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Steve Irwin Australia Zoo – A famous australian Landmark

By on 21. Februar 2017

This blog post is about a landmark of Australia – the famous Steve Irwin Australia Zoo. In my opinion this is one of the coolest spots along the whole east coast, because it is known worldwide and it reminds me of my childhood. This zoo is the vision of an inspiring man and a great home for all kind of animals. Every creature gets treated insanly well and you can really feel the love that has been put into it.


Steve Irwin Australia Zoo – A famous Australian Landmark

I visited the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo during my travels along the East Coast of Australia. By that time I was travelling with a good german friend and we decided to have a look at what Steve Irwin created. I really wanted to see this place since I first thought about going to Australia, because I used to watch his TV shows a lot 🙂 For me, he was a remarkable man with awesome skills and knowledge about all kind of animals. In my opinion the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo is absolutely great and it might be the best one you will ever see. It definitely was for me…

I loved this place and all the animals

Steve Irwin Australia Zoo: General information, history and how to get there

The Steve Irwin Australia Zoo was founded in 1970 by the parents of Steve Irwin, who is also known as the “Crocodile Hunter” in old TV shows where he caught all types of reptiles in order to examine and inform other people about them. He grew up in Queensland and soon started to work in his parent’s wildlife park. He had his own vision about it pretty quick and took over the management in 1991. After he married his wife “Terri Raines” in 1992, they both took care of the business and started to grow it.

They started the “Crocodile Hunter” TV series shortly after they got married and they had tremendous success with. More than 500 million people watched his shows worldwide and I did too 😉 Through this success with the TV show his business grew even more. Today the company has about 500 employees. Steve Irwin Australia Zoo is currently the biggest and most famous zoo in Australia and maybe even on the whole planet.

The story of the legend

Foot and hand prints of the Irwin family

You can get to the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo pretty easily. It lies north of Brisbane and can be reached within about 60 minutes by car. You basically can not miss it, because you will see big signs along the way, does not matter, if you come from the north or the south. You can also go by Rail Transport or with the Greyhound bus. It is up to you 🙂

Prices and programs

The prices at the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo vary, depending on what kind of pass you book. You can book a day pass, a two day pass, a monthly pass, an annual pass and much more. A normal day ticket for an adult costs 59 $ (children 35 $). A family ticket for 4 persons is about 172 $ (5 people = 189 $). Pensioners and students get a discount (47 $). Two day passes are more expensive – look here. The prices might seem pretty high at first, but believe me, they are not. Actually they are quite reasonable compared to the value you get.

Besides all that, kids and adults have the opportunity to participate at educational programs or to discover the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo with a zoo keeper, who teaches and provides a lot of information.

Knowledge everywhere in the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo

Deadly snakes in the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo

What’s also interesting is the fact, that the Irwin family and the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo are doing so many conservational projekts to help animals all over the world and to stop illegal poaching. People and visitors also have the opportunity to donate money, which is used for saving some different animal species like cassowaries or tigers. Really impressive!

Impressive animal – Cassowaries

Steve Irwin Australia Zoo: What to do and what to see

There is definitely a lot to see in the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo. When me and a german friend were there we started our day trip with having a look at a lot of different reptile and crocodiles species, which the park is famous for. Each and every crocodile has its own name and story to it. You can also have a look how big crocodiles have been millions of years ago (mega crocodiles). Afterwards we went on to see some comodo dragons and cassowaries, which I have never seen before. Absolutely impressive animals. They look very cool 😀

Crocodile after crocodile in the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo

Crocodiles hanging out in the sun

As soon as we had finished that we had a look at the stadium called “Crocoseum”, where some zoo keepers do spectecular shows almost every day. Make sure to get there early enough or you will miss it. We actually missed it and I was pretty sad about that. But therefore we could take a look at all the cool tools and photos of the legend Steve Irwin in the Crocodile hunter museum. We also took a picture with a cardboard stand up. In this museum you can also take some professional pictures with koalas and other animals. You can even find a burmese python in there 🙂

The Crocoseum in the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo

A picture with the legend

Me touching a koala – So good!

What else to see

Additionally you can go to the “Roo Heaven” and pet some kangaroos or have a look at the “Wetlands”, which is a big area full of different bird species. Pretty nice! Besides that you can visit the koala walk through, which is the place where you can touch these really cute animals. The walk through leads you back to the entry with a souvenir shop next to it. But before you leave, you should definitely have a look at the tiger temple, the camel ride area, the Africa area (zebras, rhinos, lemurs, etc.) and the red pandas, which population is only less than 10.000 in the whole world today. So make sure to stop by.

Me at “Roo Heaven”

A red panda at the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo

Wombat casually hanging out

A burmese python – Very unique

We only stayed at the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo for half a day, because we had to get back to Brisbane to get a job. In my opinion the zoo is worth to staying way longer than that 😉

Steve Irwin Australia Zoo: What I have learned

As you can read here, I also always want to focus on what you learn from travelling and certain experiences. The Steve Irwin Australia Zoo thought me something essential, that I will always try to integrate into my life.

DO everything you do in life with your whole passion and put all your heart into it –

Every successful man/ woman that is worth to look up to or to remember has a passion, that they have been putting their whole heart into. If you listen to them, there is one thing they all say and that is, that, if you want to reach your goals, whether it business or personal, you have to unconditionally follow this passion in order to reach your goals. You will never reach your full potential, if you don’t do so.

Steve Irwin was that kind of guy. A legend. He could only fascinate millions of people and built something worthwhile, because he was so passionate about his job. He really lived it and he is a good example for what – putting your whole heart into something – can achieve!

Pictures and memories of the Crocodile Hunter

The gear of a man with absolute passion for his goals

After an unforgetable day in the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo we headed back to Brisbane to work for a while until the next highlight came.



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