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5 best road trip destinations in Queensland

By on 22. February 2017

From all the places I have seen in Australia, I can say that the 5 best road trip destinations in Queensland have been one of my favourites. Queensland is a perfect state to do a road trip. Good weather, many different sights, exotic wildlife and much more. Everyone will find something, that he/she likes. I guess, I have not met a traveller, who did not like this state and especially the following 5 destinations.


5 best road trip destinations in Queensland

All road trip destinations I have been to are great. Does not matter where you go within Australia. But the 5 best road trip destinations in Queensland are on top of the list for sure. I guess, everyone will see it differentely, but there is no doubt, that Queensland is a fantastic state. And you should definitely have a look at it. Especially at these places…

Fraser Island’s 75 Mile Beach

Gold Coast

The first one on the list of the 5 best road trip destinations in Queensland, which you have to see, has to be the Gold Coast. I have learned a lot of travel lessons on the Gold Coast. What impressed me a lot was the fact that even though there is a lot of tourism, it still does not seem to packed or destroyed. Often that is the fact in other countries, but the Australians do a good job on keeping everything clean and attractive.

This coastline is the perfect spot for surfers (beginners and pro’s) as well as tourists, who want to enjoy the typical Australia. Simultaneously there is also something for travellers and backpackers, who just want to have fun. Surfers Paradise is the nr. 1 spot for that.

Additionally it is not far away from cool places like Byron Bay or Noosa Heads. So make sure to have a look at the Gold Coast 😉

Skyscrapers at the Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise

Whitsunday Islands

Make sure to put the Whitsunday Islands on your list of the 5 best road trip destinations in Queensland as well. It is one of THE major things you have to see in this country. I visited this wonderful area with my girlfriend by booking a 3 day tour with a group of about 30 people (price: about 470 $).

You will mostly get there with a sailing boat. If you are lucky or, if you have connections, you might be able to do a private tour on a yacht (met some people, who did that 🙂 ). The main things to do and attractions to see are Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton island and to go snorkeling. Maybe you will even spot some exotic animals 😉

I really loved the tour that we did and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Whitehaven Beach is insanely beautiful

5 best road trip destinations in Queensland – Whitehaven Beach

Having fun at Whitehaven Beach

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is so cool! I have rarely seen anyone, who did not like this island and it has to be under the 5 best road trip destinations in Queensland in my opinion. Fraser island is the biggest sand island on earth. You will get there by booking a tour (mostly 3 day tours – 350 – 400 $) or you go on your own. You will need a 4 wheel drive though. Otherwise you won’t get very far.

Some of the main spots to visit are:

  • Maheno wreck
  • Champagnè pools
  • Indian Heads
  • Lake Wabby
  • Lake McKenzie
  • Eli Creek
  • 75 Mile Beach

All of these spots are very beautiful. If you book a guided tour, you will probably go partying on the campgrounds with about 80 – 120 other travellers. Everyone goes completely nuts 😉 It’s really good fun!

Me and a good friend at the Maheno wreck

Endless beaches at Fraser Island

Great Barrier Reef

A place you can not miss and definitely have to put under the 5 best road trip destinations in Queensland is the world famous Great Barrier Reef. Everyone knows this beautiful piece of nature and you have to see it!

The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef on earth. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. I went on a 1 day trip with my girlfriend and we did a snorkeling as well as scuba diving tour on the outta reef.

A tour costs about 195 $, but the prices vary. You can also book a 2 or 3 day trip, but the prices will be much higher then. This trip is absolutely worth its money. The Great Barrier Reef blew my mind completely. It is something that I will never forget and you won’t as well. Trust me!

Landscape in Queensland

Finding Nemo at the Great Barrier Reef

Daintree Rainforest

The last point on the list of the 5 best road trip destinations in Queensland has to be the Daintree Rainforest. This rainforest is truely special. It split apart from the Amazonas millions of years ago. Nowerdays it is the home of many aboriginal tribes and various animals species. Cassowaries are one to name 🙂 Also have a look at Palm Cove, Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas, if you are your way to the Daintree Rainforest. Three wonderful spots you should not miss.

When you are actually at Daintree itself, then make sure to go to Cape Tribulation. It is a very pretty beach where James Cook in 1768 almost sunk his boat. This is also an UNESCO World Heritage sight. You will find a lot of them in Australia 😉

Me at Mossman Gorge

The Daintree Rainforest needs to be under the 5 best road trip destinations in Queensland

Me at Cape Tribulation

To visit all of these places you have to drive a lot, but it is really worth the effort 😉



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