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5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales

By on 27. März 2017

To say, which ones are the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales, is a tough call. This state has a lot of cool places to discover. Even though I have seen a lot on the East Coast of Australia, I still have to say, that there is a lot more to see. But the following 5 road trip destinations definitely belong to the best ones and I guess a lot of other travellers will agree on that.

5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales

Just like always, I can only speak for myself when it comes to the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales. A road trip along the East Coast of Australia is the coolest thing anyway, but some spots just have to be on your list and you will regret it, if you don’t have a look at them…

Opera House in Sydney

Blue Mountains National Park

The first place that needs to be on the top of your list of the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales is the Blue Mountains National Park. This special piece of nature might is maybe the best national park I have seen on the whole East Coast of Australia besides Wilsons Promontory. This UNESCO World Heritage sight just speaks for itself. You will absolutely be blown away.

You can have a look at the park on your own or book a tour. Both ways are good. I have booked a tour, while I was in Sydney. It was a 1 day tour, which is enough to see all the good spots, that you need to see. Nevertheless, you can also go for 2 or 3 days. You will get a deeper insight about the national park, its history and the Aboriginies, who live there.

You can reach this beautiful place by driving north west, starting from Sydney. It will take you about 1 – 2 hours to get there. Many tourists visit this park every year and I can definitely understand the reason why 🙂

Waterfall in the Blue Mountains

5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales – Wonderful Blue Mountains

Byron Bay

The next place on the list of the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales is the village of Byron Bay. You can easily stay at Byron Bay for a couple weeks, because this place is just awesome. It is one of my favourite places in Australia for sure. The unique flair, the hippy vibes and the cool people make it hard to leave. A totally relaxed village with constantly good climate and nice surf spots. What else can you need? 😉

So, whenever you are in this area, make sure to bring some time. I was in Byron Bay for only a week, but I should have stayed way longer. It is just a great place and you will only understand the reason why, if you put it on your list of the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales.

Byron Bay’s surfing beginners area

Me at the Byron Bay’s Main Beach


The city of Canberra should also be on your list of the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales. Unfortunately I have not been there,  because I did not have enough time. People told me it is definitely something different compared to other cities on your east coast trip. Historically it is an important city. However, I heard from a lot of people, that it is not a place where travellers would stay for a longer term. It is probably not really comparable to Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Brisbane in any way, because it just not has that much to do.

Anyway, it is the capital of Australia and you should definitely have a look at it I guess. Do it differently than I did and take your time to visit this city 😉

Roads towards Canberra

The way past Canberra


Sydney must be under the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales. You can not miss it, if you come to Australia. It is one of the most famous cities on earth for many reasons. There are countless cool things to do in this spectecular metropole. Sydney is the starting point for many travellers when they go on road trips down south towards Melbourne or up north towards Cairns.

Besides everything you can do in Sydney, I can give you a little advice on how to upsorb this city’s vibes in the best way possible – at least from my point of view 🙂

Spend a day just on having a look at all the different street artists, musicians and also the alternative neighborhoods. That’s something, which I really liked about Sydney and I would always recommend anyone to take as much time as you need for that.

Harbour Bridge in Sydney

Sydney’s skyline

Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach

The last thing you need to put on your list of the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales are actually three sights. I was just not able to decide 🙂 You can find all of them in Sydney as well. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach. All of these places have their own uniqueness to them. The Opera House is the building, which was shown everywhere at the Olympic Games in year 2000. Literally everyone knows it.

The Harbour Bridge can be found about two hundred meters away from the Opera House. It is the crossover from the southern to the northern side of the city. Bondi Beach might be one of the most known bays/ beaches for surfers in whole Australia. You will find many nice cafès and bars next to it. You will love all of these spots – 100%!

Opera House in Sydney needs to be under the 5 best road trip destinations in New South Wales

Bondi Beach

Finally I have to say, picking one of these spots and calling it THE best is not possible for me. Everyone should make their own opinion about that anyway. But I can definitely say for myself , that I have learned a lot of travel lessons  from visiting all these places and I highly recommend to visit all of them!



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