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Queensland Coastline Road Trip – A memorable Experience

By on 28. Februar 2017

A Queensland coastline road trip is something you have to do while you are travelling the east coast of Australia. The state of Queensland has a lot of cool spots to discover, especially when it comes to stunning nature. From raw jungles to incredible coastlines and natural wonders. Everything you see in this tropical state is really special and there is definitely something to see for everyone.


Queensland Coastline Road Trip – A memorable Experience

A Queensland coastline road trip is a must do in Australia.  I did it with my girlfriend after I visited the Australia Zoo and Fraser Island with a german friend from back home. I sold my beloved car just right before our trip, so I had to rent a van where me and my girlfriend could sleep in. We got one of spaceship for two weeks (costs: about 950 $) where we could sleep in. I planned a couple trips to wonderful destinations before me and my girlfriend met. The following ones are the ones, that we did and that you really have to see in my opinion.

Mission Beach along the Queensland coastline road trip

Queensland Coastline Road Trip  – Airlie Beach

One of the first main spots on a perfect Queensland coastline road trip is Airlie Beach. Before you reach it, you can have a look at Noosa Heads and Fraser Island. Airlie Beach itself is such a beautiful place. It is one of the main spots to do a Whitsunday Islands tour from. We actually started our tour from there as well.

Airlie Beach has a small harbour from where every sailing tour begins. Even, if it is not the Whitsundays tour. Besides that, you can hang out at various beaches, have some cool parties in bars like “Mamma Africa” or have a look at the wonderful surrounding area. Many travellers stay there for a while, because it is such a lovely place to be at.

Make sure to drive even further east. The bays you gonna see there are really worth visiting.

Short tip: Do not swim in the whole area, because of toxic jelly fish

Airlie Beach beachside

Airlie Beach city

Sunset at the Airlie Beach harbour

Queensland Coastline Road Trip  – Whitsunday Islands

A Whitsunday Islands tour is one of THE major things to do in whole Australia and a must do on your Queensland coastline road trip. My girlfriend and I did a 3 day tour around the islands with a group of about 30 people (price: about 470 $).

On these sailing tours you can either lay back and enjoy the view or help the crew and learn a bit on how to sail. You will visit the world famous Whiteheaven Beach, go snorkeling and maybe see some whales or sea eagles. In the evening everyone has a good time together 😉

I loved it so much and it was one of the best things I did in Australia for sure.

Whitehaven Beach with the finest sand on earth

Whitehaven Beach lookout

Loving the Whitsunday Islands tour on the Queensland coastline road trip

Queensland Coastline Road Trip  – Cairns

You also have to visit Cairns on you Queensland coastline road trip for sure. Cairns is a relatively small but cool city with many fun things to do. You can visit some waterfalls in the area like the Barron Falls or the Josephine Falls , do a skydive, hang out at the city pools or do a trip to the one and only Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns is also the pivotal point in terms of transportation and labour within northern Queensland. Many backpackers do farm work on one of the countless plantations. It also really seems like a relaxed and layed back city to hang out at. At least, that’s what we did 🙂

Leaf sizes in Cairns

Skydiving near Cairns

Queensland Coastline Road Trip  – Great Barrier Reef

This place is just phenominal. Literally everyone knows it and you definitely have to see this place during your Queensland coastline road trip. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef on earth. It is a protected UNESCO World Heritage site since 1981. My girlfirend and I went there for one day and did a snorkeling as well as scuba diving tour on the outta reef.

We booked the tour for 195 $, but the prices vary depending on what kind of trip you book. This adventure is absolutely worth its money. I was blown away. You will get there by a speed boat even though you can do helicopter tours as well. And make sure to prepare for a ruff ride 😉

Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef

Landscape on our Queensland coastline road trip

Queensland Coastline Road Trip  – Daintree Rainforest

This beautiful place should not be left out on your Queensland Coastline Road Trip as well. The Daintree Rainforest is something very special. It split apart from the Amazonas millions of years ago and is a home for aboriginal tribes and various animal species now. The famous cassowaries are one of them 🙂 On your way to the Daintree Rainforest you should also have a look at Palm Cove, Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas. Three very nice spots.

In the jungle you should also visit Cape Tribulation. This is a unique and very pretty beach where James Cook in 1768 almost sunk his ship. It is also an UNESCO World Heritage sight just like many other places in Australia.

Daintree Rainforest jungle view

Mossman Gorge on the Queensline coastline road trip

Cape Tribulation beach area

Palm Cove

So, there is a lot to do on a journey around the coastline of Queensland and I would recommend anyone to see all the hot spots at least. They are worth all the km of driving 😉



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