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City of Brisbane – the Business City of Australia

By on 7. Februar 2017

The city of Brisbane is such a cool place. During my time in Australia I have worked there and I definitely started to like this city a lot. It might not be as popular as Sydney or Melbourne, but it still has a lot to offer. Especially in terms of working and business. Besides that it is the pivot point of Queensland and there is a lot to do in and outside of the city.


City of Brisbane – The Business City of Australia

I want to start this blog with telling how I found the city of Brisbane. I have been living there for about two month. Actually, I was living in a car by that time and shared it with 3 friends. Shortly before we arrived in the city of Brisbane, we went separate ways. I continued my journey with just one of three guys. He stayed with me until I started to visit the Fijis with my girlfriend – you can read that in another blog post 🙂

During my time in the city of Brisbane I understood after quite a while why so many people like this place…

Beautiful Brisbane River

The city of Brisbane: General information and history

The city of Brisbane is basically known as a business city. It actually is the pivotal point in terms of business within Australia. The city of Brisbane has about 2.27 million citizens and was founded in 1824 after John Oxley found this place. This metropole is lying close to the ocean. You will find the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in the north and in the south.

The city of Brisbane itself has a big city centre, that is crossed by the Brisbane river. Because of that river you can only use fairies or several big bridges to get from one to the other side. Back in the days this city suppose to be a military point. Over time it transformed into the industrial, trading and finance centre of Queensland. One of the main reasons for that is the big harbour.

Where the ships cross the Brisbane River and then drive to the harbour

This city is a good place for people, who like sunshine and constant climate. The city of Brisbane averages on a temperature of 25,3 °C during summer and 15,4 °C in the winter time. The beautiful surroundings like Noosa Heads, Surfers Paradise and the Australia Zoo are big attractions for tourists. Education is also a big thing in the city of Brisbane. The University of Queensland and the University of Technology are known all over Australia and sought after.

Sunset in the city of Brisbane – Always good weather

The city of Brisbane: Close to the ocean

The city of Brisbane lies very close to the ocean. This ensures a big dose of fresh air and a humid climate. Especially the endless coastlines out of the city are a big attraction for travellers and backpackers. Surfers also like to visit the area, because they get very good surfing conditions. The Brisbane river makes this city even more beautiful, because it gives a maritime flair/ vibe to it even though a lot of people do not consider Brisbane to be an attractive city. The proximity to the water definitely changes that negative view in my opinion.

Brisbane is a very maritime area

The city of Brisbane at night

The city of Brisbane: Good transportation

Good transportation links and a lot of different vehicles to get from A to B are neccessary in such a big country. Especially in a big city like Brisbane. Because of the fact that business and making money is such an important factor in the city of Brisbane, the tranportation system has to be even more developed and you can see that. It might even be better than the ones you will see in Melbourne or Sydney. You can go by taxi, trams, trains, fairies and even by bicycles for rent. Every known spot like South Bank or the Lone Pine Koala centre is accessable very easily.

Besides that I found for myself, that this city has a lot of side paths on the streets for cyclists. I think that’s very cool, because it leads the people to be more active and to use their cars less. And as you know that is good for the enviroment 😉

Easy to get from A to B, even by fairy

The city of Brisbane: The green and natural surroundigs

The city of Brisbane is a very green place and full of cool activities. It might not have as much cool stuff to offer as Melbourne or Sydney, but still way more than most other cities I have seen on my travels so far. You will find a lot of parks and areas to hang out. Even the city centre impresses with lots of green areas like the Botanic Gardens or the Kangeroo Point Cliff Park.

If that is not enough you also have the opportunity to go out of Brisbane or towards the edges of the town. There, you will find even more natural places and also some national parks or known islands like Moreton Island,which is the third biggest sand island on earth!

I, for e.g., have lived close to the ocean. We (me and a friend I shared the car with) always slept close to the sea and we could even hang out in more green areas, because the more you go out of town the greener it gets 🙂

Me and a friend at South Bank – A green and realxed area

The city of Brisbane: What to see and what to do

The city of Brisbane has a lot of highlights. It is hard to choose the best ones, but I try to give a small glimpse on what I liked when I was there. Brisbane has many cool bars and restaurants like the Eleven Rooftop Bar, which has a great view or a Whiskey bar like Cobbler. Generally it is a good city to go out and party 🙂

Besides that I thought that the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a very cool place you need to have a look at. You can get in touch with countless kangaroos and koalas 🙂 You should also visit the South Bank Parklands, which basically is a designed natural swimming pool park next to the Brisbane river and close to the CBD. It is really cool to hang out and have a good time.

In a pub with other Germans watching the world cup

The fresh water pool area in South Bank – Very cool

What else to see and to do

Additionally you can visit various museums, if you are more into art and history. The main spots to go to in that case are the Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art. I have been to the second one and I found it to be quiet cool even though I am not that much into museum visitations.

Short tip: If you like tattoos, try out the artists in Brisbane. I got a tattoo there and the artists suppose to be one of the worlds best 😉 I did mine with “James” at Wild at Heart.

The tattoo I have done in the city of Brisbane

Overall I can definitely say, that the city of Brisbane is very cool and it has a lot to offer. It might not be my favourite city, but it is on top of the list 😉

After my two month stay and working there, we headed on to a very special place in Australia – Noosa Heads !



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