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El Nido Island hopping tour, travel, blog
El Nido Island hopping tour, travel, blog
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El Nido Island Hopping Tour: Visit true Paradise

By on 23. May 2017

The El Nido island hopping tour is an awesome adventure. No doubt about that. El Nido itself is such a wonderful area with heaps of cool things to do and beautiful places to see. What you will see there, will blow your mind. That’s for sure. Incomparable beauty, that you won’t find anywhere else. Everything looks like, if someone imagined paradise, just created it and put it somewhere in the Philippines.


El Nido Island Hopping Tour: Visit true Paradise

First I want to tell you guys straight from the start, that the El Nido island hopping tour is absolutely fantastic. I really, really liked it. I have done a lot of tours like this one in my life already (Australia, Thailand, etc.) and I can say, that this has easily been under the top 3 so far.

Usually I do not like these kind of tours, but sometimes it is quite hard not to do one, because there is no other possibility. But anyway, I am very glad I did one, otherwise I would have missed out on something really beautiful.

Places that wait for you on an El Nido island hopping tour

Adoring the beauty on the El Nido island hopping tour

El Nido island hopping tour: General facts and costs

El Nido lies in the north of Palawan, which is a big island in the south of Luzon and Coron. Palawan and especially El Nido are considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. Maybe even on earth. The El Nido island hopping tour might be a factor why they say so.

Absolute paradisaic places on the El Nido island hopping tour

There are different tours you can choose from. You have the option to take tour A, B,C or D (see here). Each of them includes different wonderful locations to go to. Most people do a combination out of A and C. That’s what I did too, because it just sounded the best. Other fellow travellers also recommended it to me. And now I can do too 😉




What’s included and where to start from

An El Nido island hopping tour costs 30$. Lunch, drinks and the guides are included. The food is very good and the guide that we had was very cool as well. His name was “Joey”. We booked our tour from Nacpan Beach. You can also book it from Maligaya. Thats what most people do, because most people stay in that area.

Short tip: If you want an awesome place to stay and a very nice tour guide, go to Nacpan Beach. It’s absolutely brilliant!

Me at Nacpan Beach

Walking along Nacpan Beach

I love Nacpan Beach so much – Unbelievable

You can also go book your own boat for a day, but that’s more expensive and nothing is included besides a captain. That’s why a tour seems more convenient.

Our tour guide “Joey”

The El Nido island hopping tour starts at about 8-9 am. It ends between 6-7 pm. So you have a long day ahead. But that one will be really cool. Promised!

What you will see along the way of the El Nido island hopping tour

El Nido island hopping tour: Highlights

If you book a combination like I did (A and C), you will be brought to 5 places during the tour:

  1. Small Lagoon
  2. Secret Beach
  3. Secret Lagoon
  4. Snake Island
  5. Hidden Beach

If you only book one tour, it will still be 5 places, but different and less famous ones. The combinations always include all the highlight spots. We actually got lucky, because we also went to “Snake Island”. An absolute paradise!

Helicopter Island – A cool place from another tour option

Small Lagoon

Small Lagoon usually is the first spot to go to. The journey takes about 1,5 hours. Once you have arrived, you will think you have reached heaven (you will think that at every spot 😉 ). Small Lagoon is very full, because it is almost on every tour option it is a main attraction.

Loved the Small Lagoon

You might know this lagoon from the the movie Survivor. Many scenes play in the El Nido area. It is quite hard to get to the beach,  because of all the corals, but one you have made it, you will be rewarded with a georgous view.

Big limestone rocks, crystal clear water, white sand beach… What else do you need?

First stop on our El Nido island hopping tour

Small Lagoon was amazing

This water colour was so magical

Secret Beach

Secret Beach was one of my favourite spots on the El Nido island hopping tour. To get there, you first have to swim through a very narrow cave or dive under it. It’s very beautiful!

When you have made it, you will get to a quite hidden place, which must have been hard to find for people back in the days.




You can also go into some small little holes/ caves there and have a look at them. Of course you also have a wonderful beach to hang out at. Also make sure to bring your snorkeling gear, because you can see some nice corals and fish.

