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The East Coast of Australia – A coastline full of Highlights

By on 17. Januar 2017

The East Coast of Australia is absolutely incedible. You will find so many interesting and cool places, that you could not even imagine. There is one highlight after another. From beautiful white sandy beaches and surfer spots to diving areas and wonderful national parks. Everyone will find something they like along that coastline for sure.

The East Coast of Australia – A coastline full of Highlights

Opinions differ on this question, but I think the following places to see and things to do, will be the main highlights on the East Coast of Australia. Obviously I can only talk about the sights that I have seen, but I guess there will be something in here for everyone. When you think about the East Coast of Australia, than everything can be cut down to which amazing sights you should visit and what activities you should do. As you can read here and see on Youtube, I also want to focus on what you learn through travelling. I talk about what I have learned from my travels on the East Coast of Australia in the end 😉

The most important spots on the East Coast of Australia

The East Coast of Australia is full of places and spots, which are so beautiful, that you have to see them one time in your life in my opinion. From perfect beaches to the raw jungle… most of the time you will see pretty beaches and places to party though 😉 There are many places you can visit along the East Coast of Australia, but some of them are a “Must See” like the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island and the Whitsunday islands. You will find Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, the Blue Mountains and the Gold Coast on top of the list as well. From my point of view, you also have to take the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation, Mossman Gorge and Noosa into consideration.

And don’t forget Rainbow Beach, Mission Beach and the Australia Zoo 🙂 Besides those, you will find a lot of other cool spots, but these are the ones, why so many travellers and tourists from all over the world come to Australia for their holidays or a longer term. Each and every one of these places has something really special to it (you can read that in other posts). Sooo worth visiting!

But whenever you decide to take a trip up the East Coast of Australia, make sure you bring some time…

The wonderful view in the Blue Mountains National Park on the East Coast of Australia

Endless beaches at Fraser Island

Sunset in Noosa Heads

The coolest activities on the East Coast of Australia

If you visit the East Coast of Australia, it will not only be about the places, but also about the activities you can do. In big metropoles like Sydney you will have a lot of variety compressed at one place. But when you explore all the other cool spots along the coastline you will see, that there are heeps of things to do. You can dive on the Great Barrier Reef, go for a surf at Noosa Heads or a trip through the jungle at the Daintree Rainforest.

I loved the sailing tour to the Whitsundays as well as the cool time in Byron Bay, where I honestly had amazing parties. I was also fascinated by the fantastic view and the interesting facts from the Blue Mountain tour. Enjoying the sunsets at Surfers is also on top of the list as well as a Fraser Island tour (biggest sand island on earth). A lot of people also try out a skydive near Cairns, do some whale watching or visit one of countless national parks. You could also just buy a camper van and start a loooong roadtrip along the wonderful East Coast of Australia 😉

Me and Sandra at Whitehaven Beach – Apparently the finest sand on earth

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef – Finding Nemo

Me feeding “Josh” at Australia Zoo on the East Coast of Australia

What I have learned from the East Coast of Australia

The time I spent on the East Coast of Australia thought me a lot. I learned three big lessons. One general and two personal ones. The general one is still in my head, because of my stolen backpack. I realized, that you do not need that much material stuff to be happy. The less you carry with you, the less you have to worry about and the less can be taken away from you 😉

Because I started two jobs in Brisbane again (carwasher and fundraiser) to get some money for the next months, I realized that you have to try a lot of new things and many jobs in order to really find the job/ passion you want to full fill in your life. If you are not a “fortunate” person, who already knows what to do with his/ her life (life goal or jobwise), than you have to keep searching and don’t settle until you find it. Otherwise you will be very unhappy.

What I realized

I realized that through my shitty jobs back home. The thing is this… because work is gonna fill a huge part of your life, you should definitely take your time on finding the right thing for you. I am personally still searching for the right thing, but I am getting closer to it and this blog is definitely the right direction 😉

The third thing I have learned is pretty basic. You have to make compromises. And not only during your travels. You will always have to do that. I lived in a car with a friend for 3 month and I realized, if you are not willing to make compromises in life, you will have a hard time. I do not like compromises myself at all  to be honest, but sometimes you gotta relent…

The blue car, that we slept in for 3 month – It was like a home

I know all of that sounds a bit cheesy, but travelling really teaches you a lot of lessons in general and for your own personal life as well. My time on the East Coast of Australia made me understand that a lot. Especially also in terms of what to do with my life and where I want to live in the future.

The places you will see, the activities you can do, the nature and people that will surround you, will definitely change you. Be sure on that! And maaaybe, you will never gonna leave this coastline or get the travelbug and start seeking for adventures that make you discover EVERYTHING of our wonderful planet 😉 …



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