Coron Island hopping tour, travel, blog
Coron Island hopping tour, travel, blog
Coron Island hopping tour, travel, blog
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Coron Island hopping tour – Stranded in Paradise!

By on 30. May 2017

A Coron Island hopping tour is basically this: Paradisaic beaches, crystal clear water and insanely beautiful islands. You will not believe what you see. The Coron Island hopping tour has some of the most georgous landscapes I have ever seen when it comes to “painted paradises”. The whole scenery is just not from this world.


Coron Island hopping tour – Stranded in Paradise!

Guys, just like always want to tell you a little bit about the Coron Island hopping tour in general, the surroundings and the highlights. But like you maybe already know from my About page, I try to keep focusing on the personal development that comes along with travelling the world. And the Coron Island hopping tour taught me some important stuff again.

But first things first…

What you see on a Coron Island hopping tour

Coron Island hopping tour – General information, costs and how to get there

When me and my girlfriend did the Coron Island hopping tour, we have been very lucky. We had perfect weather conditions, because we went to Coron at the end of March. Between March and May is the best time to go to the Philippines in general, because during that time it’s dry season and it is almost always sunny.

The sunset on a sunny day

Coron lies south of Luzon, which is the main island where Manila is located as well. It is about a 45 minute flight from Manila to get to Coron Island. This is also the main route most people take. A flight is about 180-220$. You can also go by ship, but that takes a lot of time and it’s definitely not recommendable.

Where you end up after the flight to Coron Island

Where to stay

You will find many different good hotels hostels, and homestays on the island. We stayed at Coron Sunrise Inn (30$ twin room) and the Two Seasons Bayside (80$ twin room). The first one is decent, the second one is high class. Both of them are very recommendable. The “Two seasons” even has an infinity pool and a very good restaurant.

Short tip: Make sure to book way upfront (couple weeks) or you will have a hard time finding a place to stay.

Two Seasons Bayside

The tours

The Coron Island hopping tour is something you will not be able to hide from. As soon as you land, some salesmen will ask, if you would want to do it. Even the information center advertises it. There are 6 different tours. 4 of them are can be seen as a proper Coron Island hopping tour. The other ones are more of a city/ night tour (way cheaper).

Loving the view on the Coron Island hopping tour

We wanted to do two Coron Island hopping tours, but we decided to only do one instead. We did not want to overload our schedule by that time. I actually always recommend to do less, but enjoy that to the fullest. Even if you want to see a lot. There is just no point in rushing from place to place and never calm down and enjoy…

The Coron Island hopping tour that we did costs about 30$ and takes a whole day. Food, drinks, guides and fees are included.

Almost everything is included in a Coron Island hopping tour

Coron Island hopping tour: Tour options and highlights

As said, you can choose between 4 different Coron Island hopping tours. We asked a french guy, which one to do. He actually did all of them and said he liked Island Escapade Tour the most. So we did that one.

You can see all the different destinations of each Coron Island hopping tour on this picture.

The Coron Island hopping tour options

But just like always, I only want to tell you about the stuff that I have done and not what I have heard of.

So our Coron Island hopping tour had 3 stops:

  • Makapuya Island
  • Banana Island
  • Bulog Dos Island

All of them had something special to it. The travel time in between is always about 30 min. So you have even more time to stay at every single destination.

What you see on the boat rides

Incredible view on the Coron Island hopping tour

Makapuya Island

The fist stop on our Coron Island hopping tour was “Makapuya Island”. This place already blew my mind right from the start. When you arrive, you first don’t really think that it’s gonna be that good, because you arrive at the back of the island. You have to walk over a small hill for 2 minutes to get to the main beach. Sooo awesome what waits there for you. Best sand pared with torquoise water and palms everywhere. Just beautiful!

You can choose to go for a snorkeling trip. You have to rent the gear though (2$ – snorkel and the glasses). The short trip is about 45 minutes. You have to lay in the water and hold on to a small fisher boat. All the time you will be on tow. You gonna see lots of beautiful corals, fish and other animals like eusters. “Nemo” can also be seen. After you come back to the beach, you still have enough time to relax and take some pictures 🙂

The beach at Makapuya Island

Walking around Makapuya Island on the Coron Island hopping tour

Banana Island

The next part of the Coron Island hopping tour was  “Banana Island”. Also a really, really pretty place. Generally you can even stay on this island, if you want to. There is one hotel/ hostel. You will also find a beach volleyball field and some huts with lounchers and hammocks. Banana Island meant “lunch time” on our Coron Island hopping tour. Awesome food!

Fish, rice, veggies, seafood, Coca-Cola, salat and everything else you might need. Make sure to go snorkeling there. You will find a very beautiful underwater world. The water temperature is very pleasant. So go for it 😉

Banana Island from above

The water colour at Banana Island is insane

Sitting at Banana Island watching the ocean

Bulog Dos Island

The last stop on our Coron Island hopping tour was “Bulog Dos Island”. This is my favourite place in terms of natural beauty. It’s an absolutely stunning bay with one of the most beautiful waters I have ever seen. Seriously, it’s incredible. Maybe that’s the reason why you will find one of best hotels in the Philippines there (4 Seasons – 800 $ a night).

The view from above

What you can basically do there, is taking pictures and hang out by the beach. Nothing to special. It pretty similar to the the El Nido island hopping tour even though it’s still different.

Many people would say it’s completely the same, but in my opinion it isn’t. I always try to see the best in all the different places and activities. That’s why I would say it’s pretty different. The El Nido island hopping tour has way more limestone rocks and hidden bays. Everything seems very big and oversized, which is cool.

Therefore the Coron Island hopping tour is more beachy and you get even more of a paradisaic feeling. Both have something rare to them.

Beachy and paradisaic vibes

Overall I can say, that all the spots on the Coron Island Tour are extremely nice and you should really have a look at them.

Enjoying the water in Bulog Dos Island

Coron Island hopping tour: What I have learned

As said above, I have learned something important on the Coron Island hopping tour again.

When I look at what wonderful places you find on the Coron Island hopping tour, then I instantly try to compare it to other places like Thailand,  Indonesia or El Nido. I always want to see, which spot is better than the other. But that is such a stupid thing to do, because every place really is unique and differenciates itself from others. So, eventually you really have to visit all the places you can possibly visit.

And that’s what travelling is all about:

  • Visit as many different places as you can to get to know other cultures, people, landscapes, food and ways of living
  • Learn from what you have seen and implement it into your life to eventually become the best version of yourself you can possibly be

So at the end of the day, I am very happy, that doing a Coron Island hopping tour made me think about what I love about travelling so much and what it does to me…

What was waiting next


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