Me at Secret Beach

Looking at the wonderfully shaped rocks

Incredible place

Secret Lagoon

This was a bigger and very, very beautiful beach. For me, this maybe was the best stop with “Snake Island”. The whole scenery was just absolutely mind blowing. It can also be seen in “Survivor”. We had our lunch there. Seafood, rice, veggies, salat, etc. Very good!

Secret Lagoon is just the perfect location to take some great pictures. Postcard material!

I have also seen some nice corals and fish there. So take your snorkeling gear. Generally this lagoon is a bit bigger, which makes it a more sought after beach than others. This stop has a vibe to it, which is hard to explain, but it’s incredibly beautiful.

Secret Lagoon from above

Paradise on earth

Enjoying the El Nido island hopping tour together

Secret Lagoon was the third stop on our El Nido island hopping tour

Sharing the view with a little beach puppy

Snake Island

Snake island is, as I have mentioned, my second favourite destination on the El Nido island hopping tour. It is not even about the beach or the ocean colour. It’s about what you see from above. Snake island has its name from the long curved sand bar, which starts from the island and goes all the way to the middle of the ocean “tunnel”. You can see it very well from the lookout point.




From the lookout point, you also have a nice view onto the surrounding landscape. Magnificent!

View point of Snake Island

Incomparable views on the El Nido island hopping tour

You can even walk on the snake tail/ sand bar, if it’s low tide. Unfortunately we have not been lucky. But anyway, a great stop on the El Nido island hopping tour.

Snake tail of Snake Island

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach was the last stop on our El Nido island hopping tour. It slowly got dark already by the time we were there. But still, it was amazing. Two separate beaches and one big, very beautiful lagoon. Hidden Beach is also a very good place for a swim, because the water level is about belly hight.

Last stop of the El Nido island hopping tour

Beachside at Hidden Beach

The whole scenery looks like a movie. Just like all of the places. But I could imagine, that this one is one of the top ones as well, if the sun is still up 😉

Feeling free at Hidden Beach

Absolutely stunning view at Hidden Beach

The return

After you have visited all the locations from your El Nido island hopping tour, you will probably finish off with a magical sunset. We watched it from the boat. The sun went down behind all the big limestone rocks. Phenomenal!

What an amazing sunset

Ultimately I can say, that this tour is just amazing. I had so much fun and was ferry impressed by the landscape and the beauty. Even the journeys from A to B were very nice, because the surrounding scenery is so unique.

The only thing, which can be a bit of a problem, is the weather condition. If it’s windy or a bit stormy, you will have a ruff ride. So hopefully you are not getting seasick or you just might take some preventive medication before you start 😉

The kind of beauty you will experience on a day with good weather is insane

El Nido island hopping tour: What I have learned

I have learned something simple, but valueble on the El Nido island hopping tour again.

Paradise and nature itself should not be taken for granted

We should all take more care of our enviroment. Our planet is the only one we have. As cheesy as this might sound, but until we are not able to live on other planets, we will have to stay here. And everyone knows, that we do big damage to mother earth every single day. It’s proven. Statistics show it. No one can say anymore, that this is all a lie or anything like that. We all know it. And the only thing we can do about it is, that each and everyone does its own part to help.




In Germany we say “vor der eigenen Haustür kehren”, which basically means: Take care of your own shit first…

What everyone should be able to see, even in the distant future

What I mean by mentioning this is the following:

During the El Nido island hopping tour I realized, that the destinations have been quite clean compared to other Southeast Asian countries. But then again, if you look at the harbour in El Nido, it is completely different. Dirty, full of tourism and just not a healthy enviroment.

I decided a couple days after the El Ndio island hopping tour, that I would do anything in my power to not pollute nature anymore (as far as this is possible). I will throw my rubbish into the bin, I will try to use more good ecological transportation like bicyles, etc..

And I ask anyone, who reads this to do the same, so that future generations also have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of nature and go on an El Nido island hopping tour!



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