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The best Travel Gear to explore the World

By on 16. January 2017

If you travel the world for a longer term, than you have to be well prepared. The foundation is the right travel gear. But you have to consider a lot of variables. It is not only a matter of what to bring, but also a matter of how much, which sizes, what is important, what is not… These are my recommendations on what to take with you when you explore the planet…

The best Travel Gear for Exploring the World

I have learned a lot through travelling the world, especially when it comes to what to take with you and what to leave at home. I know this is a big queston for a lot of people and it is hard to decide for many travellers, if they have not travelled for a longer term before, but during my time in Australia, I was actually forced to deal with the question of what travel gear is really necessary and what is not. Some other travellers stole my and friend’s whole backpacks out of our locked car in Brisbane. So we literally had nothing. We had to get everything new again. And I learned a lesson after that pretty quick! You do not need a lot of stuff when you travel (I explain the reason why in the end).

I could certainly write a couple blog posts about this topic and how to prepare for a big trip, but in this article I really only want to name the fundamental “must brings” from my point of view. So just like always, I will only give you my authentic view/ list on what I have learned is important and what is not. And this list, written by a man, is not very long, like you can imagine 😉

P.s. Every link you find in here, really is the travel gear that I use or at least very, very similiar (e.g. the clothes).

The stuff I used when everything got stolen from me

General travel gear

Passport, ID, and other credentials

I want to start this subtopic by saying that what I name in the following, is the travel gear, that I only took with me after my big backpack got stolen in Brisbane. So what you obviously need to bring, is your passport. It is the most important thing. Always keep it save. In some countries like Australia it costs you about 300$ to get a new one ;). So do not lose it!

You definitely also gonna need a bank card and more importantly a credit card in order to get money. If you stay in a country for a longer term, like 6 month for example, than get yourself a local bank card, so you do not need to pay additional fees every time you get money out of an ATM. If you have one, you will also need your driving licence, as well as an ID. Otherwise you will not be able to discover a country/ area by motorbike, scooter or car. I also recommend to take a health insurance card with you (in best case with a telefon number to call on).

All the above is the most important travel gear! Everything else can be bought. Believe me…

But still, if you have any other licences, like a scuba diving, sky diving, fishing or hunting licence, make sure to take these with you.

Diving licence

Backpack and other useful travel gear

When you travel other countries like Croatia, New Zealand or Australia with your whole heart for a longer time, you will need a backpack or a suitcase to store your travel gear. When I started my first big trip to Australia I had a big backpack – link here. I took this one for 3 reasons.

First: It has a lot of space.

Second: It is a big and a small backpack in one

Third: It has a lot of other pockets to put your travel gear into

I could literally fit in everything I thought I gonna need. So it is perfect for travellers, who like to carry more travel gear with them.

Big backpack – 70 L – with small daily backpack as well


You will also gonna need medication. It is a very important factor when you travel to always have something on you, even if you can buy something almost everywhere. There might be the time where you can not find a pharmacy or you are not able to move because of a sickness. If you do not have something with you then or friends, who can help you, you might have a serious problem. So I always had pain killers, antibiotics plaster, desinfectional solutions with me. Everything else is optional in my opinion.

After my big backpack got stolen in Brisbane, I travelled on with only two small daily backpacks. It worked completely fine for more than 6 month. So nowerday I have the strong opinion, that you do not need much. This is why I only use one small/middle sized backpack now – link here. It saves you a lot of energy and you do not have to worry about that much travel gear.

Smaller backpack – 50 L


Additionally you will obviously also need clothes. I would keep it simple here as well. This is what I only take with me:

4 pair of bigger and stronger socks, 5 pair of underwear, 5 shirts (2 tank tops, 3 normal but good ones), 1 pair of good but comfortable pants, 2 qualitative pullovers (1 thick, 1 thin), 1 solid rain jacket, 1 good pair of shorts with many pockets, 1 pair of good looking comfortable shoes (trainers – useful everywhere!), 1 pair of good flip flops (a must for every traveller 😉 ), 1 pair of swimming shorts, 1 small micro fiber towel (self-drying) and 1 of my favourite Billabong caps 🙂

Thick pullover with good quality

Comfortable shoes with good quality

When I go to colder regions, I take a winter cap and a pair of winter gloves with me. When I go to warmer regions, I also take my sunglasses (I like Ray Ban 🙂 ) with me.

Good sunglasses for sunnier areas

Winter travel gear

Other travel gear

Furthermore I only take 1 showering gel and 1 deodorant with me. Any other hygienic product can be bought on the go. And if you get something, make sure it is small, because you get this kind of  travel gear everywhere, plus you do not get any problems at any airport in the world.

