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The Moalboal area – A couple days of Fun and Relaxation

By on 22. April 2017

The Moalboal area left some memories in my mind. Only good ones though. This place is really pretty and very relaxing. Beautiful beaches, wonderful snorkeling/ scuba diving spots, nice restaurants and much more, make the Moalboal area a place, that I would always go back to. And it is not only the Moalboal area itself, that fascinated me. It is also the unique and adventurous spots around it, which I will always keep in mind.



The Moalboal area – A couple days of Fun and Relaxation

Guys, just like always I will be honest right from the start. I have only spent 3 days in the Moalboal area, so I can definitely not say that I am an expert. But I think, if you are not a scuba diver, 3 days is fine to see everthing you need to see and to get a good impression of it. The Moalboal area is very relaxing for a couple reasons. You will find a lot of cool beaches and places to hang out at. On the other hand there is also some adrenalin/ fun stuff to do. Just like always, it only depends on what you are searching for 😉

Small beaches in the Moalboal area

General information and facts about the Moalboal area

Generally the Moalboal area is a township that lies on the west coast of Cebu. It is about 90 km away from Cebu City and it takes ruffly about 3 hours to get there. Most people take the bus, which costs less than 5 $ per person. Moalboal is considered to be a tourist place, but in my opinion it really isn’t. There might be a fair number of tourists, but it is definitely not overloaded or anything like that.

The Moalboal area is mostly known for scuba diving. Many people spend their time here to do an „Open Water“ or „Advanced Open Water“ scuba diving course. You will find many good diving spots like the Pescador Island Marine Park, which is mostly known for its beautiful coral reefs. I have not been diving there, but the snorkeling at Panagsama was very good already. So, I can definitely imagine, that the diving must be pretty cool as well.

Coconuts on the local beach

Climate, transportation and accomodation

The Moalboal area has a quite constant climate. Over a one year period you will have 2 dry (April – Mai), 4 humid (September – December), 3 unpredictable (January – March) and 3 rainy month (Mai – June). So April and Mai is the best time to go there. We have been in the Moalboal area in March, which was quite pleasant. Could have had a bit more sun though.

You will mainly get around by tricycle, because the roads are not in very good condition. You can also try to go by bicycle, but it will take you way longer to get from A to B. And to experience a typical tricycle ride is pretty cool and good fun.

Accommodation costs vary. Panagsama is the main place to stay at. You can find cheap backpacker hostels for 4-5 $ or go to a good hotel/ homestay. We payed 1.500 peso in total (15 $ each) for a medium class room, with air conditioning, a TV and our own bathroom. Of course you have the opportunity to get something better, but it will be more expensive.

Snorkeling with a turtle in the Moalboal area

What to do and what to see in the Moalboal area

The Moalboal area has a lot of cool things to do and to see. Besides the great scuba diving spots you can also go snorkeling or just hang out by the beach. The snorkeling is absolutely fantastic though. You can regularly see some really big swarms of sardines as well as huge turtles. I had the chance to swim with both and it was so much fun.

A big turtle close to the beach

What a beautiful animal

Besides that, you can visit White Beach, which is really nice. For relaxation you will also find a lot of massage ladies in the Moalboal area. You can get all kinds of different massages. A whole body massage for 1 hour costs around 8-10 $, which is pretty cheap compared to western prices. And they definitely know what they do. You will feel like a new human being. That’s for sure.

Surrounding area and Panagsama centre

Another big attraction are the Kawasan Falls. We did a canyoning tour, which costs around 1.500 peso per person (30 $). They take you into the middle of the jungle to a really beautiful canyon with light blue fresh water. You can jump off cliffs of different height (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 m). It is so much fun. One of the coolest things I have ever done for sure.

Additionally you can do day tours to Pescador island, watch some dolphins and whales, if you are lucky, or go to some hot springs like Mainit Springs.

Kawasan Falls

Of course you also find some good bars and restaurants like the „French Coffee Shop“ or the „Chili Bar“. Here you have the opportunity to get in contact with locals and other travelers very easily. Most Filipinos are very friendly and a lot of them speak good English. So it is not a big deal to get in touch with them.

In general you won’t find that many tourists in the Moalboal area. Even though it is considered to be a touristic place, it is still pretty quiet in my opinion. Most people stay there to relax, go scuba diving or to have a look at the surrounding beaches and the other attractions.

The beach in the Moalboal area on a cloudy day

Relaxing on the beach

What I have learned from the Moalboal area

Because of the fact that the Moalboal area is such a relaxing place, I had the time to calm down a bit. The Philippines have been more of a 3 weeks vacation for us, than proper long term travelling. Anyhow, I wanted to experience something cool and have fun as well as relaxing time – just like I had in Australia.

Nice view in the Moalboal area

Does not matter, if you are on a longer trip or a quite short vacations, taking your time to chill, relax and recharge your battries is very important. Most of us live a very busy life. Finding yourself and just having some quiet days is essential to get back on the right track again. Relaxation and focus are the main words in this context. Sometimes we all need a little bit of both in order to keep moving forward with 100% energy again.

And I think the Moalboal area is perfect for that. So make sure to stop by on your tour through the Philippines…



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