Airlie Beach in Queensland, travel, blog
Airlie Beach in Queensland, travel, blog
Airlie Beach in Queensland, travel, blog
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Airlie Beach in Queensland – A tropical village in Paradise

By on 29. März 2017

Airlie Beach in Queensland is easily one of the most beautiful spots on the Australian east coast. I have been there for a couple days, while I was travelling the east coast of Australia with my girlfriend. And it is not just Airlie Beach itself, which is very pretty, it’s also all the places around and the magical spots you can reach from there…

Airlie Beach in Queensland – A tropical village in Paradise

Obviously, just like always, I can only give you my personal advice/ view on Airlie Beach, on what to do and what to see in the area. At the end of the day, you have to make your own opinion on it, but I can definitely say for myself, that Airlie Beach in Queensland is one of the best spots I have seen on the east coast of Australia. It is a cute little village, where many tourists come to every year. And that’s for many reasons.

The city of Airlie Beach in Queensland

Airlie Beach in Queensland: History and facts

Airlie Beach in Queensland is a small little village with 2.751 citizens. The style and the look of it reminds me a little bit of some places at home – just with better weather 😉 It lies on the same latitude as Tahiti, which explains the constantly great weather and the pleasant climate. The temperature is 27°C on an average. The water temperature is very good as well, but you have to be careful with the toxic jelly fish. Make sure to wear a full body wetsuit, when you enter the water!

Toxic jelly fish sign

One of a couple beaches in the area

The main beach

Another part of the main beach

Airlie Beach is mostly known as the starting point to get to the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. Tourism is the main revenue stream, because many travelers come to Airlie Beach in Queensland every year. You can find accommodations for every budget.

The YHA, Nomads or the Beach hostel are the main spots to go to. Many people go there, because it is cheap and you can have a good time with other backpackers.

Airlie Beach in Queensland has a small but very pretty harbour, from where you start your sailing trips. Also make sure to have a look at the wonderful sunsets there 😉

Airlie Beach harbour during sunset

Airlie Beach in Queensland: What to do and what to see

There is a lot to do and to see in Airlie Beach in Queensland. Especially the places around this small village are absolutely fantastic, even though Airlie Beach itself has a lot to offer as well.

Airlie Beach in Queensland is not only really pretty, it also has a lot of cool things to do.  They have been setting up a chill/ pool area, because of the jelly fish problem. The harbour area is very good for a nice walk along the promenade. I liked that a lot.

Close to the pool area of Airlie Beach in Queensland

Walking along the promenade during sunset

Besides that you will find many bars and restaurants to go to. The city centre is full of them and it’s a nice amusement. On Saturdays you can have a look at the local markets, which is quite nice. You can buy all different kinds of stuff. From fresh food to typical souveniers.

You can also book your tours from here. There are many different ones. The main one is a sailing tour to the Whitsunday Islands or the Great Barrier Reef. We did a tour to the Whitsundays – read here – which was absolutely phenominal.

What else to do

Additionally you could go for a scenic flight, do a skydive, do a jet ski tour or try out whale watching. I did not do any of the other ones, because we did not have enough time, but I guess every single activity must be very cool.

Besides that you should really have a look at the area east of Airlie Beach in Queensland. You can go by car or do a bicycle tour for example. It is very scenic and good for a day/ half day tour. You will also get some very pretty pictures (post card material).

The area around Airlie Beach in Queensland

Beautiful bays everywhere around Airlie Beach

Two places you could also have a look at are the Convay National Park and the Dryander National Park. We had a look at the Convay National Park and I liked it a lot, even though it is very small. Does not matter what kind of activity you want to do or sight you want to visit, you will absolutely love it. Believe me!

The harbour east of Airlie Beach in Queensland

Airlie Beach in Queensland: What I have learned

Airlie Beach taught me something essential. Travelling in general teaches me a lot of lessons. It especially lets me reflect myself more often. That’s what I did in Airlie Beach in Queensland again. This small but very beautiful village made me realize, where I want to go with my life and at what kind of places I want to live in the future.

I’d rather prefer a sunny, small town by the ocean, than a big vibrant city. Even if it’s an awesome metropolis like Melbourne or Sydney. I think living by the ocean eventually leads you to a more calm and relaxed life. It’s healthy for the soul and it just makes you happy.

How most people reflect vs. what I think

Generally, reflecting yourself is something, that we all should be doing more often in my opinion. If you are in your normal enviroment, doing a 9 to 5 job, going to the gym after work, partying on the weekends, etc. (just like almost everyone does it) then you don’t really have the time or even want to take a closer look at yourself and what you do. Why should you? There is no need for a change that takes effort, right?

No better place to have some serious thoughts, right?

It’s true. And it is easier. You keep doing what you currently do. An effortless way…

But I think completely different. In my opinion, taking a closer look at yourself and your current situation is a crutual thing in life. Otherwise you might get lost in the rat race. I am not saying this applies to everyone, but for many people it does, I think. And, if you take your time every once in a while, you will be able to get back on the right/ better track. You will see clearer and you’ll be more focused. So make sure to do so!



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