Dalmatian coastline of croatia, travel, blog
Dalmatian coastline of croatia, travel, blog
Dalmatian coastline of croatia, travel, blog
Dalmatian coastline of croatia, travel, blog
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Dalmatian coastline of Croatia – A wonderful piece of Land

By on 14. Juni 2017

The Dalmatian coastline of Croatia is extremly special. It is definitely one of the most beautiful coastlines within Europe. No doubt about that. Many tourists and travellers go there every year to experience the beauty of this magical piece of land. The best views onto thousends islands, crystal clear water everywhere, perfect beaches, scenic mountain ranges and much more!


Dalmatian coastline of Croatia – A wonderful piece of Land

The Dalmatan coastline of Croatia is absolutely brilliant. Anyone, who has ever been there will totally agree. And there are many reasons why. The main reason might just be the incomparable beauty. You would really have search a lot in Europe to find something as beautiful as the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia. But there is much more to see and to explore.

The Dalmatian coastline of Croatia

The Dalmatian coastline of Croatia is full of wonderful beaches, islands and bays you need to have a look at. I have been to this coastline once for 2 weeks and I can easily say it was one of the best coastlines I have seen so far. It really left me speachless sometimes.

View onto a big island in Croatia

Dalmatian coastline of Croatia – Ocean and waters

If you have not been there yourself yet, then I promise, you can not imagine the beauty of the water colour. The Dalmatian coastline of Croatia has some of the best water conditions in whole Europe. Normally you would only expect a water colour like this in places like Southeast Asia, Australia  or South America. But the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia would not be the first place where you think of paradisaic water colours/ ocean views. I don’t think there are many other places within Europe where you find something like that. The water colour is light blue and crystal clear. Just awesome to look at!

The water colour at the Dalmatian coastline of Crotia is insane

View onto the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia

Besides that, the ocean on the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia and the whole are is a mecca for sailors and wind surfers. Lots of people come every year with the vessels to sail in between all the beautiful islands. It’s some you should consider on your to do list of Croatia.

Boats everywhere on the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia

Dalmatian coastline of Croatia – Islands and mountain ranges

The second thing you should know about the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia is, that is has gorgeous islands and mountain ranges. Croatia has more than 1.000 islands in total. It is such a small country in comparison to others like France, Spain or Turkey.  But does not mean, that it is less beautiful in terms of stunning landscapes. Everything looks really pretty.

Especially the islands and the mountain ranges are one of a kind. Along the whole Dalmatian coastline of Croatia you will find these mountain ranges. So, you have the ocean on the right side and the mountains on the left or the other way around.  You will always have a fantastic view. The further you go up the mountains, the better the views get.

The views the higher you go

We had an apartment up the hills in Omis with such an awesome view. Incredible… really!

Whenever you are at the Dalmatian Coastline of Croatia, make sure to get yourself an apartment up the hills. You will fall in love with the view!

View from the apartment

When you think about going to an island on the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia, then I recommend you to go to Brac, Hvar and Vis. 3 really, really pretty places, where you will easily wanna stay at forever 😉

Watching the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia from above

Dalmatian coastline of Croatia – Road trips and beaches

The bays

Something you need to do at the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia is a proper road trip. The numerous bays and beaches along your way will make you love this coastline even more. You will also see some really old vineyards. Really nice to look at.

The mountain ranges with vineyards along the way

The vineyards on the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia

I recommend you to lease a car for a couple days/ weeks. That’s just the best way to get around.  Most of the bays you will want to go to are quite hidden, very small and quiet. So, people, who search for some time to relax, will find what they need on a road trip along the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia.

Small bays on the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia

Every now and then it is quite hard to reach these bays, because you have to take some curvey and quite weird roads to get to these hidden places. Therefore it is even better when you reach your destination. Trust me, the bays are phenominal!

A big bay Dalmatian Coastline of Croatian

The beaches

I tell you this straight away: You will be suprised about the beaches on the Dalmatina coastline of Croatia. Why? Because they are really clean and in awesome condition. I don’t know why, but obviously the Croatians keep their nature clean. The only place where I have seen something similar to this was Australia. You won’t see any rubbish anywhere.

Best beach conditions

Something pretty cool you will find at every beach are the blown up air castles/ air playgrounds in the water where kids can play on. I tried it. It is suppose to be for children, but some weird adults (like me) go on there as well. It’s good fun. But as you already know yourself, all men are just small kids jailed in grown up bodies. So, it is understandable why I did so 😉

What has also been really fascinating to me was the number of beaches you find on the Dalamtian coastline of Croatia. It’s almost like you find a beach every 200 m. I know, it might not be every 200 m, but it definitely seems like that. And that is something I really loved. Whenever you explore the coastline or whenever you are on the road trip on the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia, you always have the opportunity to go for a quick swim. Soooo nice!

Where to stop at

Perfect big and small bays along the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia

All in all I can highly recommend this coastline, because it is just fascinated me to the core. I could almost guarantee you won’t find anything better than that in whole Europe. But who knows… 😉



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