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Whitsunday Islands tour – A once in a Lifetime Adventure

By on 4. April 2017

The Whitsunday Islands tour is a once in a lifetime adventure. That’s for sure. Many sights you see and the whole trip itself is absolutely wonderful. The Whitsunday Islands are easily under the top 10 things to see on the east coast of Australia. The beauty and the uniqueness is incomparable. Many tourists put the Whitsunday Islands tour on top of their list from the things they want to see in Australia and I can definitely understand the reason why.


Whitsunday Islands Tour – A once in a Lifetime Adventure

Guys, just like in every other blog post, I can only give you my point of view about the Whitsunday Islands tour. Other travellers might see it differently than I do, but to tell you straight from the start – I have not seen anyone, who did not like it. I did the Whitsunday Islands tour during my Queensland coastline road trip and I can say for myself, that the Whitsundays are definitely under my personal top 3 of all the places I have seen so far. I just loved the dreamy scenery and the whole area full of pretty islands. The sailing part of the trip was also very nice, because I just like adventures and to learn something new.

The almost 15m sailing boat

Pure happiness on the Whitsunday Islands tour

Whitsunday Islands tour: General information, facts and costs

The Whitsundays are a group of islands. In total you will find 74 of them. 14 are inhabited. The whole area is a protected national park – Whitsunday Islands National Park. The Whitsunday islands belong to the Great Barrier Reef, which is the biggest coral reef on the planet. It is very beautiful and also a spot that you have to do a tour to 😉

The average temperature sets around 27°C, whereby the water also has a pleasent temperature of about 20-24°C. The most known islands to go to are the Whitsunday island, Hamilton island, Daydream island and Hayman island. All of them look like paradise and they can all be visited on your Whitsunday Islands tour, depending on what kind of tour you book.

A part of the Whitsunday Islands

Back in the days the Whitsunday Islands were inhabited by the Ngaro, which is an aboriginal tribe. During the colonial period they have been expelled. Nowerdays the area is just used for tourism, but in moderation of course. Because of the remoteness and the proximity to the Great Barrier Reef the Whitsundays are believed to be one of the best sailing areas on earth. And I would agree on that, even though I am not a sailor.

The view onto Whitehaven Beach on the sailing tour

Most people go on a 3 days, 2 nights Whitsunday Islands tour. There are lots of companies, which offer such tours. It will cost you about 350 $ at least. You can also go for 5 or 7 days, if you want. The trip includes everything you need. Food, beverages, snorkel gear, a bed, the guides, etc. It’s not cheap, but it is worth it 🙂

Snorkeling tour during the actual sailing tour

Whitsunday Islands tour: Highlights

A Whitsunday Islands tour has many highlights. For me it already begins with the starting points – Airlie beach and Shute harbour. We took the boat from Airlie beach, which is a very pretty village with a small harbour and a beautiful surrounding area. You should have a look at it 😉

Airlie Beach harbour during sunset – Where we started the Whitsunday Islands tour

Besides that the sailing tour itself is very cool. If you want, you can help the crew and learn a bit on how to sail. Additionally they tell you a lot about the area and the history. At some spots you can go snorkeling and have a look at the underwater world. And be excited for the sunsets. They are absolutely stunning!

Sunset on the Whitsunday Islands tour

Another beautiful sunset

The main spot to go to on the Whitsunday Islands tour is Whitehaven beach. This beach suppose to have the finest sand on earth. It even says that on a small board. Besides that the whole beach area is just phenominal, especially from the lookout point. Light blue water, whitest sand and evergreen hills – it could not get any better.

Whitehaven Beach

If this sand could talk…

It really is white sand

In the evening you can have a good time with fellow travellers on the boat, which is good fun.

Besides that, you maybe have the opportunity to see some rare animals like sea eagles, dolphins or humpback whales. We got lucky and saw a sea eagle as well as a small whale (7-8 m). I could only capture the sea eagle though 🙂

The first sea eagle I have seen was on the Whitsunday Islands tour

Whitsunday Islands tour: What I have learned

The Whitsunday Islands tour taught me something very basic, which is still very essential in our modern world. I have to say, that I have rarely seen something as beautiful as these islands. And the tour itself was just awesome. I felt absolutely free and happy. To see something like this made me realize how beautiful our planet actually is. If we have the chance to come to places like this that quick and with not effort, what kind of other fantastic places could also wait for us, where we are not really able to go to that easily? What else is out there? Where else could I go to? What else could I explore?

The water colour at Whitehaven Beach is remarkable

It just showed me, that there is so much waiting for us and in my opinion we should try to see as much of our beautiful planet as we can. And we should also try to protect it, because we only have one.

By the way, hats off to the Australians, that they do so much for their country and protect so many natural areas of it!

What’s 50 years from now?

What I just want to say is, ask yourself, what do you want to tell your grand children in 50 years?

Hey Max, you know what’s really cool? Buying yourself a Mercedes and driving through my neighboorhood to show everyone how great you are


Hey Max, you know what’s really cool? Seing the most awesome places on earth and doing something you will never forget

I know this is a bit exaggerated. This is nothing against people, who like Mercedes or material things. I actually do too. But I would always go for the second one. And that’s what the Whitsunday Islands tour has been to me – an experience I will never forget and a story I will still tell my grand children about in 50 years from now.

Me at Whitehaven Beach



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      I loved the Whitsundays. Was a great experience. One of the best one I have had so far. Such a beautiful place.


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