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Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour adventure

By on 26. April 2017

The Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour was one of the best things I have ever done in terms of fun and adrenalin. Besides that, it was also under the top 5 things, that we did in the Philippines. This tour is such an adventure and also really beautiful. You will be blown away by the natural beauty you gonna experience. At least, that’s how it was for me. I can still not believe what I saw there. Just really, really cool.


Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour

I need to tell you guys upfront, that this following post might be written in a very excited way. Because that’s what the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour was for me. Sooo much fun. I could do it over and over again, honestly. However, I still want to give you a neutral view on what you will experience there as much as I can. So, that’s why I give you some general information first and then head on to my personal opinion. In the end I will tell you a little thing that I have learned  – just like always… ?

This time I want to tell you my recommendation straight from the start: Do a Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour!

Us at the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour

Put it on top your list from all the things you want to do in the Philippines right next to all the other stuff, that I will talk about in the upcoming posts. At least make sure to have a look at it, whenever you are on Cebu or an island nearby.

Me at the Kawasan Falls

Natural fresh water pool

Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour: General information, costs and how to get there

The Kawasan Falls Canyonin tour is a must do in Cebu Island. Generally the Kawasan Falls are a 3 layered waterfall system with various slides and falls on its way. Most people get to the Kawasan Falls from small villages/ districts like Moalboal or Oslob. First you would have to get from Cebu City to one of these places, which ruffly takes about 3-4 hours by bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal.

Once you have booked a tour (1.300 – 1.500 Peso/ 28 – 30 $), which includes everything you need  (canyoning gear, transportation there and back, a tour guide, etc.) you will be brought there in the morning. It will take about 1 hour to get to the canyons. Then the real Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour starts. It will take about 4-5 hours depending on the speed of your group ?

The canyon lies in the jungle of Barangay Matutinao near Badian with lots of mountains around it. Very scenic! I loved it ?

View over the jungle

The whole area is very beautiful and the waterfall system has been awarded a couple times as the clearest inland water system in the Philippines. The forest inhabits various different animal and plant species as well as different local vendors, who offer all kinds of delicious food. Especially the local honey is a delicacy.

Such a lovely water colour

Random spots along the way

Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour: Highlights

The beginning

The Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour has many highlights. For me, it already starts with the transportation. As said before, you will be brought there by bus. But after the bus ride you have to take the scooter for about 15 minutes, which a lot of fun. The roads are not in very good condition. That’s why locals will bring you as close to the canyon as they can. The ride is a lot of fun and very beautiful at the same time, because you get a little bit of an impression, how the whole surrounding area looks like. Really beautiful!

The real Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour starts, once you have been walking down to the canyon for 20 minutes. When you arrive, you will be blown away by the water colour. Believe me, you will have rarely seen something like that before. For me it was very unexpected, especially in the middle of a jungle.

Me and my girlfriend at the start of the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour

Going down to the canyon

I thought the pictures I have seen, have all been photoshoped. But no, they havn’t. The water color really is that turquoise. It just looks surreal. I have seen a lot of pretty lakes, oceans and river in Australia, Southeast Asia, Fiji, Croatia and New Zealand before, but this was one of a kind.

Insane water colour

As you go on

As you go on with the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour, you will have to master different kind of tasks. It starts with the first 2 m jump into the refreshing crystal clear water followed by various slides and short hikes in between. You will follow the canyon all the way down to different waterfalls. You will also see some small rivers and streams along your way, pass some bridges and have a stop at „barbecue“ stations.

One of many beautiful falls

Enroute you can decide, if you want to do all the jumps or just a couple ones. The hights vary. You can jump off 6 different cliffs/ rocks – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12m or you just pass them. It is heaps of fun. They have been closing the 15 m one though, because of an accident. So always make sure to jump straight with you feet first and don’t do tricks or stunts.

Loving the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour

The highlights come at the end. Two different very georgous waterfalls. The second one of them are the Kawasan Falls, which can also be reached without doing the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour. There is also a walk you can do, which takes about 15 minutes to get to the falls ?

Selfie during the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour

The other “normal” way to the Kawasan Falls

My opinion

The Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour is a lot of fun and very beautiful. I really liked it and I recommend it to anyone. But I can say for myself, that I really like advenures and adrenalin stuff to be honest. So, if that is not your kind of thing, than rather leave it out and go to Siquijor Island, Moalboal or Oslob. Other than that, go for it.

The only thing, which bothered me a little was the same thing that occurs everywhere near touristic places, especially in Southeast Asia. It is very crowded. In my opinion it actually is to crowded. You might get lucky and do a tour with only 5 – 10 people, but you will meet 10 to 15 other groups like this at the canyon as well. So, it really is a big touristic attraction.

I understand the fact, that there is a lot of money to be made and every tourist wants to tick this cool adventure off their to do list, but there should some kind of limitation I think.

Feeling free at the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour – A big reason to do it

Anyway, it is always the same thing within Southeast Asia. The people in charge do not really understand the value of these paradisiac places yet. Otherwise they would treat their nature better and have an organized tourism procedure going on. Because, if it gets to crowded, no one will neither come nor recommend a cool thing like these tours anymore. Even though I have to admit on the other hand, that the Philippines are one of the countries within Southeast Asia, which already understand that problem a bit.

Nevertheless, at this stage I would still write the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour on every travellers bucket list for the Philippines. Maybe not in a couple years anymore…

Enjoying the sun at the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour with not to many people

Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour: What I have learned

I have learned respectively got reminded of something important by the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour again. We all need to get out of our comfort zone as much as we can. Or at least sometimes. We have to do something that’s seems crazy to us. It must be scary in whatever kind of way…

Besides the fact, that leaving your comfort zone is good fun sometimes, it also lets us grow as a person. The more you force yourself to do something that scares you, the more you learn. Otherwise, you will not really get forward in any kind of area in life. I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but that’s just how it is in my opinion…

And a small adventure like the Kawasan Falls Canyoning tour can sometimes be a good reminder ?

Just a beautiful scenery



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