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Terrific Litchfield National Park one day tour

By on 18. April 2017

Whenever you are in the Northern Territory of Australia, you should definitely do a Litchfield National Park one day tour. This national park is one of the best ones I have seen in the whole country. That’s for sure. So much beauty in such a small area. Very impressive! And it is completely different to all the other ones I have seen in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland. There is so much to see and to experience. Wonderful landscapes, wild animals, a tropical but sunny climate and so much more.


Terrific Litchfield National Park one day tour

Honestly guys, this small but very beautiful national park was absolutely amazing. I had so much fun. I went there with a german friend after I had done my 3 day Ayers Rock camping tour. We discovered the park on our own. It is really not a problem to do so. We started from Darwin, which is the pivotal point in the north of Australia.

Darwin is quite cool, but there is not that much to see to be honest. At least from what I have seen.

While I was travelling through the whole country, I got told a couple times, that I should see the national parks in the Northern Territory, because they are so pretty.

Such a pretty landscape, especially on sunny days

A couple fellow travellers also said to me, that I could leave out the Kakadu National Park, because Litchfield is pretty much the same, just more compressed. I really wanted to see the Kakadu National Park since a long time, but I think it was a very good decision to go for the smaller, but more beautiful Litchfield National Park one day tour.

Believe me, what you see there is very cool and you will have a great time 🙂

Me at the beginning of my Litchfield National Park one day tour

Litchfield National Park one day tour: General information, history, prices, etc.

The Litchfield National Park has its name from an explorer named Frederick Henry Litchfield, who discovered this place in 1864. It lies 128 km south of Darwin. It will take you about 2 hours to get there by car. The park is located in a pretty humid area where monsoons are not a rarity. You can also find a lot of wild crododiles in this area of Australia, but you will rarely see them on your Litchfield National Park one day tour. So don’t be scared 😉

Even though it is a pretty small national park compared to others, you will still find a lot of different types of forests, plants and landscapes. You can also see some rare sandstone plateaus, which are quite nice to look at. Furthermore the Litchfield National Park has a lot of various animal species like crocodiles (very rare), wallabies, kangaroos, cockatoos and much more.

The way to the Litchfield National Park

The whole scenery reminded me of the Daintree Rainforest, just a lot dryer. But it really depends on the season. We had dry season, when we did our Litchfield National Park one day tour. When it’s wet season, you won’t be able to go there. All the roads will be swamped.

A long time ago the Litchfield National Park was the home of a lot of aboriginal tribes. Unfortunately you do not find a lot of them anymore nowerdays. If you want to, you can also camp in the Litchfield National Park. The supervision of the park established some special areas for tourists.

Some roads are even swamped in dry season

How it usually looks like

Litchfield National Park one day tour: Highlights and activities

You gonna see a lot of cool places on your Litchfield National Park one day tour, that’s for sure. I really loved the fact, that this whole area is very different to others in Australia. Just the way the landscape is shaped and how it looks like is so cool.

But obviously there are some places besides the lanscape in general, that are interesting, fun and really pretty to look at. When you enter the Litchfield National Park, you will come to some termite fields with lots of termite hills. It looks like a natural gravesite made from armies of termites. Some termite hills have a hight of about 2 – 3 m. The most known one is the “Cathedral Termite Mount” with a hight of 6 m. So impressive!

Termite fields in the Litchfield National Park

The Cathedral Termite Mount

Information about termites and termite mounts

The next highlight you can have a look at is the Buley Rockwhole. It is basically a fresh water pool at the end of a 1,5 km creek with various smaller natural fresh water pools on the way. The water colour is greenish and very clear. Really, really pretty. We spent about 1-2 hours there, because it is such a beautiful place.

Natural fresh water pools – Buley Rockwhole

The creek and waterfall at Buley Rockwhole

What you also need to see

On your Litchfield National Park one day tour you should also have a look at all the wonderful rivers. The main ones are:

  • Florence Creek
  • Walker Creek
  • Bamboo Creek
  • Suprise Creek
  • Sandy Creek

All of them are very pretty and you can combine your visit with various hiking tours/ walks. We walked along Florence and Walker Creek, which was really exciting and relaxing at the same time. If you look closely, you will find some rare insects, birds, and maybe even reptiles.

Hiking through the Litchfield National Park with a friend

What you will explore during a nice hike through the bushes

Additionally you will find a lot of massive waterfalls on your Litchfield National Park one day tour. You can have a look at the Wangi Falls, the Tjaetaba Falls Tolmer Falls and the Florence Falls. I could not really decide, which one I liked the most. The only thing I can say is, that swimming at the Wangi falls and especially at the Florence Falls is so much fun. The water temperature is very pleasant and you are even allowed to swim under the waterfalls/ jump off cliffs. You can see some sequences of that in my video on my Youtube channel. Definitely a lot of fun 🙂

Beautiful Florence Falls

The Florence Falls from above

Huge Tolmer Falls

The last thing I have to mention is a helicopter tour. I have not done it myself, but from all the footage I have seen and the stories I have heard from other travellers, I would say it must be an incredible experience. So, if you have the money, give it a try 😉

Incredible views on the Litchfield National Park one day tour

Litchfield National Park one day tour: What I have learned

The Litchfield National Park one day tour tought me something simple but very important again…

First travel lesson

Open up/talk to people as much as you can

When you open up to other people, then they will be willing to open up to you as well. They might tell you about places, that you don’t know yet. Maybe they even tell you exciting stories of these places. And maybe you even end up going there, because of their stories and advices. That’s how it was for me with Thailand, Cambodia and Litchfield.

I have only been to these places, because other travellers told me about it. I am very happy, that I have listened to them, because it have been experiences I would not want to miss.

So one of my main advices, that I have learned through travelling so far, is that you should open up/ listen to other people as much as possible and only good things will follow. Trust me!

So glad I spoke to people – Otherwise I would have never seen untouched places like this one

Second travel lesson

Sometimes small/less is better than big/more

Everyone of us has the tendency to always go for the big and “better” things. A high resolution TV is not a enough. It needs to be an ultra high resolution one. The new car must always have a bit more horse power than the one before. The next vacations must be a little bit more beautiful and expensive than the last ones. We just always want an upgrade. That’s just how we are…

But guys, often times, the small and simple things in life are the best ones. Why should I spend so much time in a huge nation park like “Kakadu”, if I can also see the same but not less beautiful stuff at Litchfield? Same thing with a new car or anything similar. A Mercedes C class takes me to the supermarket just as well as a Mercedes S class. So why buying a new, bigger and more expensive S class then? I think you get the point…

Really, it is not just a cheesy little quote that old, wise men give to the younger generation or something like that. It takes a while to learn, that less/small can be better than big/more. I am not saying, that this is always the fact. But when you are able to appreciate the small stuff in life, than you will eventually be a much happier and more satisfied person. Believe me!

And I am really happy that the Litchfield National Park one day tour brought me a lot closer to realizing that…

The sunset after an incredible Litchfield National Park one day tour

After discovering a bit of the Northern Territory, I went on to my next big adventure in another continent…



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