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8 Highlights in Down Under – A country full of Variety

By on 10. June 2017

I loved the main 8 highlights in Down Under, as people call Australia. This country is so wonderful and full of unique stuff to do and spots to see. And it is sooooo big. You will find so many different climate zones and landscapes. A travellers paradise, which nature and animal lover will be fascinated of. Additionally it is very nice for people, who love vibrant metropoles like Sydney, Perth or Melbourne. You will also have many options to do adrenalin/ fun stuff. This country just has everything you could ever want.

Still, even in Australia there are some places, that can be considered as “even more special” than others. You definitely have to put the following ones on your list of the top 8 highlights in Down Under mate… ?


8 Highlights in Down Under – Blue Mountains National Park

If there is one thing I can say about the 8 highlights in Down Under, then it’s, that they are really hard to choose. I could have easily picked 8 other ones, but I guess a lot of people will mainly agree on the selection 🙂

Blue Mountains National Park

You gotta put the Blue Mountains on the top of the list of the 8 highlights in Down Under. No doubt about that.  You won’t find many national parks within Australia, which are more spectecular. It’s absolutely stunning. Either you take a tour or you just go on your own. You will make memories for life. Its is a incredible combination out of beautiful nature, history and wildlife, which fascinates a lot of people from all over the world. This park inhabits all kind of animals. If you want, you can even sleep in the park at various camping grounds. So cool!

The wonderful 3 sisters in the Blue Mountains is one of the 8 highlights in Down Under

Great Ocean Road

For me, the Great Ocean Road is one of the best spots in Australia. Easily! So it has to be under the list of the 8 highlights in Down Under. In 20 years from now, I could definitely see myself living there. Having a nice house, a stunning view and being able to surf every morning… that would be a dream! Why? Because this coastline is on of a kind. 250 km of pure beauty. A very, very scenic place. You will see gorgeous places like the 12 Apostles, Bells Beach and the Split Point Light House. For me, the Great Ocean Road looked quite similar to some places in Europe. Everything there is just way bigger and better 😉

Great Ocean Road coastline has to be on the list of the 8 highlights in Down Under

Whitsunday Islands

This is my personal favourite. The Whitsundays are just awesome! No doubt, that it has to be on the list of the 8 highlights in down Under. And it’s not only me, who thinks like this. Also a lot of other people. The Whitsunday Islands are a true paradise. Sailors and wildlife lover come from all over the world to see this place. Whitehaven beach is probably the main attraction. Why? Because it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Just the sand will already blow you away. So pure. so fine. Crazy!

And the water colours is also unbelievable. The best place to watch this wonderful landscape is the viewpoint, where you can see everything from above. So don’t miss out on this attraction.

Whitehaven Beach

Fraser Island

This place is also on top of the list of the 8 highlights in Down Under. It just has to be. The by far biggest sand island on earth has many awesome things to see and adventures to witness. The only way to get around is using a 4 wheel drive. Either you go on your own or you just book a tour. That’s what I did. A tour is a very nice option, because you will meet a lot of cool travellers from all over the world. The guides will bring you to all the main spots like Maheno Wreck, the Champagne Pools or Lake McKenzie. Absolutely awesome!

Fraser Island needs to be one of the 8 highlights in Down Under

Great Barrier Reef

If you miss out on this, then you really have a problem, because you will be very angry. It is a must do and it has to be on the list of the 8 highlights in Down Under. Not visiting the Great Barrier Reef is like, if you are going to Paris, not visiting the one and only Eiffel Tower… The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef on our planet. I am a scuba diving fan and even, if you are not, you will still be amazed of the beauty you gonna experience there. Snorkeling tours, scuba diving tours, scenic helicopter flights and much more. You will find everything you want. Does not matter what you choose, it will be a once in a lifetime experience anyway.

Great Barrier Reef

Red Center

I mention the following 3 in the same breath, because they are all very close together. Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon have to be on the list of the 8 highlights in Down Under. Everyone knows the most famous place of Down Under.  It’s the symbol/ landmark for a whole nation – Ayers Rock (Uluru). and Uluru is not the only thing to see. Furthermore you gotta see Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. These two might be even more spectecular than „the Rock“.

It is a bit of an effort to get there, but I highly recommend to do it anyway, because you’ll experience something incomparable. Just crazy how beautiful landscapes can be. Mother nature really did a great job here. Dryest air in a lonely desert, red sand all along and special animals like brown snakes and wild horses. And that is just a small glimpse of what’s waiting there for you…

Ayers Rock during sunrise is definitely one of the 8 highlights in Down Under

The metropoles

Something, which has to be on the list of the 8 highlights in Down Under are all the wonderful big metropoles. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. They are all very similar in a way and still very different. You will be amazed how high the standard these cities is. No suprise, that Melbourne Sydney and Perth are always on the top level of the ranking from the most livable cities on earth. You will have a blast visiting them 🙂

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Litchfield National Park

The last one of the 8 highlights in Down Under might be kind of an insider. Only a few people know this. The Litchfield National Park is the small brother of the famous Kakadu National Park. But that doesn’t mean, it’s less beautiful. I think, it is even better than its bigger brother, because you have pretty much the same stuff to see here. There is not a big difference between Litchfield and Kakadu. Beautiful waterfalls, natural pools and very stunning nature. So worth a visit!

8 highlights in Down Under – Litchfield National Park

There is absolutely no doubt, that there is more to see than the 8 highlights of Down Under. It really is just a small part of what else is to see in this awesome country. Obviously everyone has his/ her own highlights. It does not even have to be a place. It can also be moments, people, etc. Doesn’t really matter. Just make sure to enjoy the crazy ride ?



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