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The village of Byron Bay – A wonderful place by the Ocean

By on 25. Januar 2017

The village of Byron Bay is something really special on the East Coast of Australia. Many travellers go there every year for lots of reasons. This pretty little hippy village is a perfect spot for backpackers, especially if you just want to hang out and have a good time. From cool surfing spots to awesome parties with people from all over the globe. If you are looking for a place where the typical Australian lifestyle can truly be lived, than Byron Bay might be your spot.


The village of Byron Bay – A wonderful place by the Ocean

First of all, I have to mention how I got to the village of Byron Bay. Me and three friends were living in a car together by that time and we were heading up the East Coast of Australia. We all wanted to see Byron Bay, so we only stayed in Sydney for nearly a week. After that, we pretty much rushed through until we arrived in the pretty little village of Byron Bay. I can say at the start of this blog post, that the village of Byron Bay is a really cool place and I can definitely understand why so many young people want to go there.

Village of Byron Bay: History, surroundings and general information

This beautiful place was found in the 18th century by a british sailor named “John Byron”. That’s where the name comes from. Over the last hundred years the village of Byron Bay was a very important spot in Australia. Because of the annual whale hunting season (not allowed anymore), the port and the biggest meat manufactury in the southern hemisphere, this city started to grow a lot. A lot of people started protesting about the unpleasant smell, so this business had to stop over the years.

Byron Bay beachside during sunset

Nowadays the village of Byron Bay has about 32.000 citizens and it is known as a perfect spot for you people and tourists. You can find a very pretty lighthouse, which was built in 1901. From there you can almost see the whole area of this tiny village. The main attractions for people are certainly the numerous surf spots and the fact that you can do whale watching. These majestic animals stay there between May and July and are really beautiful to look at.

Climate and what’s around the village of Byron Bay

The village of Byron Bay is a paradise for people, who like to have a pleasant temperature almost all year long. In summer the temperature sets between 20-28°C. During winter it is a bit colder, but still alright (12-20°C). Furthermore people, who are interested in culture and art, can visit the local museum or galleries. There are also various markets like the Byron Bay market and all kind of shops to go to.

Byron Bay on a sunny and pleasant day

In the hinterland you can find a place called Nimbin. It is about a one hour drive away from the village of Byron Bay and has about 350 people living there. Many people visit this place, because of the interesting history, the alternative style and to buy some Marihuana. This small town is very known for that kind of business, but no one really cares. So a lot of young people, especially from the village of Byron Bay, go there to purchase something and then head straight back.

The art museum in Nimbin

Village of Byron Bay: Nature and wildlife

The village of Byron Bay has a lot to see in terms of nature and wildlife. Obviously you can spot some kangaroos every now and then, because they are everywhere in Australia. Besides that you can sometimes spot some dolphins and sea turtles in the area. Between May and July it is whale season. Many people come to the village of Byron Bay only to see these spectacular animals. Of course you can also find various bird species as well as spiders and snakes (not very often though) in the area. Even sharks can rarely been seen.

A cute reptile in one of the hostels we stayed at in the village of Byron Bay

The village of Byron Bay is surrounded by wonderful national parks. Natural waterfalls, crystal clear rivers , beautiful rainforests and even fruit plantations are just some of the things that can be found. The focal points under this context are the Cape Byron State Conservation Park and Arakwal National Park.

View towards a the beach and the nearby Arakwal National Park

Village of Byron Bay: What to do and what to see

There is a lot a lot to do and to see in the village of Byron Bay. Most people come here to surf and to party. But there is something for everyone. You can do some meditations courses, have a wellness treatment or just get a tan at the beach, if you are more into relaxing kind of things. If you are more of a sports person, you can go biking, wandering or even kajaking. The main attraction is surfing though. The village of Byron Bay is transregionally known for that.

Tropical vibes, an almost constant water temperature and attractive waves make it an absolute surfing mekka. It is perfect for pros as well as beginners. Beginners should improve their skills at Main Beach, Clarkes Beach and the Pass. Pros mostly go to Tallow Beach and Cosy Corner. But it always depends on the conditions. Sometimes you are lucky and dolphins show up to bear company 😉

Byron Bay’s main beach for surfing beginners

The village of Byron Bay on a sunny day

Byron during sunset on a cloudy day

The second thing

The second main thing to do in the village of Byron Bay is to go partying. Heaps of backpackers only stay at Byron to have a good time. That’s why bars and clubs are open all week. You can find some live music at the Railway Friendly bar, listen to electronical vibes at Cheeky Monkey’s or have some drinks at Woody’s. On some days of the week you will even find silent beach parties, where people dance to three different types of music with headphones on. Pretty cool 🙂

Especially during November and December the village of Byron Bay goes nuts. A lot of Australian’s, who finished school successfully, arrive at that time and change this small town into a crazy party place 😉 It is definitely good fun!

Me surfing for the first time after a night out in the village of Byron Bay

For me, the village of Byron Bay is just phenomenal. I really loved it and I would always go back. So, if you travel the East Coast of Australia make sure to stop by. After me and my friends spent a week there, we headed on to another awesome place of Australia – The Gold Coast.



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