3 week Bali trip, travel, blog
3 week Bali trip, travel, blog
3 week Bali trip, travel, blog
3 week Bali trip, travel, blog
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3 week Bali trip – A marvellous Experience

By on 21. April 2017

One of the best and most popular things to do in Indonesia is a 3 week Bali trip. This island is absolutely wonderful in any way you can imagine. It was the first time I have ever been to an Asian country and I am so glad I did it, because what you will see there is just amazing.


3 week Bali trip – A marvellous Experience

Guys, when I think about my 3 week Bali trip my heart starts to beat faster in I get in an endorphins rush. I really do.

Bali is such a wonderful place

I only have good memories about my first ever trip to Asia. The Bali topic came up while I was in Australia. A german mate told me he was in Thailand and went to Bali as well. He only told me amazing stuff about these two places, so I had to go there.

It’s a decision I will never regret for many reasons. During my time in Indonesia I did not only do a 3 week bali trip. I also visited Lombok and the Gili Islands. Also two reeeeally cool places. Asia is very different to all the other continents anyway. This is maybe the reason why I have so many good memories about it.

But anyway, a 3 week Bali trip is mind blowing and I spoil upfront: You need to go there!

The new friends you make on a 3 week Bali trip

3 week Bali trip – General information, cost and where to stay

Bali is one out of 18.307 islands in Indonesia. Even though it is quite small, compared to others, it still is the most popular place to go to. Especially for Australians. For them it is like Mallorca/ Ibiza of Oceania. A lot of people go there for their holidays, because it is cheap and easy to reach. This is why bali is pretty well developed, which is not very common in Asia.

Simple but cheap accommodation

A small homestay in Kuta

Bali has about 4.2 million inhabitants and was found in 1.500 BC. The island mainly lives of tourism. It’s also very famous for good surfing. Heaps of tourists come to Bali only to go for a good surf. But obviously there is a lot more to do 😉

The climate in Bali is very consistent. It’s good weather almost all year around. Maybe that’s another reason why so many people love to go to there.

You will probably have awesome weather all the time during your 3 week Bali trip

The vibe, costs and how to get around

Bali/ the life in Bali is also known to be very relaxed, chilled out and very unique in way, which is hard to explain. It just got this special kind of vibe to it. You will find a lot of backpackers as well, who go there to enjoy life and have a good time. Nowerdays even a lot of young Germans travel all the way from Europe to visit Bali. Crazy how famous this little island got over the last 15 years.

The views you get on a 3 week Bali trip are fantastic

Kuta is the main city and the pivotal point on your 3 week Bali trip. That’s also where you find the airport. A flight from anywhere in Australia (that’s where most people come from) is about 150-300$ on an average. Hotels, hostels and homestays can be found anywhere on the island. You could even rent your own villa for a month with a couple people and it would be ridiculously cheap. Costs for accommodation vary from 7$ to a couple hundred a night.

The streets of Kuta with an old asian style everywhere

It is easy to get around. The best way is to rent a scooter and discover the island on your own. The roads are in good condition. Driving there is way different compared to the western world though. People don’t really care about the rules and it is way more crowded on the streets. But you’ll figure out how to behave in the traffic during your 3 weeks Bali trip 😉

The crazy traffic in Southeast Asia

The fuel stations

Streets of Kuta city

3 week Bali trip – Highlights and what to do

On a 3 week Bali trip you will have many highlights to see. Just like always, I will only tell you about the stuff, that I have done, but this time I will give you a little overview of what else to see on a 3 week Bali trip.

The first thing you need to do is to stay in Kuta and go on a night out. Maybe that is not appealing for everyone, but it is a must do in my opinion. Bali is very famous for that. You will meet a lot of cool people, especially Australians. I really liked Sky Garden. They offer a buffet from 6 pm for 5$ including free beers until 10 pm. The music is very good and at night it is the main club to go to.

Sky Garden from outside

Visiting Kuta beach is also a must do on your 3 week Bali trip. It is a very pretty beach and you can enjoy a magnificant sunset there. It’s very pretty almost every day. Even though I have to admit, that there are many beaches, which are even more beautiful.

I personally spent my first couple days in Seminyak. It’s a very beautiful area and good for a surf. I stayed at a homestay with another german dude, that I met at the airport. I arrived at about 11 pm and had no place to stay. So, I spoke to him and luckily he took me with him. The accommodations there are very nice. Does not matter, which one you choose.

