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Noosa Heads – A wonderful Paradise for Surfers

By on 8. Februar 2017

Noosa Heads is one of the coolest places in Australia in my opinion. It is a wonderful place for travellers and surfers or for people, who just want to relax and spend some days in paradise. It is the first place after Brisbane, where I really realised, that the further you go up the east coast, the more tropical it gets. Noosa Heads might be a small village and for most people it is just a little point on their map while driving up further north, but this tiny place is so much more than that…

Noosa Heads – A wonderful Paradise for Surfers

I want to start this blog post with saying that the whole Noosa area is bigger than just Noosa Heads, but the main point where people go to, when they visit this area, is Noosa Heads itself and not the whole Noosa Shire. So, if you are interested in visiting Noosa Heads, then you will only need to focus on the main part. Believe me, it is more than enough to have a great time 🙂

Lonely beaches at Noosa Heads

I stayed at Noosa Heads for a couple days while me and a german friend were living in the city of Brisbane. We decided to take some days off to visit this beautiful place as well as the one and only Australia Zoo. Noosa Heads really fascinated me for lots of reasons. Before I started my big trip around Australia, Southeast Asia, Fiji and New Zealand – read more here – Noosa Heads was something I really wanted to see since such a long time. I saw many videos on Youtube and read about it online. It looked like paradise to me and the picture I had in my mind became absolutely true 🙂

Noosa Heads on a cloudy day, but still so beautiful

General information about Noosa Heads

The small village of Noosa Heads is lying north of Brisbane. It is about an hour drive to get there by car. The total population is roughly about 4.000 citizens. Noosa Heads has been a tourist attraction since 1890 and became even more known after the second world war. Back in the days you could find a lot of timber and milling industry there, but nowerdays it is just the perfect spot for vacations or travellers, who want to relax for a while.

Compared to other spots in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria, Noosa Heads is not known that much, but should definitely be considered by everyone, who is travelling the East Coast of Australia.

Especially the constant climate and the good wheather conditions make a privileged spot for surfers. Many of them come from far places just to catch some waves and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this quiet piece of land 🙂

The views at Noosa Heads are wonderful – A tropical paradise

What to do and what to see in Noosa Heads

Even though Noosa Heads is a small village, there is quite a lot to do and to see. Travellers and tourists mainly visit this place for holidays and to catch some waves. But you can also do heaps of other stuff. If you are more into sporty activities you can go biking, kajaking, snorkeling, kite surfing and even scuba diving in the area. I actually went fishing there as well. I did not catch anything but, I still liked it, because you don’t get interrupted as much as in big cities.

Noosa Heads is a paradise for surfers

If you are more into relaxing kind of stuff, then you can just hang out at several beaches or go shopping at the main street, which is located right next to the main beach. You will find various of cool shops to buy anything you need. You also have the opportunity to go golfing at the Noosa Golf Club or enjoy some barbies at free barbicue stations. Additionally you can hire a boat and explore the nearby Noosa River.

During the 13-15 of Mai you can even participate at the Ultraman Australia, which is a regionally known multiday triathlon. If you are lucky, you can even spot some whales while they are on their way back from the Antarctica. Just make sure to bring your beach equipment, because you probably spend most of your time on the beach 😉

Me hanging out on the main beach

Hiking trails in Noosa Heads – So beautiful

Noosa Heads National Park

Another cool thing to have a look at in the area of Noosa Heads is the Noosa Heads National Park. It lies on the most outer tip of the mainland and can be reached within a couple of minutes by foot from the city centre. A friend and I took a look at this national park and even though it is quite small, it still is very beautiful. When you walk along the coastline you will discover a couple very nice beaches. You’ll also find some good places to surf and maybe you will see some koalas as well as special bird species, if you are lucky.

The paths you follow when you walk through the national park

Other cool spots

If you want to spend some time at really lonely beaches like Alexandria Bay, then you have to cross the forest from west to east (be aware of snakes!). On the east side of the park you will find the Pazific ocean. Not a lot of people visit these beaches, so will feel completely lost, but in a good way 😉

These beaches are also perfect for kite and wind surfers.

Alexandria Bay

Birds at Alexandria Bay

Sunset at Noosa Heads

Short tip for travellers: In Noosa Heads camping is completely forbidden. If you still want to camp somewhere, I recommend you to drive up the street north east of the city centre. You will find a small parking area on the right side with a toilette house. Usually you should not camp there as well, but the police sometimes turns a blind eye on that 😉

Altogether I can say that Noosa Heads is the perfect spot for travellers and Australians, who want to escape the busy city life and have a relaxed time at a wonderful coastal place for a while. I believe you will love it too 🙂

After we had a great stay at Noosa Heads, we went on to the next big adventure on the East Coast of Australia – Fraser Island.



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