Besides all those classic stuff I always take two things with me. They are my special travel gear 😉 I used them a lot during any of my travels. A small box with stuff for sewing your clothes and a multifunctional knife ! The knife is useful for a lot of things as you can imagine (for example to open a tin can or as multifunctional cutlery) and the small sewing box can be used every time your clothes rip off during an adventure or through a mistake. You can definitely save a lot of money and energy with that. Believe me…

Multifuntional knife

The technical travel gear

All the travel gear mentioned above is only 50% of what you need in my opinion. What’s equally or even more important to me, is the technical travel gear. It is way more valueble and loosing this kind of travel gear is an absolute nightmare. Because of the fact, that I create a lot of pictures and videos for this blog, I have to carry a bit more technical travel gear than others would maybe do. I put all that stuff in another bag – link here. I like that one a lot, because it is very variable. It also has a pocket for a small laptop as well as belts for a tripod. Pretty nice!

Small backpack for electronical travel gear

Travel gear – 3 main tools

This is the technical travel gear, which I take with me: My camera with different attachments, my Go pro + water proofed case & selfie stick, a drone, a laptop, multiple sd cards, a harddrive, a smartphone and small headphones. I shortly want to share some details on the 3 most important things and why I have these:

Tool 1

My Camera: I use a Nikon D3100 – year 2013. It is a reflex camera. It is quiet a good one, but not suitable for professional photographers, which I am not anyway 😉 I would call it semi professional. For my needs it is completely enough. You can take some very nice shots. I also use some attachments for wide-angles and close up photos. You can also create videos with it and it has various setting/ photo options. The price is also pretty reasonable.

Semi professional camera – Nikon

Tool 2

My Go Pro: During my time in Australia I bought a Go Pro Hero 3+ from a dude on a website called Gumtree. Back then it was the best small video camera you could get. I still use it, but today I would recommend to take the latest version – here. I would always buy it with additional accessories like a water proved case, a floating selfie stick and maybe a head attachment (that is everything I also have), because it is very useful in certain situation like scuba diving, skiing, etc.. This video camera makes 4k videos and is constantly the best one on the market.

GoPro 5 black edition – best one on the market

Tool 3

My drone: I use a semi professional drone. It is a DJI Mavic Pro. The best thing about it is, that you can fold it and make it really compact, so that you can even put it in a small hand bag. You just connect it with your smartphone and start taking amazing videos. It has many great functions and it currently is the best one on the market, if you are looking for easy transportation and good quality. You will be suprised!

DJI Mavic Pro – a drone with many, many features

Other technical travel gear

The other technical travel gear, which I mentioned is optional from my point of view. Obviously most travellers will have a smartphone anyway. A laptop, SD cards and anything else is just an add on. If you are only up for ordinary vacations, than a normal camera and maybe a smartphone will do just fine. But in my opinion it is very nice to have good technical travel gear to create something memoriable, that you can always look and be proud of, like a self edited video or a photo composition 🙂

Medical immunizations

This one can not really be called travel gear, but more of a precaution, which you should take into consideration. Especially when you travel to foreign countries, that do not have that many tourists, you should think about getting immunized. On some continents like Africa or Asia I would even recommend to do so. While I was in Cambodia I once had a bad fever (luckily no Dengi 🙂 ) and I can tell from my own experience, that it is not a good feeling to be sick in a less developed country…

Difference between men and woman

This is a big point about which travel gear to take with you and which one to leave at home. I personally think, that men and women are very different when it comes to this question. Women usually tend to take more stuff like jewelry and clothes with them. Most of that is unnessacary in my opinion and you only have problems with it. So think twice, if you want to take things like that on your travels (same for men). Generally I understand, that women need more hygenic/ beauty products, but as I said, you can also get everything on the go 😉

Why you do not need that much travel gear

Keep it simple! That is my motto when it comes to travel gear. I have this strong opinion, as mentioned above, for many reasons. The main reason is this – you can buy anything while you are travelling! Taking to many things with you, will just make you unhappy. Especially when someone steels it from you or you loose it. The other reasons go along with the first one. You have less worries, because you do not have to look out for so many things.

You have to carry less. There is less travel gear to steal from you. You have a better overview and so on. But you might learn the most important thing when you are already on the road. I learned a lot through travelling and one of the big lessons was – memories are way more valueble than material stuff!

You do not need a lot to be happy. I know, everyone sees this differently, but the longer you travel, the more you recognize that. And I guess, a lot of travellers will agree 😉

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