My first accommodation on the 3 week Bali trip

It even had a small temple to pray

What you should also see

The next place, which is also a must see in my opinion, is Padang Padang. One of the favourite places I have ever been to for a couple reasons:

  • Chilled out and quiet
  • Parties in the area every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Awesome surf spot
  • Good to get to know other travellers
  • Cheap accommodation

Padang Padang is just incredible and has awesome surf conditions

Padang Padang really is an absolutely awesome place. It’s suppose to be one of the best surf spots in whole Indonesia. The surfers I spoke to said it is considered to a „perfect wave“ on a good day. And the parties in Padang Padang are a lot of fun. You have this wonderful bay with perfect sand and huge cliffs around you, 200-300 people dancing to reggae music – So cool!

A guy from Papua New Guinea, that I met at Padang Padang

The sunset at Padang Padang

A must see on your 3 week Bali trip

Padang Padang is such a beautiful place

Rock formations in the area of Padang Padang

Uluwatu temples

Not far away from there you will find the Uluwatu temples. This is such a cool spot as well and a „Must Do“ on your 3 week Bali trip. The landmark of the temple area is a small temple on the edge of the cliffs. Uluwatu is the most western tip from the southern part of the island. Once you enter the temple area, you get a bowknot.

Me with the bowknot at a beautiful cliff

Uluwatu is right at huge cliffs

The cliff close up

The waves at Uluwatu are also good to surf

It’s a holy zone, so you have to wear this to respect the believe of the locals. The temples are full of monkeys. You can feed them, but you shouldn’t. They are quiet cheaky. They even steal cameras or other shining things. So watch out.

Cheaky little monkeys

Uluwatu is a holy zone

You will see monkeys everywhere on your 3 week Bali trip

Besides that Uluwatu is a very pretty place with stunning views onto some cliffs and the ocean. Especially during sunset it’s incomparable. Trust me ?

Amazing sunet at Uluwatu

I just loved the view at Uluwatu

There is more to come

But there is even more to discover on a 3 week Bali trip. You can have a look at various wonderful waterfalls like the “Sekumpul” or Nung Nung waterfalls. What you also have to see on your 3 weeks Bali trip is Ubud. It is known as the place full of monkeys and rice terraces. I have not been there, but it’s suppose to be very special. You can also find some very nice jungle accommodations there, which look like true paradise.

Of course you can also find many other impressive temples like “Tirta Gangga” or “Pura Taman Ayun”. Any of these temples suppose to be really nice and worth a visit. If they are nearly as cool as Uluwatu, than I would definitely recommend them on your 3 week Bali trip.

There will be many beautiful temples on your 3 week Bali trip

In my opinion a 3 week Bali trip is something everyone should do one time. Even, if you go for a shorter term. This island has such a special vibe to it, that is not really comparable to other places. It is very well developed, but still has a lot of places that seem pretty undiscovered. Just a harmonious combination.

What a view onto a set of waves coming in

3 Week Bali trip – What I have learned

I have learned something on the 3 week Bali trip, which is equally important for travellers and those, who do not like to travel that often. It’s also quite interesting for people, who don’t like to go to exotic countries or countries, that might look a little intimidating at first/ from the outside.

The 3 week Bali trip showed me that:

Every country or continent is very unique in its own way

All of them, does not matter, which one you visit on our planet, has something special to it.

Bali is a dream

Before I went to Australia, I never thought, that I am gonna visit anything else but Down Under. I was not really interested to be honest. I thought: Australia is the only place, which is appealing to me, because of whatever reasons.

When your horizon extends

But now I have a different opinion. Because of other travellers, who told me about Southeast Asia and, because of the fact, that I extended my horizon through travelling. I eventually started to get interested in other continents. And that is really, really good!

Soo good, because you try out so much new stuff like local food you never had

I would have never been to that many special places, if I would not been interested and open minded enough to go to more unusual travel destinations. And I am happy I did. Why? Because you learn soooo much in every single country. About the cultures, ways of living, different religions, unique habits of people, nature aaaand so on. It’s crazy how much you see/ learn. That’s pretty cool I think.

Southeast Asia is a whole different world than Oceania, Europe or any other westernized country. But it is awesome, if you open up to it. And that will always be the same. It just depends on your attitude!



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