creatures to see under water!

Special turtles at the Gili Islands


Also make sure to put the Rinjani 3 day trekking on your list. It is a must do on your Bali Gili Lombok tour. It is a quite tough trekking tour up a stony vulcano (3.826m), but it definitely is a sick adventure. You will learn a lot about travelling and maybe even about yourself during this challenge. It changed/ widend my view on a lot of things. And the landscape you will see is one of a kind. The vulcano has a beautiful lake in its middle, surrounded by wonderful green and healthy vallies. You even find hot springs there. A good opportunity to relax after the long hikes. Really, really awesome. So don’t miss out.

Sunset on the Rinjani

The valleys at the Rinjani

The hot springs at the Rinjani on the Bali Gili Lombok tour

Bali Gili Lombok tour – What I have learned

Guys, just like always, I want to tell what I have learned from the Bali Gili Lombok tour. Real simple:

Life is short. So get the best out of it!

It is a very cheesy saying, but it is absolutely true. Most cheesy sayings are true anyway. And they exist for a reason. My situation was like this: My Bali Gili Lombok tour was a very “short”, but intense time. I travelled to a lot of cool destinations and I learned heaps of things in such a short period. It felt like a finger snap and I went on to travel the next country. I really felt like the time in Indonesia was over within seconds. Boom! I am in, I am out, I travel on…

Moments on the Bali Gili Lombok tour, that you will never forget and maybe change your life forever

It really just proved me, that life is short and time is running scarily fast. If you don’t watch out, life just passes by and you ask yourself after 20 years:

  • What have I really done with my life so far?
  • Should I have taken another way?
  • What did I miss out on?
  • etc.

All the stuff you don’t want to ask yourself in the furture. And the Bali Gili Lombok tour just helped me switch my mind to a way of thinking where I can truely say: “I want to get the best out of my life – every single day!”. I am truely grateful and happy for this learning. I owe it to this trip. And that is why I highly recommend to do a Bali Gili Lombok tour, because it is a true blessing and it might change your life for the better